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SVU Chatroom  livi_wells 37 4786 over a year ago
God I hate the new Ada Stone  Stephwhit1 0 4152 over a year ago
SVU Survival Game  DarkSarcasm 104 22488 over a year ago
Bennett Jones Lawyers and Advisors Group Manufacturing  peytwatson025 0 6392 over a year ago
Fenton Law Group: Peer Review Hearings and Appeals  arnoldrad 0 6226 over a year ago
Law & Order: SVU Icon Challenge [Hiatus]  nikki8green6 555 64239 over a year ago
ScreenCaps  nikki8green6 11 20548 over a year ago
7,000 Fans Countdown!!  brileyforever77 6 3699 over a year ago
Season 15 premiere  crowdreamer 4 14168 over a year ago
You Know You're An SVU Addict When...  svuroxmysox 207 53154 over a year ago
Would You Rather  nikki8green6 3 3918 over a year ago
Character Game  Barbara_War 2 3630 over a year ago
Everytime... (Forum Game)  nikki8green6 5 2995 over a year ago
New Spot Look: CLOSED  nikki8green6 20 5191 over a year ago
Caption Contest ~OPEN  nikki8green6 65 10380 over a year ago
Hilarious Ice T Sketch Premiering On Key & Peele October 10, 2012 at 10:30 ET/PT on COMEDY CENTRAL  KeyandPeele 0 8153 over a year ago
* * Favorite ADA and why?  avaldo 3 4525 over a year ago
Judith Light is great in SVU!  chanelicia 2 3788 over a year ago
were will christopher meloni be next  mullen 1 4030 over a year ago
Law & Order: SVU Banner Contest ~!CLOSED!  nikki8green6 225 31613 over a year ago
its not the same i miss him  mullen 0 2462 over a year ago
Who do you hate the most!  elliotishot 82 16733 over a year ago
Best episodes 4 E/O  dancertjb 26 80824 over a year ago
Help finding this episode PLEASE!!  jstucky 1 2168 over a year ago
Please help.  chanelicia 4 2890 over a year ago
Law and Order, L&O SVU, L&O CI  heathepw 0 2706 over a year ago
~!Best Word To Describe Game!~  nikki8green6 57 8630 over a year ago
"Undercover" episode.  sweetsolitude99 28 27121 over a year ago
Countdown to 5000 Fans!!  twilighter4evr 8 3813 over a year ago
Where can u get full episodes online?  iluvtheshow 22 53985 over a year ago
Why SVU?  commstudies101 0 4136 over a year ago
How can I find out where svu is filming on the street..  svufreak 0 3966 over a year ago
Is this a real episode ? ~  avaldo 1 5053 over a year ago
"Ripped from the Headlines" - what are the real cases from L&O:SVU?  jenstudent 11 22818 over a year ago
does anyone know what episode this is????  avaldo 2 5182 over a year ago
Law & Order: SVU Screencap Contest  twilighter4evr 19 6883 over a year ago
Gallery of Winners from the Law & Order: SVU Screencap Contest  twilighter4evr 2 3899 over a year ago
Prime-Time Reality Check by a Real-Life Sex-Crime Prosecutor  AllisonLeotta 0 2624 over a year ago
New Spot Banner?  nikki8green6 16 4378 over a year ago
Why cant I watch Law and order SVU episodes here on fanpop?  chanelicia 3 2372 over a year ago
Olivia Benson should be with Elliott Stabler!!  Hope276 9 3324 over a year ago
NEW episode link - Florida  orla505 1 2913 over a year ago
svu videos for pc and savior  svuxstephx3 1 3813 over a year ago
Mariska  Midnight_love15 1 2777 over a year ago
Law Help  cristina14 0 2235 over a year ago
SVU Chatroom rpg  RosalynCabenson 14 3349 over a year ago
Episode 11x6 spooked - Liv as hostage  RosalynCabenson 0 4064 over a year ago
The Big Event!  angellight56 0 3160 over a year ago
Zebras actor  OhSusannah 1 2688 over a year ago
OMG! Was i the only one screaming at liv and ash in the new ep. Shadow??!!!  Midnight_love15 1 2618 over a year ago
OMG! Was i the only one screaming at liv and ash in the new ep. Shadow??!!!  Midnight_love15 0 2453 over a year ago
OMG! Was i the only one screaming at liv and ash in the new ep. Shadow??!!!  Midnight_love15 0 1732 over a year ago
Episode from 01-12-10  OhSusannah 0 2207 over a year ago
A "Guten Tag" from Germany!  Casey_s_great 2 2679 over a year ago
Alex Returns!!!  ash87 10 3340 over a year ago
Trip to NYC HELP w/ IDEAS  emiller7 0 2478 over a year ago
WHAT DID U GUYS THINK OF THE SEASON PREMIERE?  hawti33 5 2769 over a year ago
DVDs  honkerx 0 2975 over a year ago
Season 10 Reflection  livi_wells 2 3991 over a year ago
Help Save EO!!  BensonPrincess 3 3621 over a year ago
OMFG SEASON FINALE DISCUSSION  livi_wells 1 3534 over a year ago
OMG DID U SEE THE FINALE!?!?!?  hawti33 7 4887 over a year ago
SEASON FINALE "ZEBRAS"  hawti33 5 5056 over a year ago
if mariska leaves I'll ______  benslerisluv 14 3700 over a year ago
All Things Season 10: Rant, Rave or Speculate- It's Up to You!!  svuroxmysox 63 8148 over a year ago
What is...?  svu_luver 3 3852 over a year ago
Favourite Character Elimination Game  CSIAly 4 2540 over a year ago
HE JUST THINKS HES SO SEXY  ABHAYA 3 2627 over a year ago
SVUoogle  svuroxmysox 4 3388 over a year ago
Mariska Didn't Win :(  benslerisluv 14 3467 over a year ago
Attention my fellow SVU fans  benslerisluv 2 3098 over a year ago
HAPPIE 1 DAY EARLY B-DAY MARISKA!!!!!  svu_luver 2 3224 over a year ago
HAPPY BDAY MARISKA!  dancertjb 2 3181 over a year ago
Yea,but....(so not SVU related)  svu_luver 17 4823 over a year ago
English Subtitles  jimmywhite 1 5900 over a year ago
DOES ANYBODY ELSE...  benslerisluv 5 3716 over a year ago
I know im a freak about svu  iluvtheshow 35 4231 over a year ago
Acting after SVU  benslerisluv 9 2967 over a year ago
Song Fics!  benslerisluv 11 3228 over a year ago
Wildlife Forum  ebathory 243 16708 over a year ago
New Spot for fans of Law & order  svu_luver 3 2993 over a year ago
SVU A to Z  stablerfan 302 20611 over a year ago
E/O luv em but...  hawti33 14 3047 over a year ago
20 Questions  livi_wells 28 5057 over a year ago
How much do you hate the new ADA Kim Greylek?  svuroxmysox 62 22069 over a year ago
Dani Beck  mariskarox100 18 10599 over a year ago
SVU Role Play Game  livi_wells 30 5530 over a year ago
Happy Birthday August!!!  mariskarox100 4 2584 over a year ago
Someone on SVU will die at the end of Season 10.. but WHO?!?!  Mariskafan21 23 3247 over a year ago
Brand new game  Susy27 0 2938 over a year ago
Is this an SVU episode?  ericalina 2 3354 over a year ago
ahh...........  stablerfan 5 2513 over a year ago
Anybody Help?  xosaranicole 5 2535 over a year ago
Visit the set of Law and Order:SVU and have lunch with Mariska Hargitay!  charitybuzz1 1 4474 over a year ago
Who's hotter Chris Meloni or Adam Beach?  cindyl 4 1993 over a year ago
Olivia's new BOYFRIEND!!!  svuroxmysox 3 2928 over a year ago
Undercover?  Aviola333 10 6558 over a year ago
Liv's Mom?  Aviola333 3 2735 over a year ago
Loss episode  ash87 2 2686 over a year ago
Birthright  Aviola333 0 2965 over a year ago