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Like Stephanie Meyer said, some of Blue Octobers songs expressed how both Edward and Jacob felt for Bella and I find this true,,,Comment

I dreamt you seduced me
Just walked away
I dreamt you inspired
Then rewired what I say
I dreamt you spread your bottom wings
And pulled me to the bed
But then I woke up feeling nauseous
You danced around my head

Tell me
How long, how long have I been down?
How long, how long have I been down?
How long, how long have I been down?
Down, Down

I dreamt you burned my fingers
Yes, an automatic sting
I dreamt you called me beautiful
Then asked to hear me...
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This isn’t that bad- Jacob

It was killing me that Lilly wasn’t around. But time to handle business.
We all were now sitting in a circle around Sam, by this time he was fully healed and ready to talk.
“It was all so fast.” He started” I was out there just checking the perimeters out when a cloaked figure was staring at me in the forest. I decided to investigate from a distance. But my mind was blurred. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. It’s like it had some kind of control over me. “Sam said. He hated the fact that he was almost defeated. We all stared at him trying to figure...
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