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Hey all, after completing one of my stories on StoryWriter titled Kingdom Hearts: Endgame, i thought i'd list all of the Named Victims that were both snapped off and on screen during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Death by Snap
Bear with me as it is going to be a long list that includes all the canon 2018 MCU snap deaths as well as the snap deaths that occurred during Kingdom Hearts: Death by Snap so as you can imagine there is a very long list of named victims ahead so i hope you enjoy.
Named Victims:
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Andre Wilson
Ansem the Wise
Asgardian Actor...
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The Secret Ending we were all waiting for, further connects KHX[Chi] to the main storyline...see if you can figure it out!
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*Current Time*

Taken off guard by the sudden attack, Axel, and Roxas struggled to get their footing. Axel was being forced to the ground by Riku, while Sora thrust Roxas into the air. Sora quickly finished off Roxas who was still in midair as he grabbed the front of his waistband pulled down so his feet would go straight through Sora’s legs. As Roxas slid through Sora’s legs the waistband of his Kingdom Hearts Two briefs, (Had this on it back and front Pic ) shot up into his balls causing him to scream. With all the force behind it the underwear ripped clean off, and left Roxas to recover....
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Axel and Roxas had witnessed this, and took advantage of a partially worn out Riku. Roxas was the distraction this time around, he then confronted Riku. Riku knew he had to win fast if he wanted to win at all. Roxas had managed to easily get the tired boy onto the ground sat on his legs as Axel came out put his legs on Riku’s arms and grabbed the red waistband. Not too long after you heard “Ugh.” from Riku, and the briefs came off. Riku signed, and followed after Sora to turn his point in, and change.

Cloud had changed into a new pair of underwear, and then he decided to go find Leon....
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