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While in the Artist's Alley, Mario, Wario, and Toadette keep an eye out for Luigi... who happens to be behind the camera filming them!
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Source: raygirl12 on deviantart
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Source: raygirl12 on deviantart
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Source: raygirl12 on deviantart
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Luigi pondered deeper onto the tiny riddle Bowser had left them with.
“Two heads, five tiles off and three corners out,” he muttered to himself repeatedly, eyeing the two statues, the door from which they’d first entered back and forth.
“Um, Luigi…?” Yoshi noticed the green plumber from the corner of his eye. “What are you muttering about…?”
“There’s something about those two statues, and the door that we came in earlier—something’s off…,” he mumbled, not really talking to Yoshi at all.
The green dinosaur frowned. “ ‘Something’s off’? I don’t get it—what...
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Luigi and Yoshi looked behind them from where the voice had come from.
To their surprise, it was exactly as they had assumed the voice had come from.
“Birdo!” Yoshi cried with relief.
“In the flesh,” Birdo answered, half-smug. The other Birdos beside her murmured in agreement, their tones echoing the semi-smugness that radiated from the one who had just spoken.
“We could sure use some help,” Luigi breathed; part of the tension that had only been building up from within him had eased some when he and Yoshi’s pink friend had shown up for help. Then worry sprouted up from its place....
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Luigi, holding on to the nozzle, opened the mansion's door; it creaked noisily yet creepily.
"Anyone here?" Luigi asked, knowing it was a stupid question; there was either anyone here, or no one here at all—at least, not anyone solid around the mansion.
To answer his question, there was echoed laughter among the cobwebbed hallways.
"Uh, yeah...," Luigi mumbled.
The two went in; the door shut—well, slammed was the better word for it—behind them, leaving a huge cloud of dust in its wake.
"Very welcoming," Yoshi commented.
The dup practically tiptoed along the predictably and seemingly empty hallway,...
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Not wasting any time, Lakithunder zapped a mean string of lightning at the two, in which they jumped out of the way to avoid.
"But, how—when—why—?" Luigi seemed at loss for words, shocked at how something so nice would end up so wrong the moment he'd attempt to bite the Hero's Sandwich.
"What are you saying?" Yoshi asked, his words just as rushed as his attempt to run as far from Lakithunder as possible.
"How did you show up in my fantasy?!"
"It's a bit of a long story—when we got zapped, we both fell unconscious. I woke up in Toad Town, or...I thought it was. The whole thing seemed real—"...
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Luigi and Yoshi finally arrived on their second destination: World Seven.
"Okay, okay," Luigi'd said reluctantly, "that warp cannon wasn't so bad." He'd said that just seconds after they began to incline downward from being shot out of the World Seven warp cannon, and minutes before landing on a mound of soft cloud fluff.
Yoshi landed on his back to the clouds. "I guess we're just lucky we got ourselves a place to make a soft landing, huh?"
"You know we got lucky on this one."
Yoshi stood up and looked around. True to the riddle's words, they were now surrounded with clouds; all the green from...
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