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posted by Zelda20129
GRANDPARENTS (maternal):  
Grandfather:    John G White, born 1941, Chelmsford, Essex (public records - Births, Marriages, Deaths)   Grandmother: Maureen Baker, born 1937, Romford, Essex (public records - Births, Marriages, Deaths)   John G White and Maureen Baker married in 1959 in Romford, Essex (public records - Births, Marriages, Deaths) and had two children
-    Janis (Jesy`s mother), born in 1961 in Ilford, Essex, and Joanne (Jesy`s aunt), born in 1963 in Romford, Essex (public records - Births, Marriages, Deaths). 
  Father: John Nelson, born 1965, Stepney,...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Main Quote:

“Your insecurities are what make you different and what makes you who you are. If everyone looked the same it would be boring"

Other Quotes:

“We want to be internationally successful. The important thing is that this is not just a two year thing. We want it to last forever.”

“I am not bothered about fashion.“

“I truly believe that you can do anything if you just believe in yourself.“

“I have the girls and they are like my family now. For every bad comment, there are 100 nice ones.”

“When I was younger I got bullied about the way I looked and I thought once I was older...
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posted by 1Derful-x

Birthday: 30 September 1991

Hometown: Romford, Essex

Nickname: Wilma

Audition Song: Bust Your Windows (series 8)

Favourite Food: Nando’s

Movie: School of Rock, Pursuit of Happiness

Pet Peeves: Burping.

Ideal Date: Nando’s

Dream Job as a child: Hairdresser, Dancer


-She has not yet taken her driving test

-She was bullied on the Internet during the early Live Shows of X-Factor and has spoken about her experiences to inspire others

-Before X-Factor, she worked at a bar

-Jesy is a fan of Jeremy Kyle

-She is very good at beat boxing and used this skill during her audition as a solo artist,...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Jesy is my most favorite Little Mix girl and she is my top idol. Here are the 10 reasons why I love her


1 - She is smart, beautiful and talented
2 - I love her background and her voice
3 - She is always there for you no matter what
4 - Jesy's quotes are amazing
5 - She is so confident about herself now
6 - She has proper fashion sense even if she does not bother about it
7 - She is so different than any other girls I ever known
8 - She is still so cheerful and charming even when people abuses her
9 - She is in Little Mix
10 - I just love her
Jesy Nelson ♥
Jesy Nelson ♥
Dozy Guards Mistook Her Bag For A Weapon

Jesy Nelson has revealed she was hauled off and threatened with arrest when the girls arrived at an Australian airport while Perrie Edwards was held up at the security gate.
Dozy guards mistook Jesy's bejeweled bag for a weapon while Perrie kept setting off the metal detector alarm.

Jesy Describing The Whole Event

Jesy: "I had a clutch bag and it’s got loads of spikes on it and they thought it was a knuckle duster, so they were like: ‘You can’t go through’."
“Then they said we need to search you and I got hauled away and questioned while the other...
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posted by Zelda20129
Jessica Louise (Jesy) Nelsonwas born on 14 June 1991 and is from Romford in Essex. Her parents names are John Nelson and Janice White. Jesy has 1 older sister named Jade and 2 brothers named Joseph and Jonathan.It was reported in the media that due to being the victim of bullying, Jesy had to move school several times. Jesy attended secondary school at the Jo Richardson community School in Dagenham in Essex. Jesy was noted as a dedicated drama and music student by her teachers and attended Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College in Hornchurch, Essex. Jesy also attended both Sylvia Young and Yvonne...
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