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posted by elstef
Over the years I have watched this movies many many times, so I have come to notice little mistakes/plot holes. The ones listed here are made by Danny. They are very small and unimportant, but I thought I would mention them.

1. When their dad asks Max what he is supposed to be dressed up as, Max sarcastically says a rap singer.However, when they are harassed by the bullies, Danny says he is a little leaguer. Where did that come from? I mean, it makes sense since he was wearing a baseball cap, but I would think he would have gone with a professional baseball player instead of a little leaguer....
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posted by elstef
There is no denying that Sarah is extremely ditzy, and often comes across as an idiot. However, her power definately makes it much easier for the sisters to capture children. Also, there are at least a few times where there sisters could have lived if they had listened to her.

1. When Winnie is trying to remember the last ingrediant to the potion, Sarah tells her what it is, but Mary tells her to hush, and Winnie ignores her. Obviously this was played for comedy, but it was definately a moment where they should have listened to Sarah.

2. After Max dumps out their potion, they have enough left...
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posted by hocuspocusfan93
this is the best movie in the history of movies!!!! honestly i'm like the BIGGEST fan of hocus pocus....i went to salem & marble head where the movie was actually shot!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! please visit my hocus pocus fansite: www.myspace.com/hocuspocusfansite

this movie is sooooo special 2 me it's like a home video!!!!!! :]]]] when I watch it,it reminds me of my childhood & the magic of it 2!!!! I first watched this movie when I was 5 or 6 years old....sarah was my fave witch but now it's winifred!!! when i was little i used 2 pretend i was winifred