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Klaus and Caroline were reaching the top of a 1050 feet tall tower. Caroline had no idea why she was going along with Klaus; all she knew was that she had to go with him.
Klaus let go of her and took the compulsion away. Caroline shook her head and turned to Klaus. “Where are we? Where did you take me?” she demanded to know.
“Vous êtes à Paris, mademoiselle” Klaus answered with a charming smile. He bowed, took Caroline’s hand and kissed it. His lips had barely touched her soft skin, when she jerked her hand.
“I don’t know what your angle is” Caroline started as she walked backwards....
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“Nice dress” a familiar, male and British voice whispered in Caroline’s ear. She startled, but recovered quickly. She tried to spot Damon and Elena, but since they were nowhere to be found, she took a deep breath and turned around.
“What do you want?” she asked sharp.
“Well, first I would like to know why you’re not wearing the dress I sent you” Klaus said.
“You sent? Wait, you gave me the dress with the note?” Caroline asked surprised.
“Of course” Klaus answered. “You didn’t think Tyler has that good of taste, did you?”
“Oh, well, ehm, I couldn’t wear it anyway”...
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Klaus was running through the woods, trying to catch Tyler’s scent, when suddenly his heart ached. He gasped and grabbed for his chest, while falling on his knees. It felt as if someone was cutting out his heart.
“Tyler” he swallowed. He scribbled up as he heard sobbing and scraping. He ran in the direction of the sound and ended up at the cemetery. Caroline was standing a few yards away, a shovel in her hands. Even in the distance Klaus could see she was crying. Keeping in mind there was a supernatural hating army on the loose, he walked towards her as slowly as possible.
When he stood...
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posted by LilSweetsOmega
(about Tyler

He's out your system yeah it took you a while

(about Klaus and Caroline)

He's got his family back and you got your smile
And you promised your father that you'd never go back again

But friends keep telling you what he did last night
He kills for pleasure, that he's the bad guy
And you try to remember that there's no way you could fall for him

But now you're
You're looking like you really like him like him
And now you're feeling like you miss him miss him
You're speaking like you really love him love him
And now you're dancing like you need him need him

I have a plan, don't tell anyone...
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I snap with the finger
And he obeys
I tell him to bite you
And he goes my way
He claims that he loves you
And I’m certain that he does
So when you break his heart, please be gentle
‘Cause he might make a fuzz

You could do so much better
And better is me
Why would you put up with a second-hand doggy
If you could be my vampire queen
I will show you all the places you wanna see
And all dimensions inbetween
Just take a chance and get on that train
Promise you your life will never be the same

You walk my direction
But passing me by
You’re acting cold
But someday you’ll be mine
You claim you despise me
And I’m...
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posted by vitalis
There is something incredibly personal about drinking out of another person's wrist. Granted I do not make a habit out of it, but it must be mentioned that neither does Klaus. If you can recall from previous episodes, Klaus does not have others drink from his wrist. When he bites Katherine to prove a point, he pours his blood into a glass and hands it to her. When he gives the blood for Damon, it is in a bottle. Caroline, is the only one he has drink directly from him.

And the way he goes about it is rather unusual. Think about it. Unlike the other vampires in the show, who usually bite their...
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Hey everbody, I just couldn't help myself but to write about this episode's Klaroline scenes because I need people to talk about it. Forum isn't a place for it because I am going to express my opinions so...

Okay, first of all despite him burning her pictures in the end, I luved that scene because it showed us how much he cared about her and when he found out about the plan, he burnt her pictures to forget her. But the thing I don't understand here, whether Caroline acted like that because she was the "distraction" for him or not. She, in my opinion, was having fun with him for a minute there....
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Next, Klaroline.

Holy shit. This was perfect. There are just so many reasons why I love them. This was the turning point for me because I used to ship Forwood but then he got sired and turned into some lunatic dick and started to really piss me off. I shipped her with Matt, too, but he also turned into a dick, so since Klaus is already a dick, maybe things will be different! haha okay so here we go:

The thing I love the most about this couple is how Caroline brings out Klaus’ humanity. Since that scene where Klaus saves her life, Caroline has I think kind of captured him in a way that makes...
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posted by Epicurean
Believe it or not, when we first met Klaus I hated him. When Michael was killed and Damon failed to kill Klaus thanks to Stefan, I was so angry. I really, really wanted him dead.

Currently, Klaus is my favorite male lead. I think he's adorable and amazing, and his evil streak that I used to detest, I actually think is kinda masculine and hot now XD (I know, I'm weird). So what happened?

Joseph Morgan stated, when talking about Klaus's interest in Caroline, the reason Klaus needed a love interest was to make him human. A character with no human qualities or traits cannot be related to, and therefore...
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Klaus isn't visually in the picture here, but he's a big part of the scene.

Caroline opened the door of her bedroom and almost stumbled over a big, flat box. She bent her knees and picked it up. She walked to her bed, put the box down and opened it. There was a red strapless dress in it and matching gloves and tiara. Caroline took it in her hand and held it up. She walked to the mirror and looked at it. It looked more like a wedding dress. She wanted to check the size and noticed a note.
‘I hope you’ll wear this dress tonight. I’ll meet you at Homecoming’
Caroline put the dress back in...
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This has really been bothering me and I needed somewhere to respond with all my feelings so I decided what better way than an article about it? Anyways I am pretty sure we have all seen this. There is a poll on fanpop or a question that involved Klaus and Caroline. There are always those few people who say "Klaus is too out of character which is why Klaus/Caroline doesn't work for me." Which is fine since everyone is entitled to their opinion but this statement always irks me.

Now we all know in life there aren't strictly just good and bad people. Otherwise everyone would be boring and plain....
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Caroline banged the door of Ric’s loft. “Open the Goddamn door, Klaus! I know you’re in there! Open the door, you miscalculation of nature!”
The door opened and Caroline almost punched Rebekah in the face.
“Easy there, sweetheart” she said listless while she played with her nails.
“Where is that disgusting brother of yours?” Caroline yelled angry.
“Which one?” Rebekah asked with raised eyebrows. “Oh” she continued. “You mean Klaus. Sorry, I have no idea where he is” she lied.
“You’re lying” Caroline said and she tried to get it, but Rebekah grabbed her shoulders...
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posted by Triscia95
Klaus stood at the head of the alter that was placed in the backyard of the mansion that he rebuild a few years ago, back when bloodshed was a daily thing in Mysic Falls.

He stared at the end of the gold peace of cloth that went from the beginning to the end of the aisle. He stood under a silver metal archway covered in light, medium and dark blue roses. The chairs that the guess sat in were covered in a long light blue cloth cover that had a silver ribbon wrapped around the backside and tided into a bow.

Klaus talked to Elijah, who had been asked by the two of them if he would marry them, which...
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Remember that famous scene in 3x11 where Klaus gives Caroline that speech about the beauty of the world? Everyone focused so much on the poetic, inspiring part of it that we completely overlooked the fact Klaus admited to being suicidal in the past.

His first actual conversation with Caroline, and he says he used to think about killing himself. The gravity of what he said just hit me, and I can't even believe it. My mind is blown. He was always so adament on only displaying his strengths to people, appearing all-powerful, even to his family. And then he tells some dying vampire he barely knows...
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posted by MissPopuri
link by Amos Lee

Sweet pea
Apple of my eye
Don't know when and I don't know why
You're the only reason I keep on coming home

Sweet pea
What's all this about
Don't get your way all you do is fuss and pout
You're the only reason I keep on coming home

I am like the Rock of Gibraltar
I always seem to falter
And the words just get in the way
Oh I know I'm gonna crumble
I'm trying to stay humble
But I never think before I say

Sweet pea
Keeper of my soul
I know sometimes I'm out of control
You're the only reason I keep on coming
You're the only reason I keep on coming yeah
You're the only reason I keep on coming home
First of all, as we all know, I do not own ANYTHING about the show or the books. I wrote this fanfiction with the characters from the show, not the books. There is no connection between this fanfiction and the books, it is all my imagination and all my fiction. English is not my native language so please ignore my grammar mistakes. Thanks!


Klaus was in the shower while Caroline was sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking what she had done a few minutes ago. I mean, kissing Klaus? Seriously? She was totally not proud of herself for doing such thing but she couldn’t resist the urge to lick...
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First of all, as we all know, I do not own ANYTHING about the show or the books. I wrote this fanfiction with the characters from the show, not the books. There is no connection between this fanfiction and the books, it is all my imagination and all my fiction. English is not my native language so please ignore my grammar mistakes. Thanks!
A/N: I know it has been sooo long since the last chapter but I had no inspiration so I couldn’t find something to write, really. Sorry for that. But now here’s the new chap and… enjoy! :)


“Caroline, I want you to be happy and I saw how happy you...
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I know a lot of you are angry and upset at Caroline for celebrating Klaus's death at the end of 3x21. I wasn't, and this is why.

I have a theory about Caroline's feelings towards the end of the episode. It is my belief that Caroline was upset about Klaus's death. However, she couldn't handle the thought that maybe she did care, so she decided to throw a party in hopes that forcing herself to celebrate would convince herself that she didn't care.

I really think that whole party idea was just Caroline being in denial of her feelings. There's just no way she could be that happy after the moment...
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Caroline’s cheeks started burning when she saw the name on the screen of her phone but she opened it without hesitation.

“You again.Stop calling me” that was all she could say. What did he expect from her?

“It’s not possible, love” he was self-confident that was obvious even from his soft accent and that made her more nervous. Before she answer anything he continued. “I just get benefits from the new technologies of 21th century”

“Then find someone else to call and i’d rather see people than calling them or bothering them” she waited for him to say it’s not possible again or even hearing the word “love” was what she expected but instead of those words Klaus made something else.

“I take this as a confession” and she turned her face towards the door and saw Klaus.

“You…you’ve got to be kidding me” she stuttered. All she could see was his charming smile.
posted by DarkWhisper-
Caroline turned to leave the bar, and came face to face with Klaus.
As usual, a jumbled mix of emotions ran through her, but today anger soaked every
thought and emotion she had where Klaus was concerned.
"Caroline" Klaus purred with his usual charm.
"Stay away from me" Caroline replied, almost growling.
Klaus' eyes narrowed "thought you were giving the anger a rest, love"
His completely normal behavior, his acting like nothing had happened
sent rage bubbling through Caroline, eroding her usually pristine
control. Caroline closed her eyes, took a deep breath and headed for the door.
Klaus grabbed her...
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