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3000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter  cullengirl00 606 177845 over a year ago
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Book elimination (for both Twilight and HP fans)  PotterForever 90 8529 over a year ago
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Twilight vs. Harry Potter Debate Forum  XDRoseLuvsHP 293 37387 over a year ago
Character Elimination  magsf99 182 7884 over a year ago
if you think harrypotter is better than twilight PUT UR NAME HERE!?  Ladyrainicorn 126 6917 over a year ago
1000 ways to annoy a Twilight fan using Harry Potter  twilightlover73 11 9604 over a year ago
Twilight fandom and Harry Potter fandom  Marion18 2 3804 over a year ago
Quick! Grab the closest book to you and turn to page 394....  frankthe2nd 48 9103 over a year ago
1000 reasons why Isabella Swan (Bella) is better than Bellatrix Lestrange (Trixy)  youknowit101 360 25298 over a year ago
If they had Babies [GAME]  KatiiCullen94 66 4156 over a year ago
Harry Potter quotes vs Twilight quotes!  lilylunalion 3 21495 over a year ago
Questions for both Fandoms?  GoldenSnowflake 1 1891 over a year ago
Harry Potter vs Twilight and WHY  Ravenclaw2001 0 1064 over a year ago
Why Twilight is Bad for People  Ravenclaw2001 1 2243 over a year ago
Lets all pretend to be troll freaks of the opposite team!  kindahateu 103 10045 over a year ago
♠♣♥♦Harry Potter and Twilight Icon Competion♠♣♥♦  KatiiCullen94 217 21505 over a year ago
50 ways to piss of a Twilight fan  Kellykoo1 24 9419 over a year ago
Harry Potter vs Twilight Survey  bessmarvin1 21 4557 over a year ago
Top three and worst three characters from each fandom?  loolymadness 3 2073 over a year ago
Things they'd never say  HecateA 798 29545 over a year ago
Harry Potter/Twilight - Icon competition  karolinak1999 5 21232 over a year ago
1000 Reasons Why Ron/Hermione is Better than Bella/Edward  Ron-Mioneluver2 4 11055 over a year ago
Twilight IS better than harry potter and it will always  edwardxobaby 156 17317 over a year ago
What's The Worst Experience You've Had With a Fan On The Other Side?  katara529 16 2333 over a year ago
Anti-Twilight  harrypotterbest 44 6964 over a year ago
Why twilight is better than harry potter; REAL reasons, please!  lilylunalion 1 1444 over a year ago
5 Reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight.  slegary 3 1725 over a year ago
Stop using our names!!!  Hermione12353 32 8056 over a year ago
Harry potter is better than twilight! Post reasons here!  lilylunalion 1 914 over a year ago
More reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight!  AllThingsPotter 4 1428 over a year ago
Twilight sucks, Harry Potter rules  Yellowmeow 0 1421 over a year ago
how many of you are hermione fans??  mr-cullen 8 1340 over a year ago
The Many Plot Holes of Twilight  han-han 227 49164 over a year ago
1000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter  lauracullen66 2632 220982 over a year ago
Couples Better than Bella/Edward  GemonkDruid 32 4591 over a year ago
"what will happen if ____ and ____ meet?" GAME  ClaireVoyant 22 2047 over a year ago
HP fans want to know-why do twi-fans like Twilight?  veryDevious 15 1984 over a year ago
Uhmmm agan, twilight is better than hp.  twihardchiq 24 1716 over a year ago
When in Harry Potter did you cry?  loolymadness 5 949 over a year ago
twilight rules!  twilightchic8 11 3080 over a year ago
Twilight Review Blog  loolymadness 3 1964 over a year ago
how hp would be if it was written by meyer...  mina_sit 29 2483 over a year ago
which is better? have a debate! :P  1Dforever3107 4 887 over a year ago
30 Day Harry Potter still challenge  omg_stop 0 1040 over a year ago
30 Day Twilight Still challenge  omg_stop 0 1211 over a year ago
Letters to Twilight (for Antis)  GemonkDruid 288 18438 over a year ago
Make a Hogwarts Student and post it here!  omg_stop 9 2583 over a year ago
1000 REASONS TO HATE HARRY POTTER  Amalyn 51 8964 over a year ago
Do YOU think Harry Potter is 'sinister'?  veryDevious 3 1742 over a year ago
Harry Potter vs Twilight: all-for-your-favorite book brawl!  veryDevious 0 1492 over a year ago
Reasons why you love Harry Potter or Twilight  liverpoolrock05 0 1084 over a year ago
Harry Potter / Twilight Merch. Game  cassie-1-2-3 107 12934 over a year ago
Merope Gaunt vs. Bella Swan  PromptDreamer 0 1104 over a year ago
Similarities between Harry Potter and Twilight  cassie-1-2-3 15 12085 over a year ago
1000 REASONS WHY TWILIGHT IS HORRIBLE  Amalyn 4 4820 over a year ago
What's your Twimore username?  cassie-1-2-3 36 5956 over a year ago
Which books/movies do your friends/family like better?  missdada15 8 1224 over a year ago
So, we were doing this project in English...  GemonkDruid 18 1768 over a year ago
30 Day Harry Potter Challenge!  KateKicksAss 194 12869 over a year ago
What are your favorites parst of each book? The battels are the most romantic, funny, amazing, clever patterns of your favorites?  lilymaus343 4 818 over a year ago
HP and Twilight in your school  I_Hate_Twilight 35 4112 over a year ago
Article directory!  goodtimes 3 629 over a year ago
how many of you are ron weasley fans??  mr-cullen 5 796 over a year ago
fans  nimratanveer 0 1063 over a year ago
how many of you are draco malfoy fans??  mr-cullen 0 471 over a year ago
How many of you are bellatrix fans??  mr-cullen 0 714 over a year ago
the better story.  Tellinthetrth 0 956 over a year ago
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game.  KateKicksAss 424 26181 over a year ago
And then Bella Fell down. (Game)  KatiiCullen94 17 1511 over a year ago
The most crazy thing made from twilight fan  ded99 0 657 over a year ago
Who's hottest in Harry Potter?  LoveforSeverus 27 2009 over a year ago
Harry Potter and Twilight Rant  Ron-Mioneluver2 0 1328 over a year ago
Ideas for the continuation of the Twilight movies or TV show.  goodtimes 5 1608 over a year ago
1000 reasons why our Bella (Lestrange) is better than your Bella (Cullen)  SuperSnuffles13 148 7125 over a year ago
10in10 Graphics Challenge  goodtimes 7 1181 over a year ago
join me  britishboy 0 1132 over a year ago
A rant about Twigli...Twilight.  bmarme 9 1455 over a year ago
If you could change your username?  goodtimes 4 1435 over a year ago
Storytime Game!!  Mrs-Grint 211 9934 over a year ago
WHYY?  ImBooOK 2 1000 over a year ago
Confessions (mainly for HP fans, but T fans can join if they wish)  FredWRules 20 1592 over a year ago
What HP/Twilight character are you most like?  alexthedog 59 4646 over a year ago
Pottermore and Twilightmore???  traceyhp 14 4417 over a year ago
Sister, Brother, Enemy, Frenemy, BFF, Boyfriend/Girlfriend  Icestorm08 34 4314 over a year ago
Crossover fanfiction challenge  goodtimes 9 2536 over a year ago
Which is Better?  boy123 1 785 over a year ago
Things We Must Not Do At Hogwarts.  LoveforSeverus 58 6446 over a year ago
Celebrity opinions of Harry Potter and Twilight  youknowit101 1 2172 over a year ago
What's the Wildest/Funniest/Just-Plain-Weirdest Anti Thing You've Done?  katara529 9 954 over a year ago
What do you think of Harry Potter?  Angel-Trix 6 1682 over a year ago
A DARE FOR ALL TWILIGHT HATERS!!  I_Hate_Twilight 33 2889 over a year ago
The W.C.H.I. Game!!!  snapeislove 171 8474 over a year ago
Twilight fans needed for an online survey  Artemis22333 0 583 over a year ago
Contest: Best Song to Describe....... *Round Seven*-Harry Potter-OPEN  KateKicksAss 43 4938 over a year ago
ABC Game  Gred_and_Forge 26 4935 over a year ago
1000 ways to annoy a Harry Potter fan using Twilight.  twilightlover73 3 2266 over a year ago