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As seen in Part 3...

Minnie was startled and jumped at the sound of his voice. Axel took out his weapon of flames and struck Minnie several times, knocking her flat. He turned her over and let loose a gasp of shock, "The Queen?!?! What do you think you're doing here?!?!" The Queen struggled helplessly as she was pulled upright. Axel murmurred under his breath, "Excellent...huhuh."

. . .

Sora, Donald, and Goofy had been wandering the many corridors of the castle for a long time now, while each of them became more and more anxious.
"Where do you think the cells are, Goofy?"
"I have no idea..."...
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Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

Created by Wolf bluewalker aka konstantinos.

Only copy! all rights not rezerved <-----------

Not copyrighted 2017 because Kingdom hearts is allready copyrighted.

Kingdom hearts memory forgoten.

Chapter one: Weirdness

Xemnis:This is you're new name.
Xemnis left from a weird black portal as folwx woke up in his new house knowing nothing about what happend thinking he was just new in this place called twilight town.

At mornight folwx woke up in his house
Folwx:Ugh! My back.
Folwx went outside and saw this weird a gate open and he went in to find...
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Thanks to all those who read the last chapter, oh, and please be apart of the War of Hearts Rp!!! It's really fun to do!:D

~2. New and Mysterious

uddenly, a great light shone before me in the dark. And the Key responded to it, so - as if on instinct - I lifted the magic Key and pointed it right at the light. I heard a sound, like a door opening, and suddenly I was engulfed in the pleasant warmth of light.

Very slowly, I opened my eyes and blinked a few times until my vision cleared. I immediately saw tall town-like buildings, a white stoned ground (the ground I was sitting on), and clear, open...
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