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posted by SabrinaXKyoya
Kyoya hurt
Kyoya hurt
lets see what happens to Kyoya! XD

i woke up to feel a throbbing on the side of my head. those creeps must have hit me on the side of my head. now i have a major headache and those people caused it. i cant believe i let my guard down. i tried to move only to find that my feet were tied to a pole and my hands were tied above my head to the pole. i struggled against the rope only to find that it grew tighter the more i moved. growling in frustration i thrashed around until the rope practically...
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kyoya tategami
kyoya tategami
Kyoya Tategami layed down on his crates in his warehouse and sipped on his soda laughing at benkei and the other members of the face hunters.He couldnt help but laugh. When an angry girl came through the door."Kyoya Tategami!!!!" she yelled and the looks of it she wasnt happy. Kyoya got up from the crates and smirked while walking to her.He sighed and took out his leone.He put it on his launcher and smirked evilshly."Is this what you want?" he asked. she chuckled and took out her bey and laucher and said yes.they both were fighting against each other as their beys spinned and after a while...
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Hello this is my first story and I really hope you enjoy
The main characters: Kyoya Tategami from Beyblade and Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid
Secondary Characters: Hagane Ginga, Madoka Amano, Yu Tendo and Benkei

First day of summer just went.What could be better? Sun, beach, parties and of course "Beyblade"
And to celebrate the first day of summer, Kyoya and his friends went to the park to participate in different bey battle.Hours passed, and Kyoya gone. The only opponent he was suitable for him was Ginga but Kyoya knew that it was not strong enough for a new confrontation.Boy walking alone in the...
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posted by kyoya02
they look at kakeru then walk away
they look at kakeru then walk away
after a while Kyoya's brother comes crawling back "hey kyoya its about time you see my new bey Divine Chimera"! "oh ya you think bringing a biker gang will help you out oh and i forgot about your toy you dare call a beyblade is that write or wrong Domure"! "yess..." Domure says shivering...

"whats wrong Kakeru" kyoya says quietly. you're wrong i,ll defeat you... 3...2...1 LET IT RIP!!!!!!! gooo chimera! gooo leone! "grrraaahhh" kyoya screams. 100 wild wind dance of furry! ......... goo leone! mwaaahaha! you should know by now my chimera is strong! oh ya take this! what it didn't work how is this possible! come back leone hey Kakeru you tricked me and i admit you're strong i have to go train... "ya" says nile hey i was sopossed to say that! says benkei... to be continued
this is kyoya young
this is kyoya young
posted by devil_in_love
Beyblade love story

Nagi: hello amu
Amu: hey nagi
Nagi: want to go to the beach
Amu: sure can I invite yaya and rima
Nagi sure I was going to invite them
Amu : I am going to call them
Nagi: ok meet you there
Amu : no let me come to you ok
Nagi :ok
Later in the car
Nagi : hey amu do you have karaoke
Amu : ya
Rima : what song should we play
Yaya : five finger to the face
Amu : ok
Nagi : you know I want you cuse girl I really want you
Amu : and you looking nice
Yaya : got me cooler than a bag of ice
Everyone: now freez frezz freez
Rima :now go
Nagi : draving fast then moveing real slow
Amu oh what
Yaya: you...
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posted by kyoyatategami2
Celia Hanajima
Celia Hanajima
Celia's P.O.V

"dad, Do I really need to come?" I asked
Of course! All your friends are going to be there!" my dad says
"But, I wanted to stay in America for the summer!'
"Well too bad" he says
Im Celia Hanajima! Part American, Part Japanese.
My dad's making me go to beyblade summer camp.
"alright dear, were here!" I cam out of the car and got my stuff.
"seeya dad" I kiss him goodbye and he drives off.
"wow...this place is soo cool"
Then I saw Masamune, Zeo and Toby.
"Hey guys! They turn and I wave.
"Cece!" Zeo shouts and I hug all 3 of them
"Im so glad you made it!" Masamune shouts
"Hey Celia! you made...
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posted by devil_in_love
Rima: there is kyoya kissing a girl
Nagi : I do not care let us have fun
Yaya : ya
Amu:let us play volley ball
Everyone ya
Rima let us play in the water
Everyone ya
Amu:let us eat ice cream
Everyone ok
Nagi :let us sit down
Nagi: I need your Apennine
Amu: about
Nagi wich boy is better for me to date
Yaya: did they ask you
Nagi no but I will ask them
Rima ok
Amu how about ryuga his hot
Nagi he is hot but he is kind tuff
Yaya : how about masmunea
Nagi he is nice but you seem to like him
Rima:how about tsubasa
Nagi: you like him you think I don not know
After a long time of how about
Rima :we told...
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posted by devil_in_love
Nagi: *blushes*
ginka :*kiss*
nagi *kiss him back *
nagi : blushes
ginka : is there someone devious in this school with good plans
nagi:yes there is a girl named utau she is devious
ginka: thank you
nagi : why you asking
ginka: we want to get revenge on someone
nagi : ok
nagi : would you like to go to prom with me
ginka: I will be happy to
nagi: great it is next week
ginka :ok
nagi: bye
ginka : bye

natsumi : kyoya would you like to go to prom with me
kyoya: sure
natsumi: ware we should have dinner today
kyoya let us get anything for dinner and then go eat dessert
natsumi :ok
waiter: what will you have
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Name: Riley Edward

Age: 13 years old (kyoya's age 16)

Hobbies: Reading books, watching animes, reading Shojos and hanging out with friends.

Personality: Crazy, weird, random, get dark...

Back ground: an american transfered student.

"Oh God...I am already late for the school...I guess...I would miss my first day at school...",Riley said. It was her first day at school and it wasn't her fault as she wasn't practiced with the Japanese time zone. She suddenly felt like the ground under her feet is shaking. "Huh?...whats happening..??...EARTH am to young to die right now...",She shouted as she started running around in a circle. She saw a big piece of rock in square which was going to fall on her. She closed her eyes and waited for whats going to happen next.
I was sitting alone on the bench, viewing the sky and enjoying the cold breeze. I saw someone walking towards me. It was a boy. He was having spiked hairs and he was wearing a green coloured jacket and a small black coloured shirt. He came closer and closer. He sat beside me. I looked at him but soon i resolved to walk away. He took his hand in his pocket and as soon as he took his hand out back, my eyes were shocked. There was something shinny in his hand. He took the thing closer to his chest and closed his eyes. "What is that?", I asked in a low voice.
He viewed me with widened eyes. "You...
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"help stupid save us!" yells kyouya! "how can you fall in a hole that big!" yell kyoya and kyoya02! " ok i will draw a latter!" "come on you!... go to the big tower thing to save kyouya's world and for you to go back home!" yells kyoya02 man you are stupid." whispers kyoya..................................................................
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kyouya is the japinese way of saying kyoya but no need for words and explanations it's been five years sense kyoya's brother died and this book is not about kyoya enymore it is.....................kyoya and kyouya you see in this book kyouya is kyoya exept they switch like in yu-gi-oh they switch between yugi and yama yugi it's just like that!!!and the fact that kyouya in my book is agirl and kyoya is a boy! so this is how it go's... "hey!" yells kyoya! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH"! yells kyoya. all the sudden kyoya sees someone just like him exept cuter eyes... kyoya runs down the street and gingka comes walking down the street with kenta and the others! "get out of my way!" yells kyoya "let it rip!"kyouya buts in and says "alright kyoya when i launch my beyblade (fang leone) and it will merge with your fang leone it will be like double!" that is the end of the chapter and just so you know this is original and it is 4d beyblade and kyouya is 18 years old!
posted by kyoya02
after a while Kyoya's brother comes crawling back "hey kyoya its about time you see my new bey Divine Chimera"! "oh ya you think bringing a biker gang will help you out oh and i forgot about your toy you dare call a beyblade is that write or wrong Domure"! "yess..." Domure says shivering...

"whats wrong Kakeru" kyoya says quietly. you're wrong i,ll defeat you... 3...2...1 LET IT RIP!!!!!!! gooo chimera! gooo leone! "grrraaahhh" kyoya screams. 100 wild wind dance of furry! ......... goo leone!
posted by PiCKy-NikkI
What up fools!!!:D.This my response and story for Kyoya having a girlfriend.

Kyoya was walking in Bey Park when he started hearing beys clashing into each other.He went towards the sound to see five bladers against one girl.He kept getting closer observing the battle.The girl was winning,pushing two beys away at once.The girls bey was orange,white,and black.The girl herself had black hair that ended at her shoulders.She wore a black cap backwards that had gold color designs on it,short sleeve black shirt with a gold pair of wings designed on it,black skinny jeans,and black and white hightops.Jer...
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posted by Jekyde
"What?!" Kyoya sprang up from the couch and ran up to Madoka.

"Gone?!" Gingka gasped. "But how?"

"Come see for yourself!" Madoka ran up the stairs, followed by the two boys. "when they reached the top of the narrow staircase, Madoka yelled and pointed to the bed. "See? Look!"

And Gingka and Kyoya looked, and they definitely saw that the bed was empty and that the window had been smashed.

All three ran over to the window. And Madoka noted that the glass was in the street outside rather than inside, so that meant that Esma might have broken out of the house.

"Or," Gingka added. "someone was hiding...
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posted by SabrinaXKyoya
dragon emperor supreme flight
dragon emperor supreme flight
continues from my story 7 (sorry if it was long :p)

a big explosion happens where the two beys collide. "go l-drago!" he shouts. his bey attacks tigress ferociously. its an attack type huh. i guess by normal standards he would sleep out first. but Ryuga is not a normal blader by any means. "stand your ground tigress! dont be pushed around by him!" i shout. tigress defends against l-drago's attacks by switching the fusion wheel to defend the attacks. "what is this? the attacks are doing no damage" Ryuga remarks and starts to scowl. i laugh and start explaining to him why tigress is so powerful....
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posted by kyoya02
kyoya gingka and masamoonay saw a three way hall way so they split up! "me demure and benkei will go!" sais nile "hey you!"

next chapter

they meet back up
"what?!" yells kyoya "i'm so sorry kyoya..." sais ginka "you don't know my brother dyed!"
.............................................................. "grah" kyoya yells "no" whispers kyoya "i know how mutch he means to you my mom dyed when i was little" sais gingka .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
posted by AlmostInsane
I tried to stay as close to the story line as possible, but Kyoya is a bit OOC at times. >.<
I apologize for all my grammar mistakes ;A;
It was originally written in 3rd person, so when I went through and used Find/Replace in word, it screwed up...
You walking along the side of the road, glancing at all the busy people around.
"Someone! Please, help me!" You heard a cry in the distance. Having nothing better to do, you slowly made your way towards it. As you arrived, you spotted a young boy, struggling against some of your old acquantinces, the face hunters.
Glaring, you calmly strode...
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posted by kyoya02
kyoya with new fang leone
kyoya with new fang leone
kyoya starts training rite away! "hey nile!" kyoya sais. "what?!" nile shouts from a far distance. "how about this you handle the biker gang I'll handle my brother." kyoya yells back "hey guys what do you want to eat soup or nice crunchy carrot?" demure says. soup with a hamburger! benkei says "but it wasn't on the menu!" demure yells. get it... now demure now! benkei yells! "aaawwww! a puppy i,ll name him fluffy!" my name is hukoyu and my owner is hyoma!

next chapter...

"hey kakeru i have trained and now inwill win little bro!" kyoya says "nile go get the biker gang three two one let it rip!" nile and kyoya shout! "roar leone... what's happening i think i'll call him fang leone!" "fang leone tare him limb from limb until he cries!" 2 minutes later... "that was easier then i thought!"kyoya announced "yep it sure was!" now what is this fang leone. nile said. to be continued...
benkei has a pet puppy
benkei has a pet puppy
kyoya and nile
kyoya and nile
posted by devil_in_love
Utau: you came to the right place
Ginka : what is the plan ?
Utau : I need two of kyoyas friends an one of natsumi friends
Ryuga : why
Utau : you will know later now GO
Ginka : do you think natsumi has friends
Ryuga : I do not know go find them
Ginka : why me it is easy go do it
Ryuga : if it is easy you do it
Ginka : fine
Ginka : hey are you dreck and Justin
Dreck: ya what do you want
Justin: it is that guy that we beat up
Ginka : a girl want to see you come with me
Utau : so you are kyoyas friends
Justin: so
Utau: sit down did you bring the girl
Ginka : I will bring her
Ginka : hey nagi does natsumi have...
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