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Rate the last horror movie you watched  Horror-Forum 1 855 over a year ago
Do clowns in Horror movies scare you?  Horror-Forum 1 625 over a year ago
Which horror icon scares you the most?  Horror-Forum 0 509 over a year ago
What's the last Horror movie you watched?  Horror-Forum 0 399 over a year ago
The ABC Horror Movie Game  Horror-Forum 0 587 over a year ago
Best opening and/or ending to a horror film?  Horror-Forum 0 136 over a year ago
What horror movies have you NOT seen but want to?  Horror-Forum 0 440 over a year ago
1st Horror Film You Saw in Theater?  Horror-Forum 0 387 over a year ago
Favorite Horror movie quote?  Horror-Forum 0 72 over a year ago
What was the last Horror Movie that REALLY scared you?  Horror-Forum 0 182 over a year ago
What are your top vampire movies?  Horror-Forum 0 241 over a year ago
Horror Movie Companion(s)?  Horror-Forum 0 122 over a year ago
Final Destination 4 opinions?  Horror-Forum 0 110 over a year ago
Halloween 2 re-make opinions?  Horror-Forum 0 355 over a year ago
My Bloody Valentine re-make opinions?  Horror-Forum 0 291 over a year ago
Friday the 13th re-make opinions?  Horror-Forum 0 607 over a year ago
Where does your Boogeyman hide?  Horror-Forum 0 340 over a year ago
Favorite Zombie movie?  Horror-Forum 0 102 over a year ago
Do you sleep with the lights on...  Horror-Forum 0 360 over a year ago
Worse horror movie ever?  Horror-Forum 0 483 over a year ago