Huddy Hugh Laurie-ous - a thread for crazy fangirls :)

playingcold posted on May 29, 2010 at 09:23PM
"Hugh 2.0
-manufactured by the love of Lisa Edelstein..."
(by @rue and @PC)

Hugh Laurie -- The older, the sexier. XD

I think the title says all :)
Yeah, I know, there is a spot specifically for HL but @Bea, @Huddyjoy and me, we thought, another thread won't hurt us during the hiatus.

So, please post your favorite pics, videos etc. about Hugh or just tell us, why do you like him.

Now let the fun begin!

Our slogan is: TAKE A BREAK, POST A PIC!

Edit: This thread turned kinda 18+ :D I'm very happy about it but if you don't like that stuff, read the comments with one of your eyes closed! ;D

IMPORTANT! Edit: November 9th
Since this thread is on the Huddy-thread and every Huddy- and Hugh-fans are welcomed here but not every fan is a Huli, from now on, let's NOT post any Huli-related content here.
I'm a Huli too, but we should respect everyone's opinion and since we can't exactly say, how much Huli is okay, this is the best thing I can do. Thank you for your understanding!

"Hugh 2.0 
-manufactured by the love of Lisa Edelstein..." 
(by @rue and @PC)

Hugh Laurie -- The
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