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posted by ClivelyC
"The Chisso Corporation dumped toxic chemicals in the water."
"The Chisso Corporation dumped toxic chemicals in the water."

Minamata is a village located on the west coast of southern Kyushu. The locals noticed a change when the street cats started to dance and then shortly after collapse and die. This was caused by the locals ingesting mercury without even knowing…

How it started:
The Chisso Corporation opened a chemical factory in 1908. The Minamata factory was one of the most advanced in the world distributing acetylene, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, vinyl chloride and octanol. For the acetaldehyde they used mercury sulfate as a catalyst. A reaction to the catalytic cycle caused a production of mercury...
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posted by deedragongirl
Emperor Franz Joseph
Emperor Franz Joseph
Since I had done my favourite Historical Ladies. Now it is the guys' turn for my favourite historical gentlemen, ready!

1. Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria

He was a very popular Austrian emperor of his days, and the longest reign like his British counterpart, Queen Victoria. Sadly to say, he had some personal tragic life, from the death of his brother who is the Mexican Emperor Maximilian, the alleged suicide of his only son, Crown Prince Rudolf and the assassination of his beautiful wife, Empress Elisabeth. He died in the midst of the Great War.

2. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

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Livonian War 1558-1582
Main article: Livonian War

Europe, 1550.
Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor once again asked for help of Gustav I of Sweden, and The Kingdom of Poland (1385–1569) also began direct negotiations with Gustavus, but nothing resulted because on September 29, 1560, Gustavus I Vasa died. The chances for success of Magnus and his supporters looked particularly good in 1560 (and 1570). In the former case he had been recognised as their sovereign by The Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek and The Bishopric of Courland, and as their prospective ruler by the authorities of The Bishopric of Dorpat;...
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posted by Gabri3la
(OR: Why I waste time in a meaningless field; why I want to spend my life looking at old dusty letters and books; why I care about people who are dead and gone; why this even matters.)

I study history because I love humanity.

I study history because it encompasses the entire realm of human thought and deed.

History is a coded map of the human heart; it is a record of hopes & dreams of the great and the small. History is the ambitions of humans on their knees — in the mosques, the cathedrals, the temples; on the plantations; in the trenches. History is the hopes of the humans looking ahead...
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