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justin bieber's real phone number  35188 14 38810 over a year ago
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justin beibers ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER  bigal7488 4 10517 over a year ago
Justin Bieber is awesome!!  Gleek011 0 1309 over a year ago
Justin Beiber I feel sorry 4 you!!!!  lilsexy245 3 798 over a year ago
BIEBERS REAL PHONE NUMBA  topjbfan 3 757 over a year ago
IS JUSTEIN BEIBER GAY!?!?  bieberzmannn 3 1979 over a year ago
justin phone number  eltorro9 26 2491 over a year ago
Justin's naked beach photos!<3  95ashley59 0 2618 over a year ago
JUSTIN'S REAL EMAIL ADDRESS  topjbfan 0 508 over a year ago
AMAZIN JUSTIN BIEBER COVER!!!  topjbfan 0 332 over a year ago
AMAZIN MISTLETOE COVER - WATCH WATCH WATCH  topjbfan 0 466 over a year ago
Do u like Justin's new single?  Justin_Fan_ 4 594 over a year ago
Justin's half finished Water Bottle 4 sale  leodragon 0 365 over a year ago
send your curse messages to horrible gay bieber boy!  emilyluvsJLS 6 2096 over a year ago
Justin BEAVER stinks!  runlikeawolf 5 636 over a year ago
All you JB fans NEED to watch this and comment! SO CUTE  Asalvatore 3 612 over a year ago
justin beiber  teganbaby 2 487 over a year ago
Justin Beiber Ultimate Playlist!  musicmaven91 1 535 over a year ago
Whö made this....  JBluvr2 1 514 over a year ago
hi  reeney 0 864 over a year ago