lumforever my first RP part 9! [FINAL]

lumforever posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 04:49PM
this is the last one! enjoy!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai's voice: you don't see me but i see you

izbia150 said:
ciel:what do we need to do to help you?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: you can't help me, unless...

izbia150 said:

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: bring me Shibata!

izbia150 said:
(ok got it thanks)
ciel:why do you need him?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i want to make sure that the Shibata family dies so that there will be no more decedents of the people who killed me!

lumforever said:
InuYasha: Ai, killing them is not the right thing to do! there must be some other way!
(srry i wasnt on for a while)

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i wont kill all of them, i will leave Segoomie alive.
Hone Onna: no, we wont help you with this choice. do it by yourself.

izbia150 said:
ciel;but how will that help you?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: it wont, but i was just testing all of you to see who has an impure heart and who doesn't, turn around.
Hone Onna: *turns around* miss Ai!

lumforever said:
InuYasha: so this was all a joke?!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: no, you always think everything is a joke. what you need to remember is that i am a spirit, already dead, and can't die again. i stayed because i knew that i wouldn't be in any harm

izbia150 said:
ciel:pure heart?
sebastian;a demon can not have a pure heart

lumforever said:
InuYasha: now i see what you mean.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: really? *grins*

izbia150 said:
ciel:well at least we know you didn't die but still why the test?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i already said why, to see if any of you had an impure heart.

izbia150 said:
ciel:yes i know but why is that something you needed to know?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Ai, damn it's good to hear your voice.
Arekkusu:*starts singing* Ai and Jemuzu sitting in a...
Jemuzu: Shut up Arekkusu!!!
A voice is in the forrest: Well well well! look at this.
Jemuzu: I know that voice... It can't be! I killed him myself 4 years ago.
(Finally off from work!!!!!!! Hells yes!!!!! XD)

izbia150 said:
ciel:see i'm not the only one who gets into fights with people

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Brent Dannson!!!
Brent:*Laughs* So you do remember me!
Jemuzu: How could I forget, you bastard! You killed my wife!
Brent: I never did such a thing. *laughs*
Arekkusu: Dude, not only that, you killed a whole village of innocent people.
Jemuzu: And you wanna kill everyone here too.
Brent: *smirks

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i wont let that happen. *gives jemuzu a black doll with a red thread around its neck* if you truly wish vengeance, untie the scarlet thread from his neck. pulling the thread binds you into a covenant with me. The one you seek revenge upon shall be taken immediately to Hell.

However, if I deliver your revenge,
I must have you make restitution to me.

When one person is cursed, two graves are dug.

When you die, your soul shall fall into the pit of Hell.

Your spirit shall wander forever in pain and suffering,
never having known paradise.

Well, that's after you die.

The rest is for you to decide.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: I'm not going to hell with you Ai... Your comming to this world with all of us. I still don't know how, but I'm gonna help break you outa hell for good. (Hands doll back to Ai) I know it might be hard to do, but please trust me.
Brent: How touching! You found love again Jemuzu.
Jemuzu:(To Ai) I'm not after revenge on him anymore. (To Brent) But I won't let you hurt my friends! (<----- Soooo Ichigo LOL)
Brent: Friends! *Laughs* You can't even tell who your enemy is, (Brent's skin morphs into General Carlson) can you Jimmy.
Jemuzu: You injected yourself.
Brent: Bring them out! (six guards escort 3 kids out with guns to their heads)
Kids: Dad! Help us dad!
Arekkusu: Brent, You scumbag

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *stares wide eyes*
Hone Onna: miss Ai...
Ai: young death, just like mine, i can't let it happen again...

Clutch13 said:
More soldiers exit the tree line.
Brent: Our serum is quite a bit more venomous than yours!

The Kids oldest to youngest-
Arekkusu Kuratchi- Age 15-Male- Named After Jemuzu's best bud.
Sylvia Kuratchi- Age 12-Female- Named after Her Grandmother, Jemuzu's dead wife's mother
Kyle Kuratchi- Age 9- Male- Mother won that argument.

Jemuzu: Coward, fight me man to man and leave my children outa this! It's between you and me.
Brent: I'm afraid I can't do that Jimmy.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Hone Onna: *whispers to Ai* what do we do?
Ai: *whispers back* you know what to do.

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu:(To Brent) Wait a second! What did you do to General Carlson?
Brent: Jemuzu took care of him for me.(Looks at Jemuzu) Four years ago, you said, Right!?!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *to Brent* are you sure you want to this with your own hands?

Clutch13 said:
Brent: Ah the legendary hell girl! You are very special. I can only imagine what powers me and my soldiers will have once we're done disecting you. (Looks at everybody) All of you! You all have such great talents.
Arekkusu: How could the U.S. government support this research? What if it were to get into enemy hands!
Brent's face transforms into Barrack Obama's
Brent: Oh I'm planning on it.
Jemuzu: You're gonna start a third world war, you idiot!
Brent's face goes back to his own
Brent: Exactly, War is great for business!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *to Hone Onna* get everyone out of here.
Hone Onna: what about you, miss?
Ai: i am not going anywhere.
Hone Onna: *whispers to Inuyahsa, Sebastian and Ciel* we have to get out of here. *waves arm and they all disappear*

Clutch13 said:
Brent: No matter... My 3 favorites are still here. (Pinches Kyle's cheek)
Lil Arekkusu: Don't touch my brother, you piece of sh*t!
Sylvia: Daddy!!!!!!!!
Jemuzu steps towards Brent and the soldiers respond by pressing guns against all 3 of the kids's heads
Brent: Nuh uh huh. (Looks at Ai) Bring them back or these kids die.

narlyvamp1234 said:
*they all appear again*
Ai: *tear of blood* there!
Hone Onna: Ichimoku, we have to stay here. for the sake of Ai's humanity.

Clutch13 said:
Brent: That's better.... Now where were we? Oh yes. (points at Jemuzu) Kill him.
Kids: No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad!!!
Soldiers fire guns shooting red lightning at Jemuzu.
Kids: No!!!!!
Arekkusu jumps in the line of fire and gets shot
Kids: Uncle Arekkusu!!!!!!!
Arekkusu hits the ground at Ai's feet.
Arekkusu:(To Ai) Give... me..> coughs up blood < the doll.
Jemuzu: Arekkusu!!!! what are you doing!?!?!?!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *gives Arekkusu the doll* do it

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu: Send... that... whole army > coughs up more blood < to hell > coughs again < I'm gonna kick their a$$..... when I get there.
Jemuzu: T_-
Arekkusu smiles at Jemuzu
Arekkusu: Free... Will... (Takes his last breath)

lumforever said:
InuYasha: so thats the end of arekkusu.

(srry i was in the hot tub for a while!)

Clutch13 said:
( I know but.... what a way to die lml/)

Jemuzu: Goodbye my friend, I'll see you around sometime. (Shuts Arekkusu's eye lids)

lumforever said:
InuYasha: farewell...... arekkusu

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *appears next to brent* oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, bringing torment and pain to others, oh damned soul wallowing in yous in... perhaps, it is time to die. *Ai, Brent, and the entire army disappear*

lumforever said:
InuYasha: thank you AI *bows*

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: you're welcome, Inuyasha. *walks over to Jemuzu* i am so sorry, he was a good man

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: I know Ai, thank you. (a single tear) You too Arekkusu. Thank you.
Kids: Dad!!!!!!! Run and hug Jemuzu.
Jemuzu: It's all over now guys... Are any of you hurt?
Kyle: Is Uncle Arekkusu gonna be ok!?!
Jemuzu:(Breaking Down) No... I don't think so Kyle
Sylvia starts crying.
Lil. Arekkusu: I'm proud to have his name Dad.
Jemuzu: Yeah... (Takes off Arekkusu's Dogtags and puts it around Lil' Arekkusu's neck) He'd want you to have it.
(Man Cry moment XD)

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *walks over to Hone Onna and Ichimoku* let's go, were done here.
Hone Onna: your just going to leave?
Ai: there is nothing more i can do *tear*

lumforever said:
InuYasha: Ai, is this going 2 be the last moment we meet?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: probably.

lumforever said:
InuYasha: ok then. *walks over and hugs Ai* thank you for everything. Until we meet again. :) *smiles and mutters under his breath: goodbye Ai until next time* waves at Ai. (turns around and walks away)

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu runs to Ai and hugs her
Jemuzu: I don't know how... I don't know when... but I'll save you both from hell... someday. Thank You Ai... For everything.
Kyle: Who's the nice lady Daddy?
Jemuzu breaks off the hug to pick up Kyle.
Jemuzu: She's Uncle Arekkusu's... Guardian Angel.
Kyle: Thank you for saving us Angel Lady. Take care of my Uncle Arekkusu for me.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: i will, my legacy *disappears*

lumforever said:
THE END. (it is the end right? Cuz if it was then was was just amazing)


lumforever said:
Well my fav parts were:
InuYasha doing the backlash wave. Soo epic!!
When Ai started talkin to us by we couldn't see her.
The end. When some gave Ai hugs and said farewell. It was truly amazing!!
The fight with the spider

Oh and a ending song? How about One of the InuYasha endings: ending 3, come. It's a great song! I think perfect for this!

(srry I can't upload Vid cuz I'm on my iPhone)

izbia150 said:
i'm so so so sorrry i was in bed coz my mom got really mad at me and my sisters!!!!!!!!!! gomen gomen da si!!!!!!
but my fav parts where the fights with ash and claude i think it will help me with my fanfic writing
the last fight
when sebastian told ciel he can't even dress himself
and when arekkusu said "sh*t this monkey grag is ganna kill me or the demon will"
and if you made this into a manga you'd have to change the characters coz ciel sebastian the ninjas ai and the other hell people are all real anime characters oh and inuyasha but it's ok you ended it without me i kinda wish i was there coz it seemed so fun but it's ok : ) but this was a really fun rp and if you guys want you can join my anime OC role play i know some of you did already but yeah : )

Clutch13 said:
OK Every part where Jemuzu smacked Arekkusu upside the head...
Sebastain's fight with Claude, and Ash...Akatsuki Bickering... The fight against the Spider... Arekkusu's death, (was epic to me at least.) Sebastain telling Ciel he can't even dress himself lol... Jemuzu and Ai's First meeting (the humvee part)...
InuYasha: Finally!!! XD when he gets to do Backlash Wave....
Arekkusu: Ai and Jemuzu sittin' in a WHACK!!!!..... LOL So many.

well we are thinking of a sequel! until next time!

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over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
most fun i have had in such a long time, can't wait for the sequel!
over a year ago lumforever said…
i cant wait either!!!!
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
you need to get the second one on here, that one was so exciting!
over a year ago lumforever said…
im gonna add the second one today and then we said on the 3rd one that i can start it this time. but these RP's have been super fun!
over a year ago narlyvamp1234 said…
i know, they are all so exciting! these made me want to roleplay a lot!
over a year ago lumforever said…