lumforever the sequel to my first RP part 2

lumforever posted on Aug 31, 2011 at 07:52PM
part 2

lumforever said:
InuYasha: yes she has changed. she saved us!
kagome: inuyasha? what does Ai look like?
InuYasha: you will see soon

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: why do you want to know, Kagome?

lumforever said:
kagome: well when i was little i had a dream. and i saw this beautiful girl with black hair, red eyes and bangs. ever since then i have tried to think about who she was but i never had any ideas

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: that's her! why was she in your that i think about it, when i was speaking her words, she knew your name!

lumforever said:
kagome: i dont know why she was in my dreams but i saw her. i heard her say: "one day, the time will come. one day I will win". but how would she know my name

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: now i get the feeling your not safe anymore, Kagome.

lumforever said:
Kagome: segoomie, please dont worry. as long as i am with inuyasha i am safe. *smiles*

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: *looks at mirror to see Ai in the mirror* hell girl!

lumforever said:
Kagome: finally we meet, Ai
InuYasha: kagome!
kagome: inuyasha dont worry *smiles* i can handle this one. so Ai, why do you choose to show up now?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *to Kagome* because of a promise i made a long time ago.

lumforever said:
Kagome: promise?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: the promise that i would win.

lumforever said:
Kagome: not today hell girl *pulls out bow and arrow* now tell me the truth? why me? what do you want with me?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *grins then disappears from the mirror*
Segoomie: you'll see.

lumforever said:
InuYasha: kagome, are you sure?
kagome: yes. ok then hell girl. i cant wait to see *grins* ;)

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: where is Ciel? i know he's home! *runs out of the study*

lumforever said:
InuYasha: CIEL!!!! are you sure hes home?
kagome: Ai could have taken him

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: she wouldn't do that...would she? *runs into Ciel's room* Ciel, where are you?!
Ai: he's not here.
Segoomie: hell girl, where are you?

lumforever said:
kagome: segoomie, maybe this could be a trap. since we are trying to find ciel she could trap us at one point and try to achieve her goal.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: she wont do that, she wont! Ai, where are you!
Ai: in front of you.
Segoomie: *looks in front of her to see Kagome* that's not you!

lumforever said:
kagome: i think i could see her. i see something right in front of me. cant you see it?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: no.
Ai: a cloud of darkness is about to come your way...please be careful.

lumforever said:
InuYasha: a cloud of darkness?!
kagome: *grins* *whispers* be careful

Clutch13 said:
Back in Mexicali, Mexico Jemuzu is staying up late in his office. Books and papers fill his desk.
Jemuzu: There's gotta be a way... I've got to save them. (Lights a cigarette)
Arekkusu K.: Dad?
Jemuzu: Yea, wassup Arekkusu.
Arekkusu: You've been like this ever since that day in the forest. What are you trying to do?
Jemuzu: *sighs and looks at the clutter* The impossible kiddo.

lumforever said:
InuYasha: hey segoomie, do you think we should talk to jemuzu? it has been a while

Clutch13 said:
Arekkusu K.: Who was that girl Dad? How'd she do what she did?
Jemuzu: Like I said, a guardian Angel.
Arekkusu K.: I'm 15 Dad, I'm not a little kid. You can tell me the truth.
Jemuzu: And I'm your father Arekkusu, trust me son. The less you know, probally the better.
Arekkusu K.: *clinches his fists but releases* Ok Dad... But if you ever want to talk about it, I'll be here.
Jemuzu: *smiles* Yeah, now go to bed it's 3 A.M. kiddo.

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: yeah, we probably should. tell him we found Ai, he'll be happy to hear that.

Clutch13 said:
The next day...

Jemuzu is sitting on a bar stool on his back porch, overlooking two crosses in the dirt yard. One reads, "Maria Kuratchi, Loving Mother and Wife" The other reads,"Arekkusu Mirattu, Free Will"
Jemuzu: Thanks for making a house call Eddie.
Eddie gets his tattooing equipment together.
Eddie: Hey man no problemo. I just feel bad I gotta put another name on this cross of your's
Jemuzu takes off his t-shirt revealing a tattoo of a huge cross on his back with the names of lost loved ones in ribbons wrapping around it, adorned by red and black roses.
Jemuzu: Me too Eddie.
Eddie starts tattooing

narlyvamp1234 said:
*Jemuzu hears crying*
Ai: i see you.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu:*Eyes Widend* Ai!?! Eddie hold up a sec.
Eddie: What is it man?
Jemuzu: Ai? Is that you crying!?!
Eddie: Hey man, I like to smoke that stuff too! haha.
Jemuzu: You don't hear that?
Eddie:(Stops tattooing) Hear what?
Jemuzu: *whispers* Ai...

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: we need you. the darkness is coming, we need you.

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Ai! Where are you!?! take me there if you gotta!
Eddie: Man, you're smoking that purple haze sh*t! C'mon man, why you holding out on me Jemuzu!?!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: darkness, darkness surrounds me. it will surround all of them too. i will kill you for this...hell boy

lumforever said:
Kagome: hell boy?!
Kagome: Ai! why them? why are you trying to hurt them?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: she is not trying to hurt them, she is trying to warn them! there is a hell boy, i met him a few years ago. he and Ai had a fight. Ai won and took him to hell. he promised that if it took a thousand years, he would get out of hell again to fight hell girl and win.

lumforever said:
kagome: wow talk about a fight

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Ai!!!!! who's hell boy!?! What's happening!?! Please Ai give me the power to help you!!!!
Arekkusu K. *walks outside* What's going on?
Eddie: Your old man's lost it A.K. JR
Arekkusu K: Dad what's wrong!?!
Sylvia looks out the window
Sylvia: What's going on out there!?!
Kyle: Daddy's talking to the Angel Lady.
Sylvia: Angel Lady? You don't mean (flashback to final fight in the forrest) That Girl.
Kyle: Yeah. I think she's really nice! *little boy giggle*
Eddie: Hell Boy..? That red guy? Jemuzu share that sh*t!!!!

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: hurry, we need you. they are coming... all of them.

lumforever said:
kagome & InuYasha: all of them?!

lumforever said:
kagome: does that mean there is an army

narlyvamp1234 said:
Segoomie: yeah, of all the people she sent to hell. i think i have to go home now. i'll be back tomorrow okay?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu runs to his new humvee and Arekkusu K. Follows him.
Arekkusu K.: Dad I'm comming with you!!!
Jemuzu: Absolutely not. (Pulls out a key and gives it to Arekkusu K.) That's for the gun closet. I taught you how to shoot, right!
Arekkusu K.: Yeah but...(Jemuzu starts engine)
Jemuzu: Teach Sylvia then, and keep an eye on Kyle.
(Humvee peels out and dissapears into a late morning horizon)
Arekkusu K.: Dad!!!!

lumforever said:
kagome: wow. well i am going back to my era in modern japan. see ya!
InuYasha are you coming?
InuYasha: sure.
kagome: ok guys we will we back tomoro!
(im gonna take a break today so tomoro ill be bck! see you then guys!)

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: *appears in humvee* it's been a while, hasn't it?

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Ai!!! (holds his arm across her chest *to make sure she didn't go flying into the windshield* and slams on the brakes and throws shifter into park.) Ai. What's going on? You know I'll help you in anyway I can. Who's hellboy? What does he want? Is... Arekkusu ok?

narlyvamp1234 said:
Ai: he's...he's great. there is a lot going on, i fear i may be defeated this time. Hell boy was only five when he killed his parents and was sent to hell. he figured out how to get out and found out about me. he then challenged me to a fight. at first he was winning, but then the thread was pulled. i took him to hell. he promised that if it took a thousand years, he would come back for me. it didn't take a thousand years, of course. it took five. he has everyone i have ever sent to hell with him, and they plan on attacking us. we need everyone together again. he has become more powerful. but i wont let him win.

Kagome: it's good to see you, Ai
(I know I said I'm don't for today but i was bored so I felt like continuing)

Clutch13 said:
Jemuzu: Even... Dannson? (clinches his fists and his muscles tense up) (Welcome back lumforever :)

well things are getting pretty interesting. dont worry to read part 3

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