lumforever My First Anime RP; Part #3

lumforever posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 03:07PM
Part #3

izbia150 said:
ciel:i think we need to go after them
sebatian:yes my lord*picks ciel up and starts running*
undertaker:*runs after them*
sebastian and undertaker:*catch's up to them*

izbia150 said:
sebatian:(to arekkusu and jemuzu) if your senseing rabbit then i think all we need to know is his last name(to momji)so what is your last name?
sebatian:you'll see*smiles and looks at momji*

lumforever said:
wow i never knew we even started ok then : (inuyasha)*runs holding tetsusaiga* w-w- whats going on?

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu:(to Sebastain and Jemuzu) You guys are both on some crazy meds!

izbia150 said:
sebatian:are you sure coz last time i checked your the one who pointed a gun at a demons master*smerks*
undertaker:i wonder if this boy really is of the crused family hehe*smiles*
ciel:your getting annoying

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Curse huh? What kind of curse?
Arekkusu:(to Sebastain) *bead of sweat* I really didn't mean to honest! (thinks to himself, great either that monkey drug is gonna kill me, or the demon man's gonna kill me. f*ck!)
Jemuzu: I sense another demon nearby,(looks at Sebastain) but he's not full blooded like... (nods at Sebastain) you know.

izbia150 said:
sebatian:yes there is a crused family so every time they are huged by the opposite sex they turn into the 12 animals of the zodiac plus the cat
ciel:seems like you'd like that family
sebatian:better then being contracted to the qweens watchdog
ciel:shut up!*hears jemuzu say another demon is here*a half demon?

xXitachiXx said:
sasori: alright whats going on here
itachi: yea we need to go search for him
deidara: um yea i volinter tobi and hidan
hidan: what hell no!
tobi: tobi would like to go itachi will you come with?
itachi: sure...
kakauza: but one question were did he go?
sasori: well he went to go get the nine tails but something has happend yes
itachi: well we're gone if we're not back i'm 48 hours please come.
deidara: yea yea bye
tobi: yay tobi and itachi
sasori:......alright..just hurry up!!

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Woah! more than that! We got company comming!
Arekkusu: Damn man what now!?!
Jemuzu: Your ninja friends again. Get ready to make a catch Arekkusu.
Arekkusu: Ain't nobody sweeter, I make catches like Derek Jeter!
Jemuzu jumps up and cuts Momiji down, Arekkusu catches him.
Jemuzu: Alright they're comming! and Arekkusu, don't rap ever again.
Jemuzu: You just... suck at it buddy.(pats Arekkusu on the shoulder)
Arekkusu: *To Jemuzu* hater

izbia150 said:
sebatian:i wonder if we'll be able to see undertaker fight?
undertaker:maybe hehe
ciel:why are all shinigami so annoying?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Think they're bad!?! try hanging out with this guy (points at Arekkusu)
Arekkusu: Shut up.

izbia150 said:
ciel:you don't know what annoying is till you know grell
grell:thats mean!!
ciel:what the f*ck are you doing here?!
grell:i came for sebby-chan!*jumps at sebatian*
sebatian*gets out of the way letting grell fall*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: AWWWW!!! SH*T!!!!! Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!
Jemuzu:(holds Arekkusu back by his collar) need I say more

xXitachiXx said:
itachi: why did you ask me to come with you?
tobi: hehe no reason.
itachi: right so were's pein
tobi: at khona maybe
itachi:......thinkng *you know something I don't and I need to find out*...right..should we go there
tobi: yea
itachi: hopefully this time we want run into anyone
tobi: ikr
itachi: and tobi's annoying
tobi: aww you no like tobi
itachi: i'll stick with madara

izbia150 said:
sebastian:why are you here and not reaping souls?
grell:coz i don't have any souls to reap
sebastian:young master why won't you let me take revange on him?
ciel:coz we might need him later

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: They're getting closer.
Arekkusu: *fixes a bayonet to his M-16 and smiles.* Old school.

izbia150 said:
sebatian:*smiles and takes out knifes*
undertaker:this might be fun*smiles*

xXitachiXx said:
itachi: stops! do you see that
tobi: ohh it looks like those people again
itachi: Ohh great thats just what we needed...*a little pissed*
tobi: this should be fun
itachi: mhm yea your right but we really don't have time
tobi: they can't touch me they think we're just humans
itachi: right lets go...

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: They're here
Arekkusu: As if we needed a count down!
Jemuzu:*smirks* I hope this works (loads a tranq gun)
Jemuzu begins to hop off the trees. He closses his eyes and focuses his mind.
Jemuzu: There you are. (He pulls the trigger with his eyes still closed and the tranq dart hits Itachi in the neck.

xXitachiXx said:
itachi: *lucky it hit itachi's shadow clone* sh*t!! *ways hand sighs*
fireball jutsu!
tobi: *smiles* no guns will kill us and let me just give yall a little hint don't look into itachi's eyes or mine *appears next to Jemuzu* have yall ever herd of the sharingan?

izbia150 said:
sebatian:young master! leave this to me and undertaker!
undertaker:hehe*takes out his shinigami pan thing and writes down "the ninjas get traped so they can't move" then something appers out of nowhere makeing it so the nanjas can't move*only the best shinigami get this
grell:*reads the note*ninjas? don't i have to reap the soul of a ninja?
(don't worry i won't make him reap the ninjas souls)

xXitachiXx said:
[he can't touch tobi no one can you hand would go stright thorugh him]
itachi: tobi I can't move whats going on
tobi: mhm don't know but stop playing around
itachi: right mangekyou sharingan!!

izbia150 said:
undertaker:you can't get out of it with that hehe*writes down"and they can't escape"*
ciel:if they gave that to just anybody then grell would have killed me by now
grell:if i had it i would have killed you when i was jack the ripper*is still on the grond*
sebatian:we will let you out if you stop attacking us
(i know but the shinigami book can do pretty much anything XD

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: I know bullets won't kill you, that's why I tried to hit you with a tranqulizer. I don't wan't to kill you. You could be a critical help to Arekkusu and I with our mission. I understand you guys want to find the ninetails too. Perhaps our goals are simular.
Arekkusu: And what is sharingan!?!

izbia150 said:
ciel:this isn't working we're never ganna find ash
sebastian;*sees ash*i'm not so sure about that
ash:*walks over to them but stands kinda far away*you inpure being you should just die and be reburn in your next pure life

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu:(To Sebastian and Jemuzu) I take it back guys, (looks at Ash) This guy's on some sh*t.
Jemuzu: So he's supposed to be an angel. hmph! lights a cigarette, and takes a drag. (Hands it to Sebastain and smiles) If you don't smoke, feel free to put it out in that ASH tray.

izbia150 said:
sebastian:(to jemuzu)nice
ciel:sebatian*takes off eye pacth*this is a order kill ash!!
sebastian:*gets down on knee and puts hand to chest*yes my lord*jumps in the air and pulls out knifes throwing them at ash*
ash:*catch's knivfes*it was so much more fun last time sebastian*lets wings come out*remember the pain is a gift*throws knives back at sebatsian*
sebastian:*doesn't get hit*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu pulls out the knife he carries in his sheath that he wears on his arm. Using the advantage of amazing speed given to him by the experimental drug he attacks. Jemuzu uses his new strength to kick down a nearby tree, catching it before it hit the ground. Arekkusu tries to slice Ash several times, but the angel dodges his attacks, then grabs his arm and sends Arekkusu flying to the ground. Jemuzu swings the tree like a baseball bat catching Ash off guard for the split second. The tree bashes him in the head sending splinters flying in all directions. The ones heading towards Ciel are caught by Sebastain...

xXitachiXx said:
itachi: alll f*ck these people get into fights with everybody don't ya think
tobi: seems like it
itachi: looks like our fight has ended mph you think we should help that angel fight them? I think we've ran into them a little to much don't ya
tobi: No I have a better idea but lets wait
itachi: or should we help them fight ash and blash him with my amaterasu and he's burned alive [end less black fire never goes out]
tobi: would yall like help? *smiles*

back at the hideout

deidara: mhmm they aren't back yet
sasori: well it hasn't been 48 hours yet only 24
deidara: Well 24 more hours left let see what happends
hidan: I don't have a good feeling about this right now.
deidara: about what?
hidan: don't know..but somethings wrong
kakauza: mhmm

izbia150 said:
ash:the only good thing this world can do is die!!!!*throws feathers from his wings at ciel and sebastian*
sebastian:*jumps infront of ciel catching them*(to itachi and tobi)if your wondering who to fight for then i don't think you'd want to fight with ash unless your "pure" he'll kill you he killed the qween for "careing" about the king

narlyvamp1234 said:
i want to join in. can i be Ai Enma from hell girl???

xXitachiXx said:
might as well I guess I don't think it mattters..just make sure you know whats going on lol.

xXitachiXx said:
tobi: how stupid...
itachi: well I guess w'll help but this doesn't mean we're freinds.
tobi: mph...
itachi:amaterasu!! *trys to hit ash* misses keep still amaterasu! hits
part of ashes arm* mhmm not good enough
tobi: it is a little but lets not ove do it you know
itachi: i'm not not even a little
tobi: you seem a bit slow today
itachi: I am so many things on my mind

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *walks through forest and stops when she sees a group of people*

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu gets back up and detaches the bayonet. He catces Ash from behind and sticks the bayonet through Ash's neck.
Just then Jemuzu remembered.(Sebastain: You have to cut his head off or something. Jemuzu unsheathed his sword and held it in his right hand, in his left, an M-67 fragmentation grenade.
Ash pulled the bayonet out of his neck and started walking towards Arekkusu. Ash started to laugh.
Jemuzu: Only one shot at this. (He flung the sword at Ash, taking the angel's head clear off) Everybody take cover!!!! (With grenade properly gripped in hand, Jemuzu thumbed off the safety clip, twisted and pulled the pin and stuck the grenade where Ash's head once was. He then grabbed Arekkusu and got him to safe cover behind the knocked over tree just as the grenade went off. BOOM!!!!!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *takes a step closer*

izbia150 said:
ash:*didn't die*i'm not a demon it's harder then that!!!*head comes back*i can only be killed when my body is takin apart almost complately!!!! (sorry i just don't want him to die just yet XD)
sebastian:young master i'm going to have to ask you to close your eyes it is not something becoming for me as a butler to let you see my true form
ciel:fine*close's eyes*
sebastian:your harder to kill then angela*starts to change into his true form**starts walking closer to ash*
ash:you unclean being why don't you just die!?

Clutch13 said:
(That's ok XD I just didn't want Jemuzu and Arekkusu looking lazy)
Jemuzu: thinks to himself, WTF no wonder, it's 10 mill. This is a suicide mission. The grenade should've torn him apart.
Arekkusu:(Sees Sebastain transforming) Oh..... My...... God.......

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *whispers to self* Ciel Phantomhive.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu noticed Momiji was gone
Jemuzu:Hey anybody see where that kid went?
Arekkusu: IDK. Maybe he got scarred and ran off.
Jemuzu:(Went to grab another cigarette but then sensed a heavy pressence *Ai Enma*. He dropped the pack in a shudder.)Holy sh*t.
Arekkusu:*jokes* Another rabbit?
Jemuzu: This one ain't no joke. I can't even pinpoint it. It's all around us.
Arekkusu: What'd you mean?
Jemuzu: Sebastain, you gotta be able to sense that. It feels like death

izbia150 said:
sebastian:yes i can but....i think i know what it is have you ever heard of the hell girl?
ciel:hell girl?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Hell Girl?
Arekkusu: She single?
Jemuzu smacks Arekkusu across the head
Jemuzu: Who is she?

izbia150 said:
sebastian:she takes people to hell if asked but the one who tells her to has to go to hell after they die she sometimes comes to this world when she is not taking people to hell but not much she says her name is ai

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Wait a second! If you killed Claude.
Arekkusu: And Alois was willing to make a deal with a demon.
Jemuzu: He'd be willing to go to hell!
Arekkusu: What If Alois went to that hell girl?
Jemuzu: (To Ciel) To get his revenge on you Ciel! She might be after you Ciel.

Looks like I finally showed up. Looks like @Narlyvamp1234 is here too. Now we're getting somewhere ~
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