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posted by Celina79
Written by ilovetvalot.

Lies I told Myself

Chapter 4

“What? Why?” Hotch asked, eyes widening in surprise as he stumbled for one word questions. And even that was a stretch for the dark man sitting next to Emily Prentiss, his mind unable to comprehend anything beyond the last thing she had said.

Surely he had not said his ex-wife’s name in the middle of the night. Surely.

“You tell me, Aaron,” Emily frowned, watched as his face closely. A man couldn’t fake that kind of shock, could he? And that was the only way she could currently describe the expression that settled over his face. Pure...
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posted by Celina79
Written by ilovetvalot.
At least one chapter more will follow. :)

Lies I Told Myself

Emily POV, Chapter 2

She’d driven way too fast on the ride home, her emotions lending to her leaden foot. It was a bad habit she’d picked up during her teenage years on foreign roads lacking any American-style speed limits. Only in those days, it had only been an overbearing mother that she’d been trying to escape.

Now, it was the pain of a doomed love affair.

She never thought she’d yearn for those awkward, uncertain days in countless countries around the world with only her distant parents for company....
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posted by Celina79
Written by montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.

Note: Emily is in her 50's, Hotch in his 60's, they have 4 kids:
- Jack (Hotch's Son, Haley died)
- Sabrina
- Alexandra and Dylan (Twins)
They are all teenagers.

- Gregory Prentiss(Emily's Dad)
- Natalie (Emily's Stpmother)
- Alexander, Tug Hotchner (Aaron's Dad)
- Amelia (Hotch's mother)
- Cece (Derek's Daughter)

Emily leaned on the doorframe of the study wearing a pleasant smile.

“Hey, Mr. Deputy Director, it’s bedtime.”

“Hmm?” Hotch looked up from nothing particular and saw the fuzzy image of his wife. “Hello.”...
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posted by Celina79
Fanfiction written by lairofthemuses on LJ.

Emily walked out of Rossi’s office with a box just as Hotch was coming out of his office. Rossi walked toward him to talk, Prentiss headed for the stairs. Neither of them saw her slip but they heard her fall.

“Prentiss!” Hotch exclaimed, rushing past Rossi and over to her. The other Agent was right on his heels.

“I'm OK.” She said, looking a little dazed. The box was on the ground, files scattered.

“What were doing carrying that heavy box?” Hotch asked.

He helped her back onto the...
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posted by criminalmindspb
Based on what should have happened at the end of in name and blood.

Prentiss was unsure how long she'd been gazing out of the window, watching the city's lights. She knew only that her head was not so quietly pounding, her neck ached and she could feel stiffness settling in over the right side of her body where she had been hit and had fallen. She snatched up the container of painkillers she had been given and read the label deciding whether she wanted them or not. Physical pain she was fairly good at ignoring but not alongside everything that was running through her mind.

Hotch turning up here....
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posted by Celina79
Fanfic written by montiese@lairofthemuses on LJ.
Beware it also contains sexual scenes!

Hotch pulled up in front of the dance studio and cut the engine. It was off the road a bit and could definitely use more lighting. Did the residents of Chevy Chase really think they were that far away from the real life dangers of the world? If they did then they were mistaken. He got out of the SUV, not bothering to take cover from the misty drizzle. The studio front door was unlocked so he went in. The place was virtually deserted but Hotch followed the pulsing music to one of the smaller...
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Written by Montiese,lairofthemuses@LJ.

Note: Emily is in her 50's and Hotch in his 60's.
They have teenage children.
Sabrina "Bree" is their daughter and about 15 years old.

The One Where Hotch is Forced to Let the Demons In

“Knock, knock,” Bree poked her head into her parents’ bedroom. “Hey Daddy, can we…oh my God, what happened to you?”

Hotch stood beside his bed with his back to his daughter. He turned to see the horrified look in her hazel eyes. Sighing, he slipped the tee shirt he’d been holding in his hand over his head.

“What do you need, sweetie?” he tried to sound nonchalant....
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posted by Celina79
A Valentines Hotch & Emily Fanfic (one shoot).
Its very sweet ;). Enjoy!!
Written by

It was too damn early to be lying awake, and no matter how many times Emily changed position or tried fluffing the pillows beneath her head and along side her, it made no difference.

She groaned and as she looked at the clock on her bedside table.

Just before 4 am.

“Fine, fine. I’m up. Might as well be productive,” she muttered as she dragged herself out of bed.

She stood beneath the hot spray of the shower and berated herself on how pathetic it was that she was up at this time of...
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posted by Celina79
Written by innerslytherin@LJ.
Note: After Foyet, Emily asks Hotch not to leave the team.

Come to Milwaukee

He wasn't expecting the knock on the door.

It was almost eight. Jack was in bed, having had a bath and two stories, and Aaron had poured himself a glass of bourbon and was standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring at nothing. Reid had already been by to check on him, and Haley's sister might have agreed to take care of Jack, but she'd made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Aaron. His brother was back in New York, and there was no one else to check on him.

The team hadn't bothered...
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posted by Celina79
Written by rawpotato.
I'm Yours" Song by Jason Mraz.

“The hardest part about losing love is finding your way back.”

Emily Prentiss sat at her desk, surrounded by her friends. Will had brought Henry in to visit JJ on one of the rare days that they got to spend in Quantico. They were all at Reid’s desk where Henry sat, staring at Reid enthralled by the magic tricks that the man was performing. Years ago, when she’d asked him if he were thinking about having baby geniuses, he hadn’t said anything, but he had taken to the role of god-father quickly, establishing a rapport with the young...
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posted by Celina79
A Funny H/P Fanfic incl. Morgan and Rossi. :)
Written by lairofthemuses@LJ.

“Holy moley, woman that is a serious bite.” Derek Morgan grinned as he stirred his coffee.

“What?” Emily and Dave said it at the same time, Dave backtracking into the BAU office kitchen. “Prentiss, you wouldn’t be dating a Count would you?”

“What are you talking about?” she put her mug down on the counter.

“Have a look.” Derek held up the toaster and she looked in it.

“Oh my God,” she touched the purple mark with tentative fingers. It was high...
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posted by Celina79
Here we have Season 4, Subtext Scenes.


4x02- The Angel Maker

Following the bombing in New York, Hotch is suffering from ear/hearing problems. In a scene set in a graveyard, where a mechanical digger is opening up a grave, Hotch is overcome with pain caused by the loud noise. Emily notices, and runs to comfort him, obviously feeling both concerned and helpless. The two Agents spend much of the episode investigating a case together. Watch out for the final scene when Hotch hands Emily a plate of brownies! Emily seems disappointed when Hotch tells her that he won't be traveling back to...
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posted by criminalminds15
It doesn’t take much time to say three words. And “I love you” is just that… Three little words… “I love you”… No, not long at all. Well, I mean, it doesn’t take long to say the actual words but getting to that point where you can say it, and mean it? That takes a long time. But she supposed if you work alongside a man most of your time that must amount to enough because right now she was ready to say it and ready to say it with conviction. She was ready to shout it from the rooftops, all-day, everyday and she never tired of letting him know that, he didn’t either. The fist...
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Where do babies come from?

By MoneButterfly

Late Marts, 2010, Friday

Hotch knocked on the front door off his old house. A moment later Haley opened the door and Jack ran to his father. Jack wrapped his arms around his waist and said smiling, “Hi daddy.”

“Hey buddy.”

Jack let go of Hotch and looked around. “Where is Emily?”

“She is in the car,” Hotch answered and nodded towards the car. Emily waved at Jack and he started to run over to it. “Hey Jack, wait up. Didn’t you forget something?”

“Oh!” He turned around and ran back to them and hugged and kissed Haley goodbye. “Bye...
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posted by Celina79
Written by ilovetvalot.

In Absentia

Some days Emily Prentiss hated her job. This case in Commack, New York had severely impacted two of her fellow team, and when that was added to the already severely compromised Unit Chief they shared, it didn’t make for a great situation. Walking toward Aaron Hotchner’s office, she nearly collided with the bulk that was David Rossi as he walked out his office door.

Reaching out a hand to steady her, Dave mumbled an apology.

“I’m fine, Rossi,” Emily said, waving the near collision off.

“You on your way to check on our boss?” Dave asked tiredly.

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Written by Montiese, lairofthemuses@LJ
Enjoy! :D

The One Where Prentiss Bites Her Lip

Sometimes she was afraid that the way she looked at him made it obvious to everyone. Emily couldn’t help it; her face gave her away all the time when it came to love. She could hide everything else…her father always talked about her Prentiss poker face. When she wanted a man though, it went down the drain. Her snappy, intellectual wit also seemed to go the same way. Sometimes she would just ramble, almost incoherently. This never affected her at work.

She could compartmentalize enough to handle being a top-notch...
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posted by Celina79
Written by phoebe9509.
Rated: M
There are some "hot" scenes in this story!;)

Aaron Hotchners brother Sean was in the area visiting his big brother. They had their ups and downs just like any family does but they were trying to be more of a family. After a big case the team went out to dinner and Hotch invited Sean. Hotch quickly saw how drawn his baby brother was to Prentiss. He was telling her jokes then lightly placing his hand on her arm or leg. Hotch wasn't too fond of seeing them flirt, but he let it go.

A few days later when Emily came into work she was in a good mood. She sat at her desk...
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posted by Celina79
Written by MissCrys.
Rated: T

Emily Prentiss was running late for work. She couldn't believe that she over slept this morning. She has never over slept before in her life. Then again she was never kept up all night because of erotic dreams that she was having about a man that she couldn't have or shouldn't want to have. She didn't pay any attention to the clothes she grabbed out of her closet. She just chose randomly and just checked to make sure she had everything on the right way. Ten minutes later she was headed out her front door.

All the way to work Emily couldn't get the images out of her...
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posted by Celina79
Hotch/Prentiss Quotes

Episode 2x11 Sex, Birth, Death

Hotch: 'You mysteriously showed up at the BAU after one of my team members was involved in a questionable shooting.'

Emily: (whipsers) 'Right.'

Hotch: 'You've done good work, I'm not questioning that. But I will not put up with a political agenda.'

Emily: 'My mother's a career politician - you worked with her...did you like her?'

Hotch: 'She's an impressive woman.'

Emily: 'Well...I think politics makes people distrustful. I think it makes them hate themselves. I think it tears families apart, and damages people.'

Episode 3x02 In Birth and Death

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Written by wideyedreamer on livejournal.

#1- Plans

“I’m hiding under your desk. And if you love me when JJ walks by this office you will tell her you have no idea where I am.” Emily states marching into Aaron’s office.

He couldn’t help but smile looking up from the never ending stack of paperwork that he was consumed in.

“Why exactly are you hiding under my desk?”

“JJ. I made her in charge of helping me plan everything for the wedding. I have never seen her like this before, but she’s a crazed woman. I told her that our colors were going to be blue and silver. Simple right?...
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