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Get a PLR Today  getaplrtoday 1 917 over a year ago
Let There Be LIGHTMAN  Jayfeather892 0 1967 over a year ago
Lingerie  apwd 0 2069 over a year ago
Which episode?  samhain23 0 2619 over a year ago
what can we do to make start the 4th season?????  krynuxa 0 2935 over a year ago
Tell me how much you love Lie to Me!!!  oreocat134 1 1717 over a year ago
Icon Contest  oreocat134 39 4290 over a year ago
Fox Declines 'Lie' Full Season  avertet 22 3962 over a year ago
Free Lie Detection ebook  Monsky 5 5510 over a year ago  jackbrosnan02 0 604 over a year ago  patelinfosoft06 0 854 over a year ago  patelinfosoft06 0 401 over a year ago  patelinfosoft06 0 1125 over a year ago
Lie to Me Word Chain Game  mrshouse62689 39 2199 over a year ago
THEY WON PEOPLE'S CHOICE ADWARDS  avertet 1 471 over a year ago
Countdown to 2000 liars :DD  huddysmacked 49 2727 over a year ago
Fox Announces Spring Schedule for 2011  avertet 1 7511 over a year ago
Lie to me Twitters  MissCuddles 1 1061 over a year ago
Lie to me on Twitter!!  Nightlovechild 0 881 over a year ago
Honey  Councilman 4 902 over a year ago
Two Lies and a Truth  mrshouse62689 7 1454 over a year ago
LIE TO ME PAAAAAAAAAAAARTAY FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HuddyCrazy1331 15 921 over a year ago
Favourite Characters  himanofallmans2 4 565 over a year ago
Your Opinion on the 2nd Season  tvluva49 0 397 over a year ago
HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, LIE TO ME!!  Juliana_House 5 1577 over a year ago
Fanfic Authors  franella 19 1036 over a year ago
Web Page with Videos  mindcontroller 1 703 over a year ago
Question about the office...  jlmub 2 1668 over a year ago
Tractor Man  Councilman 2 842 over a year ago
Fanfic questions  franella 3 1260 over a year ago
AARRGGGG  franella 1 451 over a year ago
Confused..looking for theories/answers  franella 1 1238 over a year ago
Did Lightman win at the end of season 2 episode 9?  NotMarkk 2 12618 over a year ago
Secret Santa  Councilman 2 595 over a year ago
Epiode Order  CallianLuv 3 778 over a year ago
Dr. Gillian Foster Fans  1zmonkeystar 1 418 over a year ago
Grievous Bodily Harm  Councilman 0 333 over a year ago
Countdown to 500 FANS!  Sweet_Pants 270 6088 over a year ago
real?  mnkypprs 4 778 over a year ago
Sell To Me!  misanthrope86 4 317 over a year ago
NEWS**Lie to Me to follow House in the fall!  Juliana_House 24 739 over a year ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!!  Juliana_House 1 286 over a year ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM!!  Juliana_House 0 313 over a year ago
**SPOILERS** A little dish from Tim on the Lie to Me* Season finale 'Sacrifice' and a little bit on the start for the second season  Juliana_House 9 3583 over a year ago
Has anyone noticed... (spot question)  Juliana_House 6 776 over a year ago
Caption Contest!!!  HuddyCrazy1331 17 520 over a year ago