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posted by DreamTheEchidna
Ok people I am telling you right here and now.NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY THEY ARE A PERFECT COUPLE!I am tired of those people going on and on how there not.WELL NEWSFLASH THEY ARE!!So stop being all like that and execept it!WaveXJet are a PERFECT couple!!And go head and post those means comments saying things like "No they aren't you idiot!"And things like that.So I am hustings telling you the truth about this!And yes this is and option and I don't hate pepeole because they don't but I am here to try and make you sceptically it!
posted by Hellowittykitty
"Swagger to the Dagger!" Said Jet the hawk. He was aboard the Ship of his dreams. The Cosmo Ark. He always wanted to be a famous rider of surfboard or something cool and chic, but his mind wasn't there anymore. Being a jerk to people is usually wrong, but he loved pissing people out. Basically, he was one big piss-out. He had his eyes on one thing: coolness. Now, we consider cool to be cold or freezing, but Jet didn't let stupid word play stop his float. He was heading to watch a epic ownage battle going on near the south of the hull. "Maybe I should pay those sorry suckers a little visit."...
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