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i just love this ahsoka painting galindagirl made and jedigal loves it too
i just love this ahsoka painting galindagirl made and jedigal loves it too
hey its me! so before i move to arizona tomorrow i want to make an article showing everything that i like about my favorite fanpopper, jedigal1990 who whenever i create a facebook account i will friend on facebook. enjoy!!!!
Everything I like about jedigal1990
1. The fact that we both have lots of things in common like star wars, hating twilight crap everywhere on fanpop, liking ahsoka tano, liking x-men, and liking disney of course.

2. There is just something about michelle that makes me want to talk or chat with her every day i dont know why.

3. the fact that we are both partners in crime to...
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Hi Michelle! Or should I say, Master. ;) I have a question for you. As you know I like, love to sketch Clone Wars characters and such. And I've improved a little. I have my weaknesses but I'm getting there without a class. So I'm happy. Would you like any spiffic drawings? I've started to do things made up and on my own without looking at pictures. One of my three online is that and it isn't the best but as I've said I've improved. The stetch I'm working on right now is based off of one of my fave Clone Wars episodes and my added scene. I'll give you a hint, it's Season 1 Episode 13. Hope you know what episode that is lol. Anyway, I now do backgrounds and so I'll do just about anything. Go ahead and just ask.

P.S, the 2nd picture on here was my freehand without picture help.
You've helped me out aton! You've been so nice to me here on Fanpop. You put on awesome vids and pics. You've made the most awesome Star Wars fansites like for Ahsoka, Anakin and Ahsoka. I want to say thanks. And I'm kinda of your Padawan now, it's awesome! You've encouraged me to put on my not-so-good Clone Wars art on. (I'm not that good). You've helped me out when new Clone Wars Episodes on, and so much more. I just want to say, Thanks! You've always deserved a fansite. Plus, I can't begin to say how much you've made a few of my days. I just love how you're so nice and complament us and me so many times. It means allot to me at least. It's really helpful to know that I'm not the only girl who's 100% Star Wars obsessed, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :D


Edit: She was so sweet to make a Fansite for me. That was so sweet of her. It means allot, I don't think I deserve one though. But it was so sweet I'm happy. Michelle is so nice. Thank's again.

Hello bud. I wanted to take the chance to write to you a short poem that is based on how I feel about you as well as our friendship. =) I hope you enjoy it.

When you think of this wonderful person, you think of "Star Wars" right? Well, there is more to this wonderful person than that. Whenever I feel or see the name, I picture a young friend who is very nice, kind, generous, and always ready to help those who are needed.

This friend is more than just your avarage girl. This friend is more of an angel and helper for those on here. She is always...
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Some people say that one person can not always be happy and chipper. They cant always be nice and kind. They cant always have the answer to the questions that others have and need help with in a problem. They cant always be there when needed.

But Jedigal1990 is those things, all of them and more. There is so much more i cant write it all down.

She is such a good friend just like many others i have she makes my day. I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to meet and become friends with her.

If you dont know her you should get to know her. She is one of those rare people that make other peoples lives better. She fills your day with happiness.

You are a great person and i hope we can be friends for a long time.


posted by jedigal1990
hello to all my wonderful friends i just want to take sometime to wish you all a very happy new years.
you guys are so wonderful when i came on here back in august i never expected i would meet such wonderful people. people who i would actually look foward to talking with and just hanging with. you have all became very quickly some of my best friends and really made me look foward to coming on here each day.
i couldn't believe how close everyone grew to each other i never seen that in any other website it was awsome.
so from the bottom of my heart i want to wish all of you and your family a very happy and blessed new years. and thank you for being so kind and such wonderful friends and again HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU MAY 2010 BE AN AWSOME YEAR FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN THIS NEW DECADE
i look foward to continuing to talk to you and share with you in this year bye bye for now
posted by jedigal1990
hello to all my wonderful friends okay i already made the announcement that i am indeed back but jeff asked me to post it on my spot as well so i will so you all know i am back.
I am super sorry for leaving without any notice i realize (as some of you told me) you guys were worried and i apologize but my internet was disconnected and i had to wait to find a new company i missed you all so much and all your sweet comments wishing me back and welcoming me really made me smile. I want to say how special you made me feel i felt so loved when i saw them and know i have no doubt how many wonderful friends i have on here
please know that i missed you all so much as well and i'm super happy to be back again i was going crazy with no fanpop but it was unavoidable well can't wait to talk to you all again bye for now wonderful friends
posted by jedigal1990
hey this one is to all my wonderful friends on here i want to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and i want to let you all know how much you guys mean to me one of the main things i am thankful for is for finding this site and finding friends like you
I am so thankful to have friends who understand me and love me for who i am.
Friends who will talk me through anything and would never turn their back on me even after seeing me at my worst
friends who i know really care about me and friends i really care about
friends that can make me laugh and smile even though i'm on the verge of tears...
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okay i really need to get things off my chest because i'm about to go absolutly crazy i'm seriously at the point of a breakdown so this is what i need to say i'm just sick of it
-I'm sick of this whole fight between me and animefan
-sick of animefan calling me a bully and putting this whole thing on me
- sick of jeff bugging us and telling us how mad he is at us and how immature we are for fighting like we are really doing it on purpose
-sick of everyone thinking i'm a mean horrible person because of whats going on with me and animefan
some other serious issues i'm sick of
- i'm sick of not...
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hello friends,
i got this idea from animefan's profile and decided to copy him :) so i'm going to give you a look at who i am
lets start with the basics
DOB: june 6,1990
live: Florida
Job: merchandise at disney world magic kingdom, fantasyland
okay now the fun stuff
My favorite show is: Starwars the clone wars (big surprise i know)
i also like xmen evolution, big brother, survivor, biggest loser, two and a half men, some disney channel, some mickoloden, reba
Favorite movie: (can you guess) starwars of course i like the newer ones though the originals are okay i also like...
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