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good amv
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For the sake of peace and love for his village and little brother he sacrificed everything even his own clan..
Disclaimer:Roxy is not an OC,but a Winx Club chara. This is her: (url=your_url)link)

Roxy:Hello? *shaking anxiously*
This is Roxy.She is a fairy of the earth and she likes Animals,but now she landed into another world. Then a bird flew to her. A raven.

Roxy:He Raven!Do you know where I am?

???:He who are you?

Roxy:Huh? *shaking more anxiously*

A raven haired man with glowing red eyes is appearing.

???:You don't need to be afraid.

Roxy:*ready to transform*Who are you?

???:I said you don't need to be afraid.

Roxy:Roxy Believix!!!*transforms*

???:What? What are you?

Roxy:*sounds snippy*I am a fairy!*summons mice to enchain the man*

???:Ok,Ok!I am Itachi,Itachi Uchiha!!!

Roxy:I am Roxy,I am lost in here, can you help me?

Itachi:Hn...*walks away after Roxy free him*

Roxy: He wait!*follow him by flying*

To be continued...
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I am Yuki,I am 18 years old. I like feminine guys,I don't know how it comes. I was in bed and fell asleep,but then I felt a soft kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes and saw a guy,who had black long hair and red eyes,and had got lines under them. I raised my hands and laid them on his cheeks to kiss him again. It was morning,but how? I didn't care,I couldn't stop kissing this guy. Then we broke the kiss,panting. "I made breakfast already",he said; he had got a soft voice,like silk. Then he walked away. "W-Wait!!!"I said,stood up and followed him,"Who are you?" "You are in love with me,ain't you?"he asked me,and I nodded. "I am Itachi Uchiha," he said. Then we ate breakfast and we later laid next to each other in the bed I slept a while ago. It was a silent and peaceful moment.
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