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posted by pinkapplekiss97
Date of Birth
25 February 1997, Washington, District of Columbia, USA


Plays guitar and sings.

Was considered for the role of Lucy in Case 39 (2009), but the role went to Jodelle Ferland.

Loves animals. She has two dogs (Lilly & Jennings) and had a hamster named Lola that she carried around everywhere. She took her hamster to the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 for the premiere of her film, Hounddog (2007). Lola the hamster died in July 2009.

Is a fan of The Beatles.

Was number 2 on the Best-Dressed List at 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

Was 10 years old when she was cast in the title role in Orphan...
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FULL NAME: Isabelle Fuhrman

Atalanta, Georgia

Studio City, California

Must-see museum: The Getty Villa in Malibu. "I'm obsessed with Greek mythology. My favorite goddess is Artemis. She's strong and reminds me of Katniss, the heroine of The Hunger Games."

Artist crush:
Degas. "I love how his paintings focus on the muscles and lines of the human body."

Luxe lodging:
Le Meurice Hotel Paris. "My family stayed there during Christmas when I was 5, and all of the Christmas trees were airbrushed with chocolate. Yum!"

Must-dine restaurant:
Crave in L.A. "My sister and I go every week...
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Seventeen: Between demonic Esther in Orphan and bloodthirsty Clove in The Hunger Games, what draws you to play such dark roles?

Isabelle Furhman:
I think because the souls of dark characters are so different than good characters. When someone does something bad, you kind of have to dig deeper to figure out what it is that made them want to do that thing. I just think it’s interesting to be able to understand someone who is so different from me.

17: How did you prepare to play Clove?

IF: I actually wrote a back story for her, like a biography. I had to stick to the book as much as I could because...
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