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Hey all, after completing one of my stories on StoryWriter titled Kingdom Hearts: Endgame, i thought i'd list all of the Named Victims that were both snapped off and on screen during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Death by Snap
Bear with me as it is going to be a long list that includes all the canon 2018 MCU snap deaths as well as the snap deaths that occurred during Kingdom Hearts: Death by Snap so as you can imagine there is a very long list of named victims ahead so i hope you enjoy.
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Agustin Madrigal
Anne Boonchuy
Andre Wilson
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When you woke up, you found yourself with Tifa, Cloud and Reno.
That’s right, Tifa found you after you were assaulted at midnight while searching for a guest house.
Later, you fell asleep in Cloud’s warm embrace and then woke up by the affectionate gestures of a certain red head.
You went along with them with them for quite some time and you enjoyed their company, although the crazy Reno did get you on your nerves sometimes. Even then you had to admit that he was undeniably lovable.

It was that day when Cloud was supposed to return after a long trip. Tifa was out for her deliveries, so you...
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It started when Riku and Sora were playing around in Destiny Island. They both swam around the ocean until Sora sighted a bottle from King Mickey. They read it and it said, "Come to Radiant Garden. Gummi ship will arrive tomorrow." Sora and Riku ran to their house to pack up. At Riku's house, Riku started to pack both boxers and briefs. Riku recently just switched to boxers so he doesn't have as much pairs of boxers as briefs. At Sora's house, he noticed that he has only carton briefs and tighty whiteys, so he assumed he might be dead, but he pack them all, anyway. The next day was approaching,...
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posted by hatelarxene
A playable female protagonist in KH? Unheard of! In my humble opinion, Kairi should have been playable in KHII from the moment she was granted the all-mighty strength of the keyblade, though I recall that she knew how to raise a weapon about as efficiently as one would a baseball bat, so it might have been for the best.

I’ve gone a long ways now in Aqua’s story…and the gameplay is sensational. I’ve always been partial to flashy, dramatic bouts of magic as an offensive tool, but previous KHs never tapped into it with much depth – you could clear an army if Sora spammed Thundaga. There...
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Later that day

Sora was sitting alone thinking “Man I can’t believe I let Cloud get the drop on me like that. Next time I’ll show him. Maybe I should…” That’s as far as he got till someone punched him in the head knocking him unconscious. When he awoke he found that he was tied to a chair with Roxas and Axel standing over him. “Hey what’s the big idea!” He screamed as he fought against not only the ropes, but a massive headache. “Payback.” Roxas said as he grabbed the front of Sora’s pants, and underwear and dropped a scoop of ice in. He then did the same in the back....
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Everyone finished shopping Axel had all new clothes, and was lucky to find briefs with the fire print pattern on them. Leon had gotten more colored briefs. Sora got some striped briefs, and some solid color. Cloud got plain tighty whities. Riku got a mix of black and red briefs. But, poor Roxas had picked a store where all they had left were cartoon briefs. This was going to be a long “adventure”. Leon then said “When you run out of underwear you must buy more until the girls come back from their trip that is when the contest is over. Hey and besides this will be a way to keep reflexes...
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So Sora, Riku, Cloud, Leon, Axel, and Roxas were just lounging around in Merlin’s house nothing really to do just chatting. Roxas was pacing and was really bugging Sora, who was lying on the floor, so he “stretched” and “accidentally” tripped him. “What did ya do that for!?!” Roxas screamed. “What?” Sora said with an innocent face “it was an accident I am sorry.”

“No it wasn’t and no your not!” Roxas retaliated and rushed at Sora. With Sora’s quick reflexes he got behind Roxas and knocked him to the ground. At this point all the guys are watching. Sora noticed...
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I know this doesn't have anything to do with the article, I just love this photo, lol.
I know this doesn't have anything to do with the article, I just love this photo, lol.

>I actually am kind of a fan of AkuRoku, so I'm not saying this off of anti-ship hate or anything.
>I'm not saying "STOP SHIPPING tHIS NOW YOU GUYS ARE TERRIBLE", either. That would be hypocritical because I ship it myself
>I'm not trying to start anything either, I don't like arguing.
>This wasn't intended to be anti-gay either, because I'm pansexual and that would literally be like bashing on myself.
>This is all opinion. If you REALLY don't want to agree, that's okay.

So originally,...
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Seifer said "Let me rest okay?" Cloud said "For how long?" Seifer replies "about 5 mins" Roxas and Sora were in pain and waiting for 5 mins in an atomic wedgie was increasing the pain.

5 minutes passed and Seifer said "Okay, Let's go, but remember if you lose then one must have a permanent. Cloud said "Lets go get this over with." While Cloud was talking, Seifer ran and jump over Cloud and saw 2 waistbands. One was boxers and the other one was briefs. Seifer tried to grab onto the boxer but missed. He grab onto the briefs instead. Seifer said "Nice undies.. Now I win!" Seifer pulled on the...
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I know how you feel. You’re standing in front of an army of Heartless, but you
don’t wanna randomly smash the X button again to get through them. Well, here
are some fun tactics for you to kill 'em in style.

Get ém one-on-one.
Here’s what to do. Go to the Customize window in the Pause menu. Set both your
party members’ battle style on ‘Party Attack’ so that they focus their attacks on
other targets than Sora’s current target. Move away a little from the crowd, and
let some Heartless/Nobodies approach you. You can, if you wish(I honestly
would), change the camera position a little...
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Characters in Twlight Town:
Hayner- 17 boxers (Roxas best friend)
Seifer- 19 briefs (Bully)
Raijin- 18 boxer-briefs (Bully)

They finally reached Twlight Town and Riku crashed the gummi ship trying to land. Everyone stared at Riku and said "What have you done? Can't you land?" Riku didn't reply back. They all started to walk out, but Roxas said "We are forgetting someone... aren't we?" They looked all around and Sora said "we forgot Cloud... Duh." When they went to see Cloud, he was struggling on trying to get the underwear off his head. Riku took him off the hook and Axel, pulled more on the...
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While Axel wedgied Roxas, they hooked his color brief. Then they went to sleep. Now it was about 8 a.m. and Riku woke up. First thing he sighted was Sora being on the floor still sleeping in the wedgie that he is in. Riku was laughing since he could see the picture of the papou fruit enlarged. Then he saw Roxas on a hook. And was surprised that he wore briefs. He noticed that Roxas was still awake and talked to him.

"Hey Roxas, must of been a good wedgie you got?" Roxas reply "It was fun while doing it to Sora, but once Axel and Cloud tackled me, wedgied me and hook me on a hook. It wasn't...
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*Current Time*

Taken off guard by the sudden attack, Axel, and Roxas struggled to get their footing. Axel was being forced to the ground by Riku, while Sora thrust Roxas into the air. Sora quickly finished off Roxas who was still in midair as he grabbed the front of his waistband pulled down so his feet would go straight through Sora’s legs. As Roxas slid through Sora’s legs the waistband of his Kingdom Hearts Two briefs, (Had this on it back and front Pic ) shot up into his balls causing him to scream. With all the force behind it the underwear ripped clean off, and left Roxas to recover....
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1. It's perfect for ALL ages.

2. It's cheap.

3. It has the best graphics for all the systems it has been on. (except GBA, and GBA sucks)

4. Some of the best villians ever made are in it. (Organization XIII, Malificent, Chernabog, etc.)

5. Some of the best heroes and heroines ever. (King Mickey, Axel, Xion, Aqua, Auron, Mulan, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, etc.)

6. Epic gameplay that is well-rounded. (meaning an experienced gamer and a beginner can both enjoy it)

7. Storyline that makes sense and hits you at the core.

8. The music. No further explanation to that.

9. It's a crossover game NO ONE thought would...
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Name- Color/type Points
Cloud- tighty whities 2
Sora- Striped and solid color 1
Riku- red and black 3
Leon- solid color 2
Axel- Fire pattern 3
Roxas- Cartoon 2)

Leon and Cloud decided that it would be best to go after Riku first, because they thought he was a more physical threat, and he had more points. Leon came up to Riku, and said “Hey kid want to try round two?” Riku just smirked and nodded. Meanwhile cloud was lurking in the darkness nearby waiting for an opportunity to strike. Riku darted at Leon zigzagging all the way to the elder male. Leon grabbed Riku’s arm, and used his momentum...
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Axel and Roxas had witnessed this, and took advantage of a partially worn out Riku. Roxas was the distraction this time around, he then confronted Riku. Riku knew he had to win fast if he wanted to win at all. Roxas had managed to easily get the tired boy onto the ground sat on his legs as Axel came out put his legs on Riku’s arms and grabbed the red waistband. Not too long after you heard “Ugh.” from Riku, and the briefs came off. Riku signed, and followed after Sora to turn his point in, and change.

Cloud had changed into a new pair of underwear, and then he decided to go find Leon....
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As soon as they could see the back of Axel’s waistband they pulled, and the fire pattern was again visible for the second time that night. This caused him to yell, waking up both Sora, and Roxas who was upstairs still. Riku instantly held Sora down while Cloud grabbed Axel’s arms easily over powering him. Leon quickly increased his force on the underwear getting it to mid-back quickly then up to the neck, and eventually all the way up to Axel’s head, with the waistband still showing no signs of holes. They then decided to tape Axel’s legs together as well as his arms, tape his mouth...
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posted by keyblade_holder
Last episode kairi and riku hanged out together and picked apples.And riku asked kairi if she loved sora and he said yes.
Let's see/reads what happend next.......

Riku:Wow ummmmmm......That's cool Kairi
Kairi:Yeah it is ........ Sora's just so aint he??
Riku:Yeah i guess.....
Kairi:Well i got to go now ok talk to ya later
Riku:Oh ok bye
Kairi:Bye Riku
Kairi walks Home
Riku:Man maybe i should tell her....
Back with Kairi
Kairi:I wonder what sora is doing right now??
And the night came
Kairi:ok well i should get some sleep now (She falls asleep and has a good dream)
Well 2 days past without sora
Kairi's phone...
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posted by KHluver101
As Sora walked to Destiny Islands Mall , he thought if his younger sister Krista was alright at home with Riku. "I hope he isn't teaching her how to fly by jumping off of the fridge. I'll never forgive him." Sora mumbled. His parents were on a trip to Twilight Town, so Kairi, him, and Riku were in charge. " They shouldn't have too much trouble because Krista, Garret, Trinitee, ( Riku's twin brother and sister) and Tricha get along just fine.As long as Garret doesn't throw a crayon at Tricha, or she'll kick his ass." Sora said. A kid with a giant gourd came walking towrd Sora and his freinds....
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posted by rennykudo
Kingdom of hearts
Kingdom of hearts
is that all you wanted to asks
my life has been a piece heaven
my days whit you
i have no regret
to be whit you forever and forever
on that day i found a key
you said it was the key blade
you also said i have two
people in side of me roxas
and sora i did not believe you
until i some-ed the key blade
then i realize i need to fight
some weird things call heartless
you told me a little bit a bout
them you told me to closed my
eyes and i did i was in twilight town
deafening heartless and i had you by
my side we where close friends you surprise
me you could some-ed the key blade too
i fell in love with you you defeated the heart
less very well
you are a true kingdom of hearts master
Kingdom of hearts
Kingdom of hearts