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Why i love this show  Justanotherfan 2 1434 over a year ago
Mady & Gymboree  brightonhome 21 5916 over a year ago
Beach Disaster Episode  xcal 0 1946 over a year ago
Lets get real Jon  jimmie777 30 3730 over a year ago
Why was Steve blurred out in the most recent episode?  vbx 1 1565 over a year ago
Kate smacks Collin in the head for standing inside the "island"  vbx 0 1831 over a year ago
the 6 start school.  krmujn 0 394 over a year ago
His next atrocity  krmujn 0 425 over a year ago
Hilarious article!  jonrocks 1 649 over a year ago
video: Kate broke things off with Jon back in October 2008!  vbx 1 923 over a year ago
Jon Gosselin Bombshell Dropped Today!  CelebWatcher 1 1274 over a year ago
Kate and the wooden spoon  vbx 3 3145 over a year ago
Kate uses her dirty feet and rubs Collin's head with it..  vbx 0 1374 over a year ago
Mady face lights up and she runs to give Daddy a hug, she ignores mommy. LOL  vbx 2 1027 over a year ago
What's important  missmikayla05 2 383 over a year ago
Kate's hidious haircut  southernjw 6 1674 over a year ago
Alexis questions  CocoCheese 4 895 over a year ago
Fake Dispelled Rumors  hbluva 257 99318 over a year ago
Season Five Opener  hbluva 4 840 over a year ago
We are almost to 1000!  hbluva 13 1082 over a year ago
Hello Everyone Introduction Family with 9 Kids  mommyof9 0 1416 over a year ago
It's Official, Jon and Kate are Divorcing  hbluva 13 947 over a year ago
Nominated  LostPB 1 452 over a year ago
So Sad  krmujn 1 366 over a year ago
Jon and Kate Divorce  LBarnes316 4 522 over a year ago
Jon and Kate to Make 'Life-Changing' Announcement  hbluva 2 647 over a year ago
How they're doing.  krmujn 2 447 over a year ago
The Sprinter Van  KenW 1 2531 over a year ago
"Jon and Kate: Twisted Fate"  courtney7488 2 2124 over a year ago
American Chopper & Jon  krmujn 3 535 over a year ago
Sad News  Stasija 1 553 over a year ago
E-Mailing Jon and Kate  Crepage 3 689 over a year ago
Dear jon & kate plus 8  Marialopez 0 546 over a year ago
Show  Crepage 0 472 over a year ago
ASWESOMEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!  TheGosselinsRox 17 1865 over a year ago
Jon & Kate are seperated?  darryljames 5 3922 over a year ago
"Gosselins at the Museum"  courtney7488 1 1498 over a year ago
What about webkinz?  CleoSertori1234 20 1016 over a year ago
Good Job  Angel98837 2 358 over a year ago
Jon's Job  krmujn 3 1868 over a year ago
Shooka and Nala  Crepage 1 1821 over a year ago
I miss the show  Crepage 6 757 over a year ago
J&k+8 FANFICTION!!!! IT HAS BEGUN!  TheGosselinsRox 0 1673 over a year ago
Watch next Episode  kimmy_g22 4 1465 over a year ago
It does not surprise me they are separated  DogMom3 3 2221 over a year ago
Countdown to 1000 fans  courtney7488 9 687 over a year ago
Jon partying with Coeds  Crepage 0 1078 over a year ago
Aaden  Crepage 4 1120 over a year ago
the 'gum' episode  darryljames 6 710 over a year ago
OMG, The show might be cancelled !  Cynndy 9 3074 over a year ago
cat  Lindsaypetunia 3 400 over a year ago
Puppies  jean1958 1 609 over a year ago
cooking  Lindsaypetunia 2 657 over a year ago
Just Some Updated News On J&K+8  TheGosselinsRox 11 2952 over a year ago
New house!  gosselinluver 13 5694 over a year ago
Jobs  Crepage 1 503 over a year ago
Your fan from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (South East Asia)  zahsera 1 553 over a year ago
i love jon and kate  joelover101 0 277 over a year ago
Thoughts from a new viewer  Adlivia 4 596 over a year ago
Jon and Kate Plus 8 FULL Episodes Finally on itunes!  hbluva 3 1170 over a year ago
Mady- "Useless Character"?  courtney7488 6 1162 over a year ago
Twins, Twins, and Sextuplets  gosselinfan626 7 1925 over a year ago
travel tips for the gosslings  Lissette 9 1233 over a year ago
TillieGo  gosselinfan626 2 648 over a year ago
Home  Crepage 9 986 over a year ago
Wii  Crepage 3 660 over a year ago
Wow...  courtney7488 13 1054 over a year ago
Monkey Munch  hockeymom 4 1542 over a year ago
Children's Clothing Sizes?  Angelxoxbaby 1 478 over a year ago
IS it true  cherrybubbles96 9 2159 over a year ago
8 miracles plus 2  soccerdiva 1 904 over a year ago
Jon and Kate Plus 8 is on itunes!  hbluva 3 892 over a year ago
what is there e-mail  cherrybubbles96 3 1106 over a year ago
Have you ever accomplished this?  madyandcara 3 723 over a year ago
Cleanest show on TV! Luv it!!  HotNFL 2 518 over a year ago
I love this family, so poop on the haters!!!  danielle1213 7 826 over a year ago
Episode Review: Leis and Luaus  hbluva 1 602 over a year ago
Favorite Gosselin Moments  hbluva 4 844 over a year ago
Episodes online?  courtney7488 0 1290 over a year ago
new episodes; family camping trip review  leahandadenrox 0 965 over a year ago
joh and kate plus 8  leahandadenrox 0 1037 over a year ago
Does anyone know the name of the pottery place??  abeautifulgrl69 1 1223 over a year ago