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Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara  and InuYasha.
Main Characters: Miroku, Shippo, Kagome, Sango, Kirara and InuYasha.
Many of the fan letters I receive ask the question “How old are Inuyasha and the other characters?” Some fans make guesses. The character with the greatest range is Miroku, with guesses ranging from the late teens to late twenties… I basically think it's all right for the readers to view the characters as whatever age they see fit, but since so many people ask this, I'll answer with the ages I have in my head as I work.

It is clearly stated that Kagome's age is 15, so for balance, Sango is about 15 or 16, and Miroku about 17, 18. I think of Kikyo as having died at about age 17… Demons...
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1:she's a zombie that stils souls from the dead
2:she took the half of the juwle(spelling)that inuyasha had and gave it to naraku
3:she tried to take inuyasha to hell with her wile(spelling)inuyasha was unconsie
4:she tried to kill kagome
5:she tried to kill inuyasha
6:in inuyasha movie 1 she pushed kagome down the well telling here yet she is dead
7:she took half of kagome's soul
8:every time she falls off a cliff she somehow maneges to survive
9:she shot inuyasha with an arrow binding him to that tree
10:when ever she comes around inuyasha always gose to see her wich resalts in her makeing kagome cry it's not inuyasha's falt if kikyo would have stayed dead kagome and inyasha woulden't have to cry all the time. and theres my ten resons for hateing kikyo.
I got a pirated InuYasha DVD. The usual ones always had wrong spellings and grammar. It even said that it was in Bollywood and "a small single dish broadcast time reaches as high as 30 hour".The back cover always has descriptions, the description I got was:

"From a shrine's young girl sun set spear Wei (*don't you mean Kagome?), is the ordinariest third day student.. a 15th birthday that day travelled in well time 500 year ago Warring States period, and meets in there by seal's half monster - - dog demon. The dog demon, is according to him to obtain can realize all ambition monster strength...
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Now just so everyone know, I've only watched the shows. I've seen every movie and every episode of Inuyasha. But I haven't read the Manga so do not be upset with me if some of my thoughts are different.

I believe that Sesshomaru, at any point in time could have killed Inuyasha. Yes, their father did leave Tenseiga to Sesshomaru and Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha, making it futile for them to fight. But look at everything that happened.

In the early episodes, Sesshomaru used a human arm from Naraku and showed Inuyasha the Wind Scar. He could've easily just used the Wind Scar on Inuyasha.

The episode where...
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The gang is walking on a path to a nearby village, hoping to get some R & R after fighting a huge demon...

Sango, looking up at the sky: Ahhh, today is a beautiful day! Don't you agree ,Miroku?

Miroku turns to her, smiling: I know something even more beautiful.

*Sango looks down, blushing*

Kagome(in back): Awww! That's so sweet!!!

Shippo: Yeah, after Miroku proposed to Sango, they have been getting kinnda "comfy" together.

Inuyasha, yawning: Yeah right! Like it's gonna last long, besides, their not even officially married.

Kagome glares at him: Oh, don't be stupid , Inuyasha! This is gonna last...
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One day Sango is traveling with Inuyasha to fight a demon it is a long way from Miroku and Kogome. Sango is real tired and so is Inuyasha. They decide to rest sinse the sun is about to set. They lie down by a weird tree that is green and has purple leaves. There was magical dust coming from the leaves. The dust is love-dust. Inuyasha and Sango are effected by the dust. Inuyasha leans to kiss Sango they kiss. They did not know that Miroku sent Hachi to spy on the two. Hachi returned to Miroku to tell him the news. Miroku tells Kagome she goes CRAZY! Within the hour the two return only to be...
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posted by InuYasha101
i was only 12 years of age when i ws able to go into the futal aira by myself. i went the same way as me mother and father went. when i got to my fathers aira i looked all over for them i couldn't find them i walk over to a village to stay for the night. they said that it was alright for me to stay. they guided me to the hut. i thank them and go right to sleep. in the middle of the night a demon comes and trys to distroy the village. i wake up right before the demon crushes the hut i was in. i ran far away from the demon but i tripped over a rock and the demon grabbed me. i screamed...
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posted by deathchick9
I take no creidt for this!It all belongs to EternalSailor on DeviantArt.

1. Ask Kagome on a date.
2. Admit his burning love for Kikyo.
3. Pick Kikyo over Kagome.
4. Tell Kagome thats shes fat.
5. Pretend his human form is actully his He-Man form.
6. Admit his brotherly love for Sesshoumaru.
7. Call Kagome a bitch when shes not looking.
8. Tell Kagome to fuck off when she tells him to sit.
9. Laugh at his own doggie ears.
10. Eat Kagomes home made cooking.
11. Say the words "Shippou will you marry me?"
12.Dress up as Naraku for halloween.
13. Turn down the chance to kill a demon.
14. Start communicating with...
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(: This is based on the game Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel. The story explains the game, what happens. :)

In a dream of our heroin's...

Where am I?
I've seen this place before.
Such beautiful cherry blossoms... I Know! It must be Japan! I used to live here! Wait. Something's weird. If this is Tokyo, where are all the skyscrapers? It shouldn't be so.. rural-looking. If that's so... where on Earth... am I, then?!
Besides... Who is this? I know this... or knew it, a long, long time ago.
Back when... Good as is.....

Janis's home in America. Flashback.

Janis: Huh? Another school transfer?
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"Inuyasha" which use the most advanced thinking is the reincarnation of this concept, I went through a lot of information. Japanese Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism is different, and link their monks can get married and have children, but no nothing concrete to say. Can be basically interpreted as humanely is used to get rid of the scourge of the body, no other significance. This is more obvious in the "Heike Monogatari".

The reason for talking about this, on the one hand, to explain why Maitreya children, on the one hand, I have to explain the micro-Ge relationship with Campanulaceae. By the traditional...
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posted by anime-l0ver
*one foggy night in kagomes world*
kagome laying on her bed

kagome: hmmm i wonder what inuyasha is doing....i haven't seen him in a that i think about it i haven't been over in that era in a while and i kinda miss everyone. sango, shippo, miroku, what are you all doing right now.... inuyasha.... what is this feeling that i get when i see him. when i think about him. HUH wh-why am i cr-crying ...i-i understand now iv always been by his side and now that i relize it i think i-i think i...I LOVE INUYASHA?!?!?! but why him hes so mean and selfish and and.....but then again he has always...
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The following morning Hatchi meets up with Miroku alone. He tells Miroku what happned yesterday. Mioku then went to Inuyasha and Sango and made them confess. They did not know what he was talking about. He told them then they looked at eachother and smiled. They both blushed in a flash. Miroku was real mad at Inuyasha but he just walked off. Leaving the two "love-birds" behind. He returned an hour or so later finding only Shippo and Kagome. He looked in the hut where they slept. He found them asleep next to eachother. Miroku was now completely jealous! He wanted to get back at Inuyasha for...
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Inu no Taishō's point of veiw

I can remember the day my first son was born, me and his mother now had such a handsome young man who would one day take my place. What shall we name him? She asked, I replied Sesshoumaru.
Although he barely ever saw me because he was always under his mother’s watch, I developed a love for human beings while fighting them. Such creatures with their bravery and skill to dare to challenge me, without regret to die a foul death.
After the war, I came home to see Sesshoumaru, A whole fifty years now. Squealing, joy, and happiness that I was finally home. How was...
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Inuyasha:What is it
Kagome:I'm sorry
Inuyasha:For what
Kagome:For causing this whole mess with the jewel shard
Inuyasha:It's okay if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be friends with miroku or sango, and some adventures we have are pretty fun to tell the truth
Kagome:You know your right but I'm not the only one who really started this group it was you and me, us together
Inuyasha:Kagome, I also should be the one who's sorry
Kagome:Oh Inuyasha there's nothing to be sorry about
Inuyasha:No Kagome I have put you through danger time after time ater time
Kagome:Well it's my choice to stay with...
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it was the next morning and inuyasha went outside to check on keida. he went on the roof. she was gone. "oh great" inuyasha said. he jumped down and begain to look for her. mean while, keida was up and walked far away from the village she ended up at her burned village. she walked into her old hut and hit the floor. her fever went up and she had no one to take care of it.

"keida, keida where are you" inuyasha yelled. he ended up in the forest by the well. he walked over to the well and jumped in. when he got to kagome's world he jumped out of the well and raced out of the shrine. he went through...
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posted by reyfan01
In the high moutnains, a blue eyes wolf demon lost in thought is pondering on a boulder looking at the sky. For three years he has been like this. His red headed green eyes wife looks up from afar at her troubled husband. She sighs heavily and pouts turning her back on him with her arms crossed. She knew what he was thinking about. Ever since he never heard from Kagome again, he's been staring at the sky lost in memory. He only agreed to marry ayame because he was convinced it was for the best of the tribe. .........ayame remembered Kagome alright. She was so beautiful she truly had green eyes...
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posted by jacqulene11
You have always been there for me.You have never let me down. Now it's my turn to step up and stay beside you.
I will let no one harm you. You must always be safe. You are the light that opens my eyes gazing into yours.
The sound of your voice takes my breath away. When you smile at me my heart skips a beat. I want to be in your arms forever, never leaving your side.
I love you. Your eyes are more gorgous than a waving ocean. The way you get a faraway look when you stare into space gets my mind thinking of what you are thinking.
I can never let you go out of my grasp. You are made for me and I am made for you. We are one with each other. Its my destiny to be with you and yours to be with me. I love you.
In fact, I think Kagome is somewhat analogous to a third party, Inuyasha is the first and Campanulaceae with each other unforgettable first love. Inuyasha Campanulaceae said: "I am willing to become human, to the time, the Campanulaceae you to become my ..." has become my wife. However, this sentence is said Campanulaceae, link even if it is not the moment he was Campanulaceae seal Inuyasha: Campanulaceae, I hate you. "Or" I will kill you ", then, but said:" Even In this way, this bellflower, I ... "Inuyasha did not finish, but we guess out, he would like to say he still loves Campanulaceae....
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I'm just doing this to be silly..I'm in my silliness mode today so I thought of some things that might piss them off.I do not mean any offensive to these Inuyasha characters,I love them myself.Enjoy!

Ways to make Inuyasha mad:
1)Pet his ears
2)Call him doggy!
3)Ask him why he likes Kikyo/Kagome
4)Try to make him "Sit!" and epically fail at it.
5)Shove ramen in his face 24/7(Ok that might not make him mad)
6) Mock Kagome
7)Try to trip him
8)Say his tetsusaiga is a piece of crap
9)Shout out "INUYASHA!" "KAGOME" a million times mocking the both of them.
10)Try to scare him by saying "I See you..." in the...
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posted by jacqulene11