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The moment the entire episode was leading up to
The moment the entire episode was leading up to
I’m devastated like I’m sure many of you are, but I think season 7’s “Bombshells”, while not a typical House episode AT ALL, was amazingly written and a very cool chance for everyone involved in House MD to branch out a little bit. People are extremely mixed about this episode, some love it and some hate it and a great majority of that has to do with the very eloquent dream sequences that the show decided to explore. This article is going to attempt to break down each dream sequence and get at the message the writers were intending with each dream.

The basic idea of the dreams were...
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I'm trying to compile a huge list of quotes - everything from the sarcastic things House says to the constant advice Wilson offers. Quotes from all the episodes both amusing and thought provoking.
I'm doing my best, but its hard to make a dent in the huge amount of quotes there are. So here's what I have, I'll update it as much as I can, and if you have anything you want me to add - let me know and I will!
Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

*NEW* Wilson's Heart quotes
(More to come) - Please comment any you may have!

House: Life shouldn't be random.... lonely misanthropic drug...
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You Can't Always Get What You Want
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Anyone who watches House M.D. on a regular basis will have by now picked up on two phrases that seem to be the slogans of the show: “Everybody Lies” and “You Can't Always Get What You Want.” The first slogan of the show, “Everybody Lies”, seems to be House's philosophy about people. Knowing that Dr. House is the antisocial, misanthrope and very miserable person that he is, this statement which he utters frequently, very nicely sums up the entire view House has for humanity. He finds them un-useful, un-trustworthy and not worthy of spending time with because you'll never get the...
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From 12-13-08
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We are gathered here today to whine about the death of a beloved tv series: House MD. Many fans have agreed that it was time for Dr Gregory House to retire kicking ass and saving lives. Many other fans knelt to the ground, raised their fists to the sky and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" through hysterical tears. Others still were somewhere inbetween not caring and emotional numbness. Personally, I'm pretty sure I rapid-cycled through four of the Five Stages of Grief in about span of about one minute...

It was fitting that I should find out this horrible news via Fanpop. Links popped up...
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So... I haven't done Huddy in a long time, but this is my thing: it's angsty, it's sweet... and then it gets rough!



He had always known this day would come... a day without choice, a day with his cure as a cause. He'd dreamt of a knock on the door, the fleeting illusion of friendship resounding on its surface.

Had he expected the benign teasing and his moments of utter humanity to place an actual human being at the other end of it? A female one at that?

Not at all, not even in his wildest dreams... and wild those surely were.

When he swallowed his first pill after gagging on it repeatedly...
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