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posted by jdhowell3
I have loved Lady Antebellum songs since they first started singing.

But today after listening to the news that they were going to change their name and the reason, Sorry,this is getting out of hand.

I read where you picked the name out because of a Antebellum home that you saw.

So on that note, I will be taking myself off your fan club list. I will not buy or play any more of your music and I will remind you that there is going to be more and more CRAP, that will be coming up because of all of this controversy regarding slavery, George Floyd (who had a police record) as long as your arm and...
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I love the songs of Lady Antebellum like Need you Now and One kind of Love. I love these 7 songs of Need You Now album:
1. Need You Now
2. One kind of Love
3. American Honey
4. Hello World
5. Perfect Day
6. Love this pain
7. When you got a good thing

I love all of the 7 songs from the album and I love the other songs too. There are good sounds of country music that I love so much like Lady Antebellum Rascal Flatts and more. I love Lady Antebellum now is because I really do and I will never stop loving them is because of their songs and music and everything. I love everything they dress like when I see them in pictures and other things that I love to see them of. I love the pictures when people take photo shoots of them or awards of them. I love the ACM awards 2010 one is because I love Hillary Scott's dress. It looks pretty on her. I love the group a lot and they are awesome like me:)
This is all I got of my favorite songs of Lady Antebellum.
Hey Lady A Fans

I was searching you tube for Lady Antebellums's "Need you now" and came across a version by a duo called Raintown and i was blown away by the way they capture the emotion of the song. I checked them out at their website @ and was even more blown away by their own material especially a song called "Picture of us " and "Just One Kiss" which they are releasing on May 31st via iTunes.

I will attached their video of "Need You Now" as it brought a tear to my eye.


Also check out their songs at