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An anime girl
An anime girl
~How to run a successful anime club?~


First, make arrangements for a meeting place. Make sure your location will be available when ever you plan to have your meetings.

Make a schedule. Plan ahead what day and time you will have your meetings to keep members from getting confused. Make sure that time works for the majority of the members.

Create posters. Make bright posters that clearly explain what the club is and when meetings are. Be sure to ask your principal where these posters can be placed. Also try to put an announcement for your club in your school's newspaper or on the...
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Figure out what type of character you are. You know them! Think Ouran High Host Club.

Imagine you are an anime character right now. What would you do?

Dress the part as well! You can't do this half heartily.

Get a friend to go anime with you. The more the merrier.

Keep a journal for a week. See your life before the change. Document your new lifestyle and see the difference.

DO NOT do anything crazy like trying to fly or get in fights with a gang over a kitten. That is NOT advised!

Hair styles matter. Look at the hair and it says what kind of character they are. So think about...
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So, here’s an article on where anime has gone wrong.

First and foremost, seductively designed female characters and erotic situations feature a prominent role in too many shows. A drawing can only be so alluring; so, why try to draw in audiences with this when one could perfect their craft in characterization, plot twists, novel settings, and beautiful or unique animation? While male audiences are easily ensnared by this, one can’t help think that it depresses the animators that this is the limit of their talent, and even the fans who enjoy this will eventually relegate such shows into oblivion....
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Write your story's synopsis. Decide what the overall plot of the entire storyline is. Try to get it into 1 paragraph, then down to a single sentence.
Decide if your story is for a movie or a television series. A movie would only involve 1 90-minute to 2-hour long story. A TV series can take several hundred 30-minute stories.
Design your characters' profiles. Create their backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses and values in as much detail as possible. Make their personalities as over the top as possible.
Create a first episode if your story is for television. You'll want to introduce your...
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(形) お気に入りの アニメ

3~Angel Beats
4~Fairy Tail
5~Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
6~Vampire Knight
8~Tokyo Mew Mew
9~The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
10~Death Note
11~Ouran High School Host Club
12~Nurarihyon No Mago
13~One Piece
14~Hayate no Gotoku
15~Lucky Star
16~Rozen Maiden
17~Madoka Magica
18~Elfen Lied
19~Tsubasa Chronicles
21~Alice Academy
22~Ah My Goddess!
25~Baka To Test
26~Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai
27~Gode Geass
28~Black Rock Shooter
29~Romeo and Juliet
30~Black Butler

{Fine dell'elenco}
Learn step by step how this painting was created. You will get a good understanding of how to create anime images with beautiful lighting and learn techniques that will help you in many types of drawings


Most people draw the outline on paper then use a scanner to load the outline into Photoshop. Begin by opening the outline image into Photoshop.
Use the Levels tool (Image > Adjustments > Levels) to correct the contrast of the outline. You can do this with the Levels tool by moving the black and white input sliders towards...
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✿*Original / Romaji*✿
Ugoiteru toki no naka meguri aeta ne You&I
Afuredasu kono omoi kienai you ni atatamete
Kirameku mirai ni anata to futari de itai kara

Brand New Breeze kanjita koto nai this feeling
Just for you zutto nakusanai you ni
(It's never ever gonna end)
('Cause you're my real best friend)
(Baby, I can touch the sky with you)

Ureshii toki, kanashii toki mo mayowazu tonde yuku kara
Dakishimete uketomete egao wo misete hoshii no

Anata ga iru kara kyou mo ashita mo I can keep on going

Brand New Breeze ima hajimaru monogatari
Just for us zutto owaranai you ni...

(Baby, I just want...
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Biglobe's Anime Rankings asked female fans which female character aggravates them most and male fans which male character annoys them most. Some heinous villains made the list. So did some weak and/or irritating protagonist. So did a number of characters generally regarded as fan favorites.

Female on Female (17,764 votes)
1. Bleach's Inoue Orihime
2. Gintama's Tsukuyo
3. Haruhi Suzumiya
4. Sword Art Online's Asuna
5. Madoka Magica's Homura Akemi
6. Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!'s Hina Takanashi
7. Bakemonogatari's Nadeko Sengoku
8. A Certain Scientific Railgun's Mikoto Misaka 9. K-On!'s...
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Ichijinsha's Manga 4-Koma Palette magazine has revealed that an anime adaptation of Cherry Arai's comedy manga Mikakunin de Shinkokei has been green-lit.

Mikakunin de Shinkokei follows the trials and tribulations of a high school girl named Kobeni Yonomori. On her 16th birthday a young man "with little presence" named Hakuya Mitsumine suddenly shows up on her doorstep proclaiming to be her fiancé. With him is his younger sister Mashiro. Joined by Konbeni's older sister Benio, the unlikely group begin a new life under the same roof.

The manga has been running in Manga 4-Koma Palette, but...
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When you step into the world of anime, you step into a world of wacky colored hair and crazy hairstyles! After you've watched a couple of series, though, you might notice that certain types of characters have certain styles or colors of hair. Is this a coincidence? Are they copying each other? No! Read on as I guide you through colors, styles, and real life examples!

Nekoni - An anime style artist has been kind enough to give us a few thoughts on the reasons behind the coloring and styling on Anime hair styles.


From Real Life To Anime

Most accurately represented hairstyles and hair colors in...
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posted by Yuzuri
You've watched hours of your favorite anime. You've subscribed to manga magazines and invested in buying the volumes. You've ordered posters online of your favorite characters. And now you're ready to attend an anime convention. So how do you make sure that your dream vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare from hell?

Research different anime conventions in your general area. Find out where the nearest cons take place, and when. A good place to research this is animecons.com, which lists almost every anime convention in the world by region, country, and state. Do you want to attend a huge con,...
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The ultimate goal of any anime music video creator is to make a good video. The ultimate goal of any anime music video is to entertain. Here is a brief guide on how to accomplish that goal.


Before you get started on your own video, you must first figure out what is a good anime music video and what makes it good. Figuring this out isn't some 10 minute revelation. You have to watch many videos over and over again that are considered good. Watch them closely. Watch them several times in a row. Why is the video good? Try watching some good anime videos on YouTube and figure out their secret....
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Anime Genres List (With Description)

Action - By far one of the most common genres out there and the name basically explains it all, normally anime based solely on this genre tends to be lacking in substance although exciting due to lack of character development or an underlying story, to resolve this creators of action based anime try to mix in other genres, usually comedy, Adventure or Fantasy. Typical Examples of this Genre are Bleach, One Piece and Freezing.

Adventure - Also another popular genre of Anime, as the same suggests it deals alot with characters moving around and exploring new...
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Drawing anime faces
Drawing anime faces
~How to make your own anime character~

.:. Steps.:.

Choose a gender and an age for your character. You should also decide whether you want your character to be human, animal, or something else.

Choose a personality for your character. His or her appearance will depend on this personality. Emo, punk, perky, selfish, sensitive, or peppy are some ideas, though complex personalities make your characters more well-rounded and unique. If you can't decide, make flashcards with different personality traits written on them and pick one randomly.

Choose your character’s talents. Is the character...
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posted by Zelink_fan_1

"Angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils."
Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)

"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one and only truth."
Alphonse Elric (FullMetal Alchemist)

"I am not the one at fault, the world is."
Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

"If I were the rain that bind together the earth and sky, who in all eternity will never mingle, would I be able to bind the hearts of people...
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posted by rileyferguson
Zelink4ever's sister, Jadzia made this. But I decided to edit it out and do my own version :D


There once was a club made by Momo-Chan
Kawaii Anime! Kawaii Anime!

Did you know Crystal is really awesome?
She needs to win a medal 'cause she is truly a great contributer

And, oh, Riley needs a die-hard medal
Because I am totally pure badass
'Cause He's got the Pride
I really need your vote

Kawaii Anime! Kawaii Anime!

Emosasusaku and Nalu-Love are true contributors

Kawaii Anime! Kawaii Anime!

When Soul_Dragneel contributes she is a pure hearted warrior

Kawaii Anime! Kawaii Anime!

And Jadzia is the master of singing (La,La,La)
She was a bit rude of making a weird song though (No Offense)

And vegeta007 is a true friend and a DBZ Fan so he will get a medal here! :D

And, oh, Riley needs that medal
Because I am totally pure badass
'Cause He's got the Pride
I really need your vote peeps

Kawaii Anime! Kawaii Anime!
Kawaii Anime -

Ao No Exorcist
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Digi Charat: Trip to the Planet
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail
Fushigiboshi No
Hayate No Gotuku
Kamichama Karin
Lucky Star
Mayoi Neko Overrun

Mermaid Melody
Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru
Ouran High School Host Club
Sailor Moon
Sugar Sugar Rune
The Cardcapter Sakura
The Fullmetal Alchemist
Tokyo Mew Mew
Tsubasa Chronicles
Vampire Knight
What About My Star

Kawaii in them!
Most often it's easy to understand anime fashion, after all, mainstream fashion tends to be shared all around the world.

But on the odd occasion, when watching your favorite shows or reading your favorite manga, you'll find something that doesn't quite make sense.

Perhaps you've come across a teenage girl with apparently demure tastes, but an iron-fisted approach to life?

Or maybe a man who looks like a cross between a biker and an Elvis impersonator?

Curious as to what it all means or where it comes from? Read on!

School Uniform

So many anime are set in highschools that it's impossible to ignore...
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Be Realistic. Don't expect to fight alien-robots for the sake of the world on a Saturday morning.

Be Adventurous and Curious. This is how all the anime and manga starts by the characters seeking for trouble. Don't worry, trouble doesn't always mean you are going to be in danger. Always question the unknown. Ride the public bus once in a while and meet new friends. Instead of watching TV every morning, go for a walk and explore the forested nothing behind your house. Try to always do something everyday, and meet all the new people that you can. Meeting new people is the key to having...
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~нσω тσ мαкє α ριкα¢нυ ¢σѕρℓαу ¢σѕтυмє?~

Pikachu is one of 493 fictional creatures from the hit show Pokemon. Pikachu is one of the more famous of all the Pokemon available. If your child is a fan of the show Pokemon, then this Pikachu Halloween costume is just the right solution for you.
Halloween costumes are quickly becoming just as expensive as buying regular clothing for your children. With the traditional store bought Halloween costumes often times you are finding that they can only be worn once before they end up ripped or too small. Some traditional store...
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