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Okay, so I was originally going to do this as a poll, but then I realized that then I wouldn't be able to say why I like them and everyone would just choose Dustfinger anyway, so that wouldn't be fun. So here are my top 10 favourite characters in the Inkheart series:

1) Mo
I've got to say that this is the craziest I've ever been about a book character. Mo is such a well built character and I love every version of him, Silvertongue, the Bluejay and the bookbinder/father. He is just so talented and noble and kind and has such an amazing loving heart. I am in complete admiration and adoration of...
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meggie and farid
meggie and farid
hello let me just say i'm the first to wright and inkheart artical.

As we all know at the end of the book inkdeath meggie choose doria over farid. Personaly i don't agree with her choose, but lets just start at the beging. Meggie liked him and farid liked her they were ment to be together you could tell.
In inkspell they kissed and were head over heels in love with eachother. But meggie, being to worred, was afraid that farid liked dustfingers more then her, the only reson farid spends so much time with dustfingers is because he never had a dad and dustfingers is the closet thing he came to...
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