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posted by thefool10
Chapter 4

" Foosball is still a oppsion tonight I am not bad at it but I still would like to get better at it" Sebastion suggested to Falicia as the two friends left Pete's coffee store.

Falicia srugged slightly.

" You know I am not good at foosball" she said innocently

A slow grin spread over his face.

" You don't have to be good at it all you have to do is have fun with it"

Falicia crossed her arms over her chest.

" Your the one who always brags about how great you are at everything"

High above in the sky Sandman had just visted from across the world, he stopped and stared down at the two friends...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 7

" Face yourself" Falicia thought to herself.

" You have to face the part of you that knows the truth. I was not alone earlier today, someone was with me, they had shown me that they were there. The water it didn't do that it's self someone or something had done that, but who? I could not see them."

Falicia shocked her head.

" This is crazzy why I am I talking like this? But it was the turth it was real." She told herself.

From outside Falicia's window Jack was back to do his night shift he had just arrived when suddenly Santa stood by his side. Witch almost gave Jack a heart attack by...
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posted by mrsfrost
plez comments and tell me, what do you think. I hope you will enjoyed my story

Hi my name is Bella Halloween I am the spirit of Halloween, I have been dead for 700 year. I protect hallows eve.I look after the sweets for the children s and guard the children s dia de muertos on Halloween night and also keep the monster safe and sound but I fail them because well you see.
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween

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posted by thefool10
Chapter 11

Falicia's cell phone chimed with a text." How was it !? Sorry I wasn't there to talk you back home are you alright!?" Sebastion's message read. Tension left her shoulders, discreetly Falicia texted back.
"It was okay I gess I am glade that the stiches are out what remains are scars."
" I can't get over what's been happening these pass days what about you? He reasponded.
By her side Beth was happy to walk her home holding her hip to support her walking.
Falicia texted back.
"I know right!!! But no joke something strange is here someone or something is with me 24/7 Sebastion belive me when...
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posted by ally11
Jack Frost
Jack Frost
chapt1 meeting each other
13 year old Dani Holmes was walking around in the snow when WHOOSH! she felt a breeze of cold "oh sorry didn't see you there-wait why am i saying this she cant even see me" said a boy "yes i can" Dani said. he looked at girl "you c-can?" he said almost smiling "yes i'm Dani nice to meet you um?" Dani said "Jack-Jack Frost" said Jack "oh i know you i heard about you in fairy tales i believe in Santa,Tooth Fairy,Sandman,Easter bunny" Dani said "you mean Easter Kangaroo"said Jack "hey that could be affect" Dani said. "hey um do you want to walk around with me?" asked Jack "sure why not " said Dani smiling "great come my lady" said Jack Dani laughed "your funny" Dani said
Dani Homles
Dani Homles
posted by thefool10
Chapter 3
Confused and yet not understandabel Beth and Jack refused to enter the portal without a explanation. Whiel Bunny bun was freezing his cotton tail off trying to get the two young guardians to fallow. Making Bunny bun and the two guardians even more mad and fustrated.

" Do you think I like coming to this dreadful place you call home? I don't and i don't know why Santa keeps sending me here to come and get you to roadrunners" Bunny bun shivered as he spooked making Beth and Jack laugh at the sight.
" you can always say no to Santa" jack interupted.
" you don't think I try mate when I do...
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posted by mrsfrost
One night when Sandy had finished his job he saw one nightmare escape into Jamie's room.so he called Vamp (who is queen of the bat and chase the bad dreams away ) by using his sand but she didn't come so he look for her but nothing he know thing is wrong.He go to north and tell he what happened. "I know because pitch is back, he left a letter here say I am back and I take vamp with me from pitch and I calling a meeting about it" say north, about 2 hour late when everyone is here they ask why because children wait for tooth fairly to put coin under the pillow, bunny have 2 day for getting ready...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 10

Sebastion walked only five blocks it dawned on Falicia a littel to late to ask him if she wouldn't mind if he could take her back to the hospital, to remove the stiches. But he'd rather drive her sence it was two miles away. Walking on the open roads feel like taking a stroll on the back roads, lined by acres of trees and, moutains. It would take them a good two and a half hours to reach there on foot. But of course Falicia pleated and pleased for him to taker her. Sebastion finally gave in and said.

"Alright fine."

Falicia pressed her hand to his chest swallowing gulps of the winters...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 8

Snuggeled up in the hid out for humans the temputer would be about -50 degrezz below zero. But for Beth it was like pearidiase. She waited paitently for Jack's return from his shift.

Hours have passed and not a singel speak of a sign of him. Beth was getting ichy she was worried that something had taken a round turn Jack would of been back by now would he? Was he okay? Should she go out looking for him?

Jack was a strong guardian much stronger then her by one hundred precent, just a littel longer much longer if it had to be. It was another day the world wont be mad at her just for a...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 6

Deep with in the shadows farther, farther into it's depths stands the thin slim shadow. It was having a conversation with one of it's worriers. There would be times that they would be yelling along with dissagreeing with each other, but they moved on with the progress they had started.

The thin slim man began to pase back and forth mubbeling under it's breath' trying to figuer out what to say next.

"This is a out rage the guardians have no idea what's coming into their fiuter nothing but pain and suffering tearing at their souls." The thin man growled with fits clinched.

The worrier stood...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 9

Through out the forset Bunny Bun had just arrived from the other side of the world along with Toothfairy. They are now in the winter guardian's territory. They stopped and thought for a moment of what they were going to do next. Bunny Bun shivered he shocked his cotton tail flicking off the snow, that turned his tail to ice.Toothfairy shivered as well she to was frezzing her feathers off.

Bunny buns hopes to a diffrent spot to sand he couldn't stand in one area his feet would get to cold to fast.

" Shit it's cold mate dose Maine every change it's seasons?" Bunny Bun stammered.

" Qutie...
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posted by ally11
chapter 2 cup of cocoa
''so Dani tell me about yourself'' asked Jack ''well um am a only kid i act like a 3 year old my mom is orchestra contacture and my daddy is a historian'' Dani said ''hm anything else?'' jack asked ''i have a fear of spoon because i choked on it while eating cereal'' Dani ''oh so you use forks'' jack asked ''yes'' Dani answered ''oh okay'' Jack said. Dani halt and run into a store ''DANI?'' Jack asked running after her ''um two hot cocoa please'' Dani said ''$3.50'' said the guy he seem like he was 15 ''here is 4.00'' Dani said smiling ''hm'' the guy said handing her change...
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 5

It was now midnight the night it seems af if it was being chased by the daylight but the night was fighing back by standing it's ground, againts the sun. And so the moon was still strong and alive in the open sky.

As for the rest of the guardians Santa had sent them off to earth but it was a mystery why he didn't tell them what he saw in his episode, all he said was that.

" Nothing to worry my guardians together we are strong not a single threat can hurt us what I saw you shouldn't be worried."

And so the guardians took his words for granted then fled off to their locations on earth....
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 12

Beth's eyes opened to a sudden rap on the door. She sat up disoriented. Sunlight streamed through her bedroom window, indicating that it was late morning. Beth's skin was clamming with sweat, her sheets tangled around her legs. On her nightstand close by an empty bottle lay tipped on it's side.

The memory stormed back.
She barely made it back to the hide out to tired and tromitized about what had happened last night the nightmare shadows attacking, the little kids not beliving in her, besides Nora the littel girl that had stood up for her. Mabe today Beth should visit, her and thank...
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posted by lil-fee
Hey guys. :]
This is a fanfic that me and my friend Beth are doing together. I wrote the first chapter, then she is going to do the next chapter, then me and etc. We hope you enjoy it. xo

Nippin’ at your nose ❄ ~

Chapter 1:

“Hey, wait up. Why do you always have to go so fast?”

Beth Davis was trying to keep up with her best friend Jack Frost. He always won. Every morning he raced her to the very top of a hill. It was his wake up call and he’s pump up activity to get him going for the day.

Jack chuckled as he reached the top of the hill, waiting for his best friend Beth to catch up. Even...
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posted by ravyn1234
Guardians the word is some thing that changed Sidney Beth James Kayley lusy mackzie Katie and me it all started like a normal day until he showed up we were walking when I triped 'you OK ravyn' beth asked 'yeah' I said that is when I saw him a boy he had White hair and bright blue eyes and a wodden stick 'um hello ' I said nervously ' u can see me ' he asked ' um duh I am not blind dude um I will be going now' I said walking away . But he fallowed me 'stop following me I will call the cops' I yelled. He frowned and came closer. Oh god I am dead. i was over reacting but still i was scared "...
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posted by jackfrostlover
This is a sequel to new guardian.
If you have not read new guardian this probably won't make sense.
A month after Anna became a guardian sandy starts  to noticed that  children started having nightmares. Jack sees some kind of animal one night. Is pitch back? If he is,is working with a partner? Can they save the world? Find out in a new threat!
.Chapter one:a meeting is called:This is a sequel to new guardian.
If you have not read new guardian this probably won't make sense.
A month after Anna became a guardian sandy starts  to noticed that  children started having nightmares....
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posted by thefool10
Chapter 2
It was 7:00am the beauty and power of the moon danced behind the mountians beond that the sun had showned it's warm and the light.
Jack had been sittin amound the tress above falicia's home he stood to his feet glanced at her once more with a slight smiel then took off into the sky. Leaving mist where he left his mark falicia had a woken from her sleep at that moment the window from last night, had caught her attention, her memory brought her back to that message. "Make me real" falicia shivered she didn't know what to think of it. At 8:30 am there was a sudden knock at her door so...
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