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posted by GoodPunchMione
I honestly don't hate, dislike, like or love Twilight. It's just neutral with me. I never really had any problem with it until I saw an article saying that Harry Potter copied Twilight. The person who wrote it also went so far as to say that J.K. Rowling is ugly and that Stephenie Meyer is the pretty one. It just irked me, because the looks don't even matter (they're both equal too) and it's not a valid point.

She said something about Sirius Black being copied from Jacob Black - who is commonly described as a big wolf in his werewolf form. And Sirius (she spelled it as 'Serious'. I laughed...
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Lesson 1: PROPS!!! Lots and lots of props!

Harrypotterlurvfeverweasley_ravenclar-granger gave me props for my comments:
“Hi I really like the way you verbally attack Twilight fans. The way you threatened their lives by tracking down their IP address and sending them cryptic letter describing how you’re going to kidnap them in their sleep and dismember them limb by limb was so cool. Don’t worry; I’ll have your back if they call the police. I know you’re totally justified because I hate that book too.”

Cullenlife_number1fan_forks gave me props for my articles:
“Hey, that wasn’t fair,...
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Harry Potter is the End of an Era. Twilight is the End of an Error.

At first glance, you would think this is just another oh-so-clever Anti-Twilight slogan, reiterated by the Twilight hating masses, but in reality, are these antis only slamming themselves?

First off, what Era is Harry Potter ending? It’s own? So in other words, “Harry Potter is the end of Harry Potter”.

I’m assuming this “Error” is meant to represent Twilight, correct? So in other words, much like the above, “Twilight is the end of Twilight”.

In conclusion, “Harry Potter is the End of Harry Potter. Twilight...
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We all know Bella over-reacted in New Moon. That's a common aregument. But now some Twilight fans say Lily over-reacted when Sevrus called her mud-blood compared to how Hermione took it from Draco. But personally I think Lily didn't over-react.

Sevrus and Lily's friendship was rocky for a while. She despised his friends and his ideas for the future. He despised the fact James fancied Lily. They had areguments (Lily says "I've made excuses for you long enough" in Deathly...
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Credit for the first 11 goes to mugglenet.com

11 Ways to Use Harry Potter to Annoy a Twilight Fan
Guaranteed to start a shouting match of fantastic proportions...

1. Steal their copy of Twilight and replace it with one of your Harry Potter books in a Twilight dust jacket.

2. Tell them that Edward is a "hand-me-down" because the Twilight movies got him after the Harry Potter movies were finished with him.

3. List other "hand-me-downs" from the books, like the last names of Black and Clearwater...

4. State that you think Edward would be hotter if he had a lightning scar on his forehead.

5. "Accidentally"...
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Arthur Weasley: Father of 7 kids, loves his wife Molly, works hard to make ends meet and never seen lying around the house like some Husbands, although low-income, he continues to be positive and happy about life, loyal, jokes around sometimes, there for his children, offers to be a father figure to Harry, never gives up, and [on a side-note] very accepting of others. He also gives advice as well and doesn't let enemies get him down.

Charlie Swan: Has only 1 daughter, divorced and never thought on dating anyone else, when he's not working he either hunts or sits all day drinking beer and watching...
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I have just tried to refute another "Edward is hot" type fallacy. I've had enough, I'm ready to puke - pardon the language - in link if I see another one. In the foreseeable future, I shall either not bother with such fallacies but instead ignore and ridicule or point to this article. This applies to both sides because some Twilight fans and some new Harry Potter fans here are frequently inferring it.

I point to my previous article: link for the introduction.
I shall here only point out Number Six:
Non sequitur.
What is a Non Sequitur and a fallacy: I shall again refer to Oxford English Dictionary...
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Hey, I was originally going to put this in the comments section of a 'picks' question, but I realized it was too long so I put it here.

This is what I think, about the crap they call the 'Twilight Saga'. A book based on an author's wet dreams and hopes.

Twilight- Who? WHO FALLS IN LOVE AFTER SEEING A PERSON THREE TIMES IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE?! Plus, I'll summarize the entire book.

It's like-
Bella: Oh Edward, you hate me.
Edward: No I love you
Bella: You love me?
Edward: Stay away from me.
Bella: Stay away from you?
Edward: Just stay with me. I mean, it was obvious I wanted you from the start, wasn't...
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116. "BTW Twilight is the bestest film ever" I get really frusterated when soomebody compares the films instead off the movies. And whats worse is that you arent giving any reasons. "Stop hating, pick-up Twilight, actually read it and you will love it and stop hating Twilight". Has it ever occurred to you that twilight haters have read the whole series? Like me? "HP is all around boring and it is made for younger children". I dont understand how Harry Potter can be so boring. Maybe you didnt keep up with the amount of action and romance and magic and the mystery. Or maybe you didnt read...
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1. Sparkles.
2. Lust.
3. Super-whiny Mary Sues
4. Renestard, err I mean, Renesmee.
5. Swan. (no, not just BELLA Swan! Don't forget the better Bella, BELLATRIX!!!)
6. Jacob (no, not Jacob BLACK, because the surname of Black is in HP too!)
7. More of Romeo and Juliet.
8. Edwart, *cough*, Edward Cullen.
9. Rosalie Hale.
10. Jasper Hale.
11. Alice Cullen.
12. Emmett Cullen.
13. Vampire Baseball.
14. Thesaurus Rape.
15. Stephenie Meyer (The Bitch who wrote it all)
16. The Volturi.
17. Tyler's Van.
18. Imprinting.
19. Rated R-ness.
20. Unreal werewolves.
21. Horrible vampires.

That's all I got. So, there's 21, so what if that's kind of a whole lot? HP has Severus Snape! Beat that, Toilet!
Okay, so there are a couple things I could be calling this. "A gadzillion reasons why you should really get away from Edward without being scalded with boiling water", "Why orangutans have better sense in how to get off your addiction", and "Vampyrs r awsome <--- What Twilight has done to you." However, I'm quite content with my uber-cool title, but as an alternative, this could just be called clearing a few things up.

edward is hawt-

According to the book, he is "beautiful", just saying. However, considering there are no pictures in Twilight, you're only relying on Robert Pattinson, who's...
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Many Twilighters love to say how "Edward and Bella love each other sooooo much!" I'm afraid I have to disagree on this point. Their relationship is pure lust, not love.

Here is my reasoning.

How do Bella and Edward decide they are in love? Well, Bella moves in to Forks. Her first day of High School there, she looks across the cafeteria, and she sees a totally gorgeous guy! He catches her attention immediately and she decides right then and there that he is the only man in the town who is good enough for her, despite the fact that she has never spoken to him once in her life. She swats off the...
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posted by june13
we all knowed hermiones was one of harrys friends anyone who did not know her know her for a know it all over the years at hogwards she larned not to worry want everyone says about you and want you are in book five six and 7 we was showed want she could do that was not spells and every thing esl love she fell hard for one boy that was her freind ron and some us thougth that i =t was going to be harry or nelive over the ages she had kids and they turn out to be smart and good at hogwards to and we all thought that she would end up somewhere esl on the road