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Send your messages to JLS!  CharlotteJ93 104 19753 over a year ago
JLS Tickets for Saturday 21st December  alisonjones1968 1 2113 over a year ago
Marvin to be the new co presenter on The Voice UK  alexjr99 0 2453 over a year ago
Would you like to party with JLS?! You could...!  jwaite 1 1896 over a year ago
We all love JLS please comment guys!!! xxxxx  JLSarmy 2 2574 over a year ago
I need your help guys!!!!!!!  nickyjlsmixer 2 2107 over a year ago
we love jls  sinead23aston 0 1416 over a year ago
JLSters - I need your help!  beccaempty 2 1551 over a year ago
Want to meet JLS???  HACC 0 1760 over a year ago
JLS Update!!!  EastPwincess 32 17670 over a year ago
JLS glasgow  lucykemp1 1 1637 over a year ago
VIP TICKETS  whizzawoo 0 1846 over a year ago
Why I love JLS  TCID 0 1491 over a year ago
WIN JLS Front Row Tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JLScomps 1 2327 over a year ago
JLS Tour  Anne_BWCutlers 0 1655 over a year ago
House fire  Mossie70 4 2317 over a year ago
WIN JLS 4TH DIMENSION TOUR TICKETS  hairbysleek 0 2568 over a year ago
JLS Tickets Available  seanscants 0 2404 over a year ago
JLS Competition - win JLS tickets  beanbag 0 3664 over a year ago
JLS Video Shoot - Take A Chance On Me  jerrymuzu 0 3154 over a year ago
Rude!!!!!!!!!!!!  SDS_AM_KR2 6 3571 over a year ago
JLS Interview with Paul Morley from The Guardian  jlsfan2011 0 2628 over a year ago
Oritsé auctions underpants for charity!  mssocietyuk 0 2013 over a year ago
JLS Offer in the News of the World  martmason 0 1715 over a year ago
Aston's new haircut!!!  CherryCrush100 5 7444 over a year ago
JLS 3D!!!  CherryCrush100 5 2199 over a year ago
Game!!!  CherryCrush100 1 2659 over a year ago
jls game - wrong lyrics!!!  emilyluvsJLS 3 2173 over a year ago
TV company looking for single women for TV taster tape  Harrietjaine 0 1514 over a year ago
JLS forever and always!<3  beth2098_x 0 1253 over a year ago
fan  leahwilkiex 0 1280 over a year ago
JLS Concert  janetoff 1 1087 over a year ago
Jls hotnews  abiw 1 1359 over a year ago
JLS  missno1jls 0 1074 over a year ago
Jls hotnews  abiw 0 723 over a year ago
JLS latest Fashion Shoot  solly10 0 1678 over a year ago
Jls book signing  Mysticfallstown 2 1192 over a year ago
Jls book signing  Mysticfallstown 0 1675 over a year ago
Jls book signing in Glasgow  Mysticfallstown 0 3705 over a year ago
JLS  Mysticfallstown 0 1500 over a year ago
JLS signing  stansnow 0 1149 over a year ago
I found tickets to see JLS in Birmingham on JBs birthday!!  jayjayll99 0 2024 over a year ago
JLS signed boxershorts  g4zza 0 1878 over a year ago
i lovee JLS =D  Briannaa-x 5 1177 over a year ago
Aston is hot  Aston-is-hot 15 1812 over a year ago
hey i'm new here...  nicola_AJMO 2 1240 over a year ago
JLS & Alexis Jordan!  dwayne_lucid 0 2076 over a year ago
BBC 1 show to meet you favourite pop stars!!!  janelovesjlis 0 907 over a year ago
who do u think is the nicest one ??  lelfybum 4 1110 over a year ago
- Are You Going To Buy Any Of Their Albums That They Release? -  LucyxX 7 853 over a year ago
FREE JLS Screensavers  Screensavers 1 1560 over a year ago
I'm making a fan book to send to the boys.  CharlotteJ93 0 698 over a year ago
I love JLS so much! They are soooo talented! x x x x x x x x  KellyDonlon 0 829 over a year ago
JLS @ Westonbirt, Gloucestershire  mattwebber 0 964 over a year ago
JLS play suprise show at college in sandwich  CharlotteJ93 0 699 over a year ago
jls rock  jlsgirl 0 770 over a year ago
i got married to aston on the radio  megnxoxjls 1 985 over a year ago
Dont forget to join this group to!  CharlotteJ93 1 1433 over a year ago
Merch Store!  CharlotteJ93 0 1255 over a year ago
JLS on facebook  CharlotteJ93 0 2084 over a year ago
JLS on lottery tonight at 10.35  CharlotteJ93 0 1797 over a year ago
isin' marvin PENG!!!!  mad4marvin 4 4635 over a year ago
can sum 1 tell me were jls...  laydee_heidi 2 1645 over a year ago
aston sayin hes going to get trainers on just trainers  megnxoxjls 0 2093 over a year ago
Last single  katie6e 1 1008 over a year ago
jls brit awards  megnxoxjls 0 773 over a year ago
Check out these pictures & videos from yesterday's Hammersmith Apollo gig  tabbykat 0 331 over a year ago
FRONT ROW JLS tickets Birmingham  brmb964 0 3187 over a year ago
Free JLS tickets  maydannis 0 1373 over a year ago
jls comin to bournemouth  megnxoxjls 0 361 over a year ago
Jaime Jay  katie6e 0 531 over a year ago
Review of Everybody in Love  TCID 0 1853 over a year ago
Ultimate JLS  Lauraox 0 997 over a year ago
Catch the exclusive interview of the amazing talent JLS  lolakitty 0 708 over a year ago
JLS 'Beat Again' Promotion!  KalziEee 1 3602 over a year ago
JLS at Soccer 6 football  joecurl84 0 2463 over a year ago
JLS PERFORMING IN MANCHESTER  lilaclaura17 1 1523 over a year ago
J L S came to folkestone  perry-123 0 1191 over a year ago