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unfair_love posted on Sep 16, 2008 at 07:04PM
I just wondering if I'm the only one.
Remember when Jess asked Rory to go away with him, and she said "No"... who ellss would have said the same thing?
I would have...I love jess, but IDK... please tell me what you think
RORY AND JESS FOREVER (please don't hate me!)
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over a year ago The-Stig said…
I would so have gone with him!! He's perfect for me!
over a year ago rorymariano said…
I think that I would have said no, but I wouldn't have been as harsh. I would talk and see if he had really changed, I think that it would have been hard to just jump with him after he had left the year earlier without telling her. Eventually though I would have said yes!!
over a year ago jessthelibrary said…
I would of said yes! When Rory said no I was like OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!?!? Jess is soooooo gorgeous! Its like a fantasy, having an amazing, smart, hot guy asking you to run away with him
over a year ago leytonfaan_18 said…
I defiently would have said yes! Rory was crazy for not saying yes, I mean look at him he's hot, amazing, funny. Would have ran away with him in a second ;D
over a year ago taylorswiftx said…
I so would have gone away with him :) I love Jess so much. He is just perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. I really wish she would have ended up with him.
Jess and Rory forever xD
Ahh I love Milo Ventimiglia :) x
over a year ago sixica said…
If I'd been in Rory's place, I would have said no, but I would NOT have said it after he said, "Only say no if you really don't wanna be with me." At that point...honestly, I think I would have broke down crying...but at that point they really needed to talk it out. He made it sound like she had to bail on her dreams, her education, her mother...everything. That was an unreasonable commitment to ask for after giving her no security, and it was an unfair request. I still don't think he was ready for the relationship yet.

That being said, I don't think that was what he came there to say. He came as the result of reading the self-help book Luke had given him, and as a result of Luke's advice. Luke told him that he had "expectations out of line with what [he] deserved", because he "didn't nurture." Expecting her to drop everything and run away with him was also an unreasonable expectation, and was not a "nurturing" thing to do. I think he had something entirely different in mind to say when he arrived, but the presence of married Dean in the hallway, I think set alarm bells off in his head, and threw him off. I'd love to see how that scene would have played out if Dean hadn't been there.

So...more direct answer to the question: I would have said no, but I would have done so much more gently and would have talked it out and tried to find an alternate solution where we could still be together...even dating long distance...something... I wouldn't have broken his heart.