Learning Japanese What does "segoi ne" mean?

Master24 posted on Apr 27, 2009 at 02:59PM
Whenever I listen to Japanese (television programs, people, anime), I often hear these specific words. And it pretty much left me pondering as to what it means.
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over a year ago ryomaidol said…
I am not sure but i think you wrong spelled. If it is speled as sugoi, it means amazing or a salng term of suge which also means amazing.
over a year ago kawaiiUsagi said…
Its actually spelled "sUgoi" And it means "Thats so cool/awesome!" Thats what my native japanese friend Jennifer Konda said.
Hope I helped :D
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over a year ago Master24 said…
Thanks for the correction.
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over a year ago venvargie said…
Depends on how it is said and the content in the sentence.

It can mean "That is good/awesome/etc" But it can also be used in a negative way.

Again, depends on the content and how it's being used.
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over a year ago Liana11 said…
where did you listen to it.i want to know
over a year ago Master24 said…
Read the context. You'll find the answer you seek.
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over a year ago FUGISAN said…
As with many Japanese words it is context
Meaning is fantastic or terrible or sometimes sorry
sugoi is extreme of expression really fantastic or really terrible
sometimes sorry as if Japanese person bumps against or knocks in to another person they say sugoi ne meaning sorry translated actually means that was bad
so difficult to translate Japanese as context is so important