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A very late July FOTM with our awesome Emma!
A very late July FOTM with our awesome Emma!
Congrats on winning this month Emma! Describe the obviously glorious feeling that is being the winner and putting everyone else to shame:

Well of course it feels awesome to be honored by my favorite fanpoppers this month! Though I'm still sad HJFG has been "the deads" lately :'(

Now that that boring first question is over... Kay, both your favorite TV character and all of the HJFGs have come to visit you in Australia. Both parties are there for one night and you can't divide up your time. Who do you choose to hang out with?

My girls of course! (Jess is too busy living happily ever after with...
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Also, that version of the song has the "And the rest! Here at Gilligan's IIIIIsle!" line to the end, but the version that I rewrote is from a later point in the series, where it's "The Professor and Mary Anne, here at Gilligan's IIIIIsle!"
I sort of threw this together in one hour, so don't be hard on me. :P And of course, these are based on our "characters" on the current banner.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of fangirlies
That started on this Fanpop site
Within this little spot

The mascot was a courageous fan,
The diva proud and royal
Five other fans joined them that...
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1. When Finn kisses anyone it kinda makes me feel sick :P Ana
Finn arrives too early
Finn arrives too early
2. Because Finn arrives too early. Shandi

3. Because when Finn sings, that also makes feel a little sick as well as incredibly awkward. Ana

4. Because I've already lost track of how many times Finn has let Rachel down, and then first season isn't even over. Shandi

5. Because Finn can't think of anything great about her. Cat

6. Because Finn is not worthy of Rachel's talent and love. Kristin
Because everything Finn does is cringey.
Because everything Finn does is cringey.

7. Because everything Finn does is cringey. Ana

8. Because Finn is neither...
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posted by all_the_glitter
FOTM interview with the number one Fizz-Fangirl, Cat
FOTM interview with the number one Fizz-Fangirl, Cat
So CatCat. You won HJFG June FOTM, even though someone else clearly deserved it (coughmecough). How does it feel?
It feels [insert inspirational speech here]. I don't think Finn's ever jizzed so hard during his time in my possession. This includes anything involving pics of Groffles (Finn/Jesse slash love!!!!! You know Finn wanted him the moment he proposed the sing-off) and all those times you've called me a ho.

You created HJFG. What processed you to do so? Did you ever imagine it would turn out like this (and by “like this” I mean a breeding ground for mental illness)?
"Evil must triumph over good!"
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posted by all_the_glitter
Puck likes lesbians. A lot. So when he sees to hot ones making out, it becomes apparent what he needs to do. He watches them from across the bar, playing with each other’s hair, caressing. Fuck! He has the hardest hard-on he’s ever had in his life.

When the blonde gets up to get a drink, he saunters over to the redhead. He knows he needs to pull out all the stops for this one. He flexes his guns and uses his best pick-up line, “What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk?”

She looks up at him. “What?” she shouts over the incredibly loud music.

He smirks, “My zipper.”

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Most excited to have back? Glee!
Most excited to have back? Glee!
1. Shandeh! Congrats on winning FOTM :D How does it feel to not only be the winner, but to have MY vote?
WOW! I feel a little bad because I've been less active since school started, but it's amazing! And getting your vote is a great honor, I'm glad I was with you when you decided to make the spot active again ;P

2. Which of the awesome (and not so awesome) shows that we watch are you most excited to have back this fall?
Glee! I try my hardest to block out the Finchel love fest in the promos, and I like pretty much everything else I see. SO EXCITED!

3. You win a trip to visit 3 HJFGs. Who/where...
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1. Because he understands with perfect clarity what she is.

2. Because she believes in him.

3. Because while she can fool her friends, she can’t fool him for some reason.

4. Because they teamed up together even when they didn’t like each other.

5. Because they didn’t have one kiss in Season 7, but they still managed to be amazing.

6. Because she’s not ready for him to not be there.

7. Because he went through horrible torture just for her and Dawn.

8. Because Buffy believes that was real.

9. Because Buffy wont forget it.

10. Because they’re both blondes.

11. Because they had such violent sex...
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In addition to a mediocre fan art, I wrote you this poem... thing. Do enjoy the second part of your prezzie. <3

S pectacular St. Berry shipper
H ardcore Little Monster
A lways first, and most definitely not the worst
N ever not awesome
D on't take no bullshit!
I ncredibly talented maker of fan art
S uper sweetheart
A lias of Voldy
U ltimate lover of Locke
R eally deserves her own Groffles babies
U ber into being awesome so I can make this poem
S handiii - with three i's, bitch!

Aaaaaand apparently this article isn't long enough and I should consider posting it to a forum instead... no way. :P So please excuse this....

Rachel and Jesse are awesome at being awesome too! <3 credit: Bety
Rachel and Jesse are awesome at being awesome too! <3 credit: Bety
♥♥♥ Rachel & Puck ♥♥♥

Of course I was going to put them on the list first. This is the HOT JEWS FANGIRLIES spot. And plus, since they are just plain amazing, it would be a crime not to put them on the list.

When these two first got together, I didn't expect it at all. And I wasn't "crazy" about them at first. Then as time went by, I started slowly falling in love with these two. Puck is at his best when he is with Rachel, and Mark and Lea have great chemistry.

Bottom line, they are the best glee couple ever.

♥ Damon & Elena ♥

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy only likes...
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posted by all_the_glitter
I'm planning on seriously cutting back on my FP time from here on out. And when I say seriously I mean like once a month to do FOTM stuff basically. RL drama has basically taken over my life, and it's time for me to stop using FP as a crutch. I've started talking to a therapist (because I'm mental :P), and I've realize how much I've used this site to escape the shit in my life.

I'll still be around (to do the said FOTM stuff or other things I've committed to) and you can talk to me then, but I've wasted so much of the last couple months online. Except for work I can't even remember what I've...
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posted by all_the_glitter
Glee Crossover Ships.

Quinn/Jess Mariano
Rachel/Seth Cohen
Puck/Brooke Davis
Artie/Willow Rosenberg
Kurt/Maxxie Oliver (kinda :P)
Rachel/Dick Casablanca
Tina/Freddie Mcclair (I just thought of this one on the spot)

Rachel/Seth or Rachel/Cook or Rachel/Nathan (Misfits not OTH)
Santana/Damon or Santana/Sawyer (STFU about the age difference; they'd be amazing)
Kurt/Erik vdW
Sue/Ben (from Lost)

Santana/Damon {TVD}
Quinn/Dan {GG}
Artie/Chelle {Skins}
Puck/Pandora LOL!
Kurt/Maxxie {Skins}
Matt/Alisha {Misfits}

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Do not ask me where this originated from, because I honestly don't remember. It happened years ago, and now I'm a pro. You can literally say a sentence to me and I can relay it back to you in my alphabet within seconds.

A = U
B = P
C = S
D = T
E = O
F = V
G = J
H = W
I = Y
J = G
K = Q
L = R
M = N
N = M
O = E
P = B
Q = K
R = L
S = C
T = D
U = A
V = F
W = H
X = Z
Y = I
Z = X

My opposite alphabet that I created for no apparent reason. I've been trying to teach it to my best friend for years and she still only gets half of it right.

Wy, ni muno yc Sud umt y un u crad.


Hi, my name is Cat and I am a slut.

I also have no apparent reason for sharing... I just felt like it... feel free to comment about my teetering sanity.
A St. Berry/Klaine comparison picspam
Merry Christmas, Ana! I hope you like it. :}

Look at these sexy bitches!
Look at these sexy bitches!

It's no secret that Jonathan Groff and Darren Criss are probably the two biggest sweethearts in all of the land. It's a proven fact that girls get pregnant just from hearing their voices, and their charming nature turns men gay. 4 REEL.
Basically, they are the greatest gifts to mankind. Thank you, Jeezus.

Also, FUN FACT!, turns out that they were both possibly up for the part of Finn. Darren tried out for the part over 2 years ago, and Ryan offered a similar part to Jon when he...
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This is inspired by the "Happy Science Birthday" song from my 7th grade science teacher, Dr. Mesmer. Copyright 2010. xD

Happy birrrrthday,

Happy birrrrthday,

Tardis ships fill the air,

Spike bots and sex sharks everywhere,

Cheerios and robots hooking up,

I can't find anything that rhymes with up,

And fits with the soooong,

With the soooong,

Now that Spike belongs with me,

You can have him let me see,

For this one daaaay,

For this one daaaay,

He likes his pigs blood at nine,

And that hair it has to shine,

So take caaare,

So take caaare,

I expect him back ASAP,

But I'm being generous don't you see,

Because I love yoooou,

Because I love yoooou,

I hope this made your day,

Now I need to go away,

So happy birrrrthday,

Happy birrrrthday!
I just thought this list should be preserved here in the HJFG catalog. Here are the HJFGs least favorite characters in order!

1. Kennedy (BtVs)
2. Finn Hudson (Glee)
3. Dean Forrester (Gilmore Girls)
4. Serena Van Der Woodsen (GG)
5. Connor (Angel)
6. Michael Dawson (Lost)
7. Vanessa Abrams (GG)
8. Ana Lucia Cortez (Lost)
9. Tess Harding (Roswell)
10. Piz (Veronica Mars)
11. Vicki Donovan (TVD)
12. Peyton Sawyer (OTH)
13. Christopher Hayden (Gilmore Girls)

Personally I would have liked to see Christopher last a little longer. I think he's pretty terrible. I also don't really mind Peyton Sawyer except where Pucas is concerned.
posted by swimchick
Okay yes, I just saw the Godfather for the first time, and yes, I'm enjoying using mob terminology. So let me make you girls an offer you can't refuse.
Let's revive this bitch! I miss the HJFG spot, so no more with the deadness please :D
So I plan to bombard this spot with picks whenever I can, and I want to continue running the roast/toast.
I apologize that I was so busy with the move and everything for so long. I know summer is a crazy time for everyone (even though now I've technically moved into winter).
So I say upload funny images, links, picks, anything to keep this awesome spot active. Do it, or else...
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse!
Let me make you an offer you can't refuse!
5 points hotter than Puck
5 points hotter than Puck
This is just a silly little list of why the HJFGs don't and won't ship Quick.
You can add anything you want, no matter how serious or how ridiculous it sounds! :P

No bashing on real life people, obviously. xP

1. Because Puck's mom won't let Quinn eat bacon. Shandi

2. Because Quinn thinks Santana is hotter than Puck. Kristin

3. Because Quinn told Mercedes to "Go for it". Shandi

4. Because Quinn doesn't think that Super Mario Brothers changed civilization. Kristin

5. Because Puck dumped a bag of sugar/flour in her hair. Shandi

6. Because we all know that the look on Puck's face is going to be heartbreaking...
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