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INVADER ZIM BEDDING  TACOS111 8 28972 over a year ago
Invadercon 4  monkey90277 0 4763 over a year ago
TOP 5 THINGS WHY INVADER ZIM WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!  CANY1 51 58650 over a year ago
Does anyone recognize these Zim drawings/prints?  dukeofsutton 1 6360 over a year ago
you know your obsessed with IZ when...  lola641 42 13124 over a year ago
Lets Help Zim!  Rriity 5 3259 over a year ago
*+*+*THE INVADER ZIM FAN SURVEY!*+*+*  misanthrope86 91 12635 over a year ago
Invader Zim LEGO set on Cuusoo  pustulio 0 1998 over a year ago
Invadercon 3  dragoness75 0 2380 over a year ago
Hello Fellow Pig Smellies  Zim-Irken 2 3186 over a year ago
Gir Voted #3 Cutest Robot!  wojkwasi 8 3143 over a year ago
Autographs anyone?  purplemarmoset 6 2472 over a year ago
Fan Character Servay.  InvaderCynder 74 14878 over a year ago
Invader Zim Alpabet Soup Game  chocolate18 1 2173 over a year ago
HELLLPPPP  Ootastesrainbow 1 2319 over a year ago
Now taking request for drawings!!!!!!  chillyneon 0 1825 over a year ago
Invader Zim Custom Birthday Cards!  girismybrother 2 5227 over a year ago
invader zim crossover contest  DMhello 0 4060 over a year ago
Hey! Here's the ship! Ride in!  Zim_and_Gir 57 6679 over a year ago
Irken & SIR Unit Data Bank  Aquarius18 0 2609 over a year ago
Youtube Episodes  TheStrange 0 2333 over a year ago
why ther is no more x invader scar for now  scar_two 0 2316 over a year ago
Invader Zim Screencaps  misanthrope86 1 12166 over a year ago
Im srry for being an ass everybody......  SweetSponge 1 3396 over a year ago
What's your favorite Gir moment?  Invader-Tak 6 3301 over a year ago
Apricot's first day!!  imskipper 18 3961 over a year ago
WHY DID THEY END INVADER ZIM????!!!??!!!!  monkeyrockla 6 2812 over a year ago
I need some fanart that would make me and my friends who are also fans) .Drool. I am into Purple , another is into Zim, and finally the last one is into dib.  codyfan77 0 1682 over a year ago
Nicktoons needs to play Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom...  InvaderZia716 3 2352 over a year ago
Invader Zim RolePlay  invadercalliope 10 2384 over a year ago
Favorite quote from "Mopiness of Doom" episode?  pumpkinqueen 1 1545 over a year ago
I'm back...  KickButtowski 0 1458 over a year ago
Fav "Zim" quote  Sprinter23 3 1276 over a year ago
BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  avatar2012 2 1475 over a year ago
IVE GOT SOMETHIN' TO SAY  shadowluvr 0 1615 over a year ago
The add circle  invadercalliope 1 2265 over a year ago
ALMIGHTY TALLEST DEBATE PLACE!  thetacoman 0 2640 over a year ago
Operation doom  Longrange 2 2618 over a year ago
Want Zim Renewed??  InvaderZia716 2 3089 over a year ago
INVADER ZIM BEDDING  TACOS111 2 2430 over a year ago
Vote for ZIM!!!!  InvaderZia716 3 2156 over a year ago
nick rewind  avatar2012 2 2262 over a year ago
OMG droooool - I NEED this!  GirGirrrlll795 3 1355 over a year ago
roleplay  lola641 0 1169 over a year ago
TOP 5 THINGS WHY INVADER ZIM WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!  CANY1 0 3309 over a year ago
Awesome Invader Zim Site!!!  carabu 18 2424 over a year ago
Hey help bring zim back for the last unfinished episode's!!!!!!  Longrange 5 2085 over a year ago
Jhonen writes about ZIM on Z?.com  InvaderZia716 2 2027 over a year ago
Hey Invaders and Swollen Eyeball Agents! Check this out!  AgentMagicCoat 4 2289 over a year ago
Invader Jet...  InvaderMysterio 1 2432 over a year ago
making a iz game and need a artist!!!!!!  Longrange 3 2542 over a year ago
Figure out your age in irken years!  Karartegirl99 18 10509 over a year ago
Invader Zim  invaderzimemo 5 1676 over a year ago
We should make it a holiday  vganimagus 30 2937 over a year ago
Attention All Irken Invaders  carabu 2 2405 over a year ago
Is Invader Zim in any video-games?  Invader-Tak 10 5935 over a year ago
My Invader Zim Fan Website. Please Join.  InvaderAmara 6 2121 over a year ago
Would You Rather Invader edition  lola641 39 4429 over a year ago
Calling all Fancharacters!!!!!  Diblover111 3 2994 over a year ago
Foodcourtia Now Open EAT!!!  carabu 0 2285 over a year ago
should i?  invaderlin123 4 2052 over a year ago
The IZFAS  xx_Tak 10 1934 over a year ago
INVADER ZIM IS ACTUALLY RETURNING!!!!!!!!  avatar2012 21 3495 over a year ago
fanfic!!!!!!!!!!  avatar2012 1 2492 over a year ago
WE DID IT!!!!!  invaderlin123 6 1963 over a year ago
GUESS WHAAAAAT!!!  invaderlin123 2 2255 over a year ago
IM DOING ARTICLES AND QUIZZES NOW  invaderlin123 0 2115 over a year ago
Would anyone be interested in an IZ RP forum?  ZimIsMine 23 2652 over a year ago
My Fan Character is Better than Yours! Plus, Zim is MINE and I will have his SMEETS!  misanthrope86 9 2140 over a year ago
I'm very confused...  Zimgaz 5 1836 over a year ago
inader zim vending machine  lillymango1 2 2334 over a year ago
WOOWIE'S BACK!  woowie 5 2347 over a year ago
~A MESSAGE FROM YOURS TRULY, NIGAHIGAROCKS98~  nigahigarocks98 0 1801 over a year ago
Fan script for unatempted episode, "it feeds on noodles!"  InvaderCynder 6 4537 over a year ago
YOU NEED TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!  i_am_zim 0 2274 over a year ago
Galatic alliance  vganimagus 0 2830 over a year ago
your call  vganimagus 0 2339 over a year ago
CONTEST!  InvaderCynder 11 2294 over a year ago
Check out my slideshow  Karartegirl99 0 1683 over a year ago
my short comic (srry there's no pictures)  SweetSponge 45 4456 over a year ago
I'm bored soo...Random!!  Diblover111 6 2076 over a year ago
help out  rosey123 2 2512 over a year ago
Activety?  InvaderCynder 2 2650 over a year ago
DO ITT!!  Diblover111 5 2452 over a year ago
Curiousity killed the cat...  misanthrope86 5 2628 over a year ago
She's NOT a jerk!  woowie 0 2173 over a year ago
She's NOT a jerk!  woowie 0 2441 over a year ago
For Woowie: Link to Kat club!  boomerlover 68 5201 over a year ago
Help create the final 2 episodes!  BigheadBen 9 2086 over a year ago
INVADER ZIM BEDDING  TACOS111 0 3179 over a year ago
Will Zim rule the world in his show?  InvaderZimFan11 6 2501 over a year ago
Anyone got a favorite episode?  KiteRoxUrSox777 9 2102 over a year ago
I love Taquito's ...  jenny120 5 2367 over a year ago
Jhonen Vasquez Spot!!  astakaren 3 1637 over a year ago