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Kanye fans want the £200 million pound ship to be named RRS Kanye West!!!!  yeezy 0 1160 over a year ago
Is Kanye West really in debt?  liquidatorus 0 1527 over a year ago
Kanye West Net Worth! What you think?  liquidatorus 0 1405 over a year ago
KANYE WEST THE LIFE OF PABLO ALBUM DOWNLOAD  KanyeFanbase 1 1469 over a year ago
Kanye and Kimmy should just die  biglou1 0 1245 over a year ago
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1 - 2 Full Highlights - 17/05/2013  sonia131 0 848 over a year ago
Kanye West iPhone 6 Feature coming in June???  kanyewest4life 0 1718 over a year ago
last concert of kaney west  3aarlessurtech 0 1471 over a year ago
Watch The Throne Download (iTunes Deluxe Edition) Mediafire [HQ] 2011  vinnied 1 35800 over a year ago
Kanye West Inspired by Animal Noises  brianeno 0 815 over a year ago
Church in the wild video  musikkman 0 824 over a year ago
Check out this girl dancing to N***as in Paris!!!  SBluvsJB 0 441 over a year ago
Ni**as in Paris Remix Video  GospelRapper 0 955 over a year ago
VERSACE FOR H & M STAMPA BOMBERJACKE COLLEGE JACKE **KANYE WEST**  miss_sunny 0 1442 over a year ago
A PEEK AT KANYE'S COLLECTION  HipHollywood 0 765 over a year ago
KANYE'S LINE DIAPPOINTS  HipHollywood 0 665 over a year ago
KANYE'S FASHION PARTNER?  HipHollywood 0 817 over a year ago
KANYE TO DEBUT WOMENSWEAR LINE!  HipHollywood 0 286 over a year ago
Kanye West and Jay Z Watch The Throne LEAK Download (2011)  dropthat 0 3709 over a year ago
Kanye West, Katy Perry and Adele dominates 2011 MTV VMAs nominees list  nakrul 0 569 over a year ago
Kanye west hair sttle  justandkrii 0 764 over a year ago
Amber Rose Butt NAKED MTO Pictures 100% UNCUT UNCENSORED  koolie88 0 61268 over a year ago
Music Career  nakrul 0 626 over a year ago
Kanye West/Katy Perry E.T. (SKEETOX Remix)  liveitout 0 366 over a year ago
Kanye West featured in Sexy new Katy Perry Video  deebler 0 307 over a year ago
"Runaway" Cover  trumpetgrrrl 0 511 over a year ago
The New Kanye West Website  kanyetothe 0 588 over a year ago
Kanye West "Power" Official Preview Video HD  troyboy1 0 494 over a year ago
his mom  eblewis7398 0 655 over a year ago
How MTV (+Jay Z) Made a Ton of Money at Kanye West's Expense  bobsobo106 0 822 over a year ago
you are less than a man  ihatekanye121 2 613 over a year ago
Dear Kanye West  onemadmom 12 1311 over a year ago
fu***** Nig***  firefighter29 2 1544 over a year ago
I share a birthday with Kanye West  xxXsk8trXxx 1 481 over a year ago
don't you think we should drop the taylor issue now and forgive kanye? or am im simpley retarded of thinking of such things...  emma-may 0 389 over a year ago
Dear Mr. Kanye  krazz123 2 701 over a year ago
dirt bag  rsteven256 1 2670 over a year ago
Kanye West's Autographed Nike Air Yeezy's, Size 10!!!  chowdhury6 0 865 over a year ago
Kanye vs Biggie vs 2 Pac  tommylei 0 529 over a year ago
West & Rose split  webbtab 0 727 over a year ago
Vote for Kanye West  phoenixmusicfan 0 908 over a year ago
Partizan Superfan  superfan1234 0 639 over a year ago
Kanye designs artwork for charity bag auction  hanban11 0 913 over a year ago
I DONT GET IT  gayfishyo 0 532 over a year ago
Kanye West Breaking News  StadiumStatus 1 885 over a year ago
New Kanye Remix!  mydeardisco 0 558 over a year ago
scratch the ultimate dj video game  JeffKawa 0 267 over a year ago
Kanye West  mizzlaurie 5 916 over a year ago
Fancy seeing Kanye in Paris?  GalaxyScotland 1 849 over a year ago
Lollapalooza 2008  avam127 0 593 over a year ago
Choose or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming  JeffMTV 0 680 over a year ago
who's the most stylin? 50 or kanye?  hellykitto 3 696 over a year ago
Song name from music video description  jimmorrison 0 464 over a year ago
kanye's search engine  JJFlash 0 699 over a year ago
Kanye in Dallas  angelamia 1 873 over a year ago
are you sure??  alicia72 0 652 over a year ago
Kanye West Stronger Shades  Snowman0228 0 683 over a year ago
OUR LOVE FOR ALL THINGS KANYE WEST!  golddigger0707 0 669 over a year ago
Please buy the album, when it comes out  goalstopper 7 815 over a year ago
50 Cent vs Kanye West  SMMWest 3 894 over a year ago
Kanye West vs. 50 cent  Bubble464646 0 495 over a year ago
KANYE BLASTS VMAs ON Z100!!!  z100geo 0 402 over a year ago
kanye west  craig12784 0 500 over a year ago