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Tokyo_The_Cat posted on Mar 24, 2010 at 12:48AM
You guys know that wave's his sis or cousin, right...(Wiki)

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over a year ago Evolia-Wulf said…
over a year ago DestinyWolf said…
1. You know ordinary people can go out on Wiki and write what they want, right?
2. They don't have the same parents. Jet is the son of master thieves. Wave is the daughter of tech experts.
3. It doesn't say anything about Jet and Wave being related at all on Wiki.
4. If they were siblings (or cousins) it would've stand on their profiles in the games or been confirmed in the games.
over a year ago Evolia-Wulf said…
"Yesh- I believe that-
"But I have this strange feeling they're relaited! I'm going with this!
"And what if Sega wanted to surprise the fan base over a certain amount of time? You never know! It was like in Devil May Cry, with Dante's twin brother. NO ONE KNEW UNTIL THEY DECIDED IT WAS TIME!"
over a year ago alexischaos2004 said…
Wikipedia contains tons of false information.

Do your correct research on the Sonic Wikia and read both Jet and Wave's pages and please tell me how they are related.
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over a year ago kicksomebut23 said…
No,I don't and Sega did not claim it in the comic series except for Babylon ancestors