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Kowalski rose up off of Private to see blow whole taking off to the sky.
"Come on men! after that dolphin!" Kowalski heard behind him. Skipper was up and awake now, and the claw was no longer in him.
"Skippa!" Private cried and ran over to hug his commander.
"SKAPA" Rico also yelled and hugged him too.
"Skipper! your alright!" Kowalski said.
"Ofcorse I am, I wasn't going to let him kill me. But this is no time for a hug fest! We need to catch Blow whole!"
"Right!" Private said and they all ran off but Kowalski who just stood there.
"Whats the matter soldier!" Skipper asked. Kowalski hesitated then said," Were's Riley?" Then he turned and saw the crates all over the place.
"No.." Kowalski headed head first for the crates. One by one he lifted them off and found Riley, not breathing. Her wing that was burned was now bleeding like crazy, and smashed at the same time. Her head was bruised and a little dented and her beak was flatted.
"Oh No! Riley!" Kowalski teared up at the sight of his commrad.
Private, Rico, and Skipper stood back and were speachless.
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One time Kowalski went to his labroom and he finds a banjo! Kowalski thought,"Is this for me?" Well it is his! Anyways,he grabs the banjo and now plays it. Kowalski is now feeling like a rockstar penguin of all smart penguins! Currently he plays the banjo with Skipper,Private,and Rico.Kowalski now has something that he could play an instrument.He sang a song to Marlene. But the one and only one is Dr.Blowhole hated Kowalski with his banjo.He decides to steal the banjo from Kowalski and to show that he is a dolphin rocker.But at night,Kowalski and the other penguins went to go to sleep.As they're...
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