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What do you think of my Supervillain idea?  Mellowix 1 4537 over a year ago
Marvel Idea seek for help!!  yee1993 0 4107 over a year ago
Thoughts on GOTG 2  yevrah6 0 4897 over a year ago
MARVEL Universe Icon Contest  luckyPink 1 5322 over a year ago
Superheroes Handmade  TODesignStudio 0 5692 over a year ago
"The Media Club" is being established as Sony Pictures' partnership with Disney & Hallmark, as of July 5, 2015!  DDD1988Redux 0 4769 over a year ago
MARVEL Weekend at Hollywood Palms in Naperville, IL  meredith1234 0 3848 over a year ago
Marvel Picture Contest  Evera 6 9226 over a year ago
CASTING!!! America's biggest super fan of X-men  castingkwg 0 3892 over a year ago
What's the best Marvel comics series?  Lampyish 0 2907 over a year ago
Awesome Guitar Theme from Iron Man 3!  Charlie25 0 4291 over a year ago
Funny Avenger Parody Battle of the Themes  Chirshallister 0 3317 over a year ago
Everything Marvel Etsy Shop! Check out our great handmade Marvel Items!  McCaffertyMade 0 3120 over a year ago
Marvel comic skirt  hllokittylvr26 0 9092 over a year ago
Getting to know the Marvel Fans....  Gravagirl 4 4515 over a year ago
Earth-736  TheNewSeries 23 8305 over a year ago
The Marvel Universe by Nick Bradshaw  spidercents 0 3325 over a year ago
Thor/Capt America Promotion  martmason 0 3872 over a year ago
MOON KNIGHT SITE LIVE  HummelBulman 0 3265 over a year ago
Captain America and The Avengers  MisterH 3 3916 over a year ago
The DALLAS COMIC CON returns in May 21-22 with Stan Lee  koose 0 4160 over a year ago
ORGANIC OR MECHANICAL WEB-SHOOTERS?  marvelfan29 2 4480 over a year ago
Favorite marvel hero  axemnas 9 9059 over a year ago
Actors and Roles  benji 3 4168 over a year ago
Captain America, the what?!?!?!?!  ztara 3 3845 over a year ago
Fans Opinions Required!  samgaunt1988 5 3641 over a year ago
Web Design India  website 0 3273 over a year ago
Branding Design Company  website 0 2997 over a year ago
Prince Namor  Marconiusrex 0 7606 over a year ago
Great Marvel Comics RPG!  cooldevil13 0 3973 over a year ago
Please Help  wildsey 1 3161 over a year ago
Become an X-Man RPG!  Milesprowerfan 0 4160 over a year ago
Marvel A-Z  axemnas 7 4797 over a year ago
ign has a poll  johnsgirlalways 0 3531 over a year ago
The Thing  Hammockrider 0 3861 over a year ago
Thor/Avengers  xman675 0 3751 over a year ago
Namor  benji 1 4423 over a year ago
Join my Emma Frost spot  oneshyguy46 0 4041 over a year ago
Hero Bracket  coolguy111606 2 2898 over a year ago
Battlefield 1  coolguy111606 0 2543 over a year ago
Superhero Tourney Sweet Sixteen - Vote!  ARupp 1 2346 over a year ago
Vote for the best superhero ever  ARupp 0 2160 over a year ago
X-men Evolution?  UmiPryde 2 2599 over a year ago
Iron Man  VegasGurl4eva 0 2686 over a year ago
Secret Invasion - Skrulls *MAJOR SPOILERS*  PkmnTrainerJ 0 2708 over a year ago
Superhero you  rookyboy 4 4727 over a year ago
Loughborough Games and Comics Day  benji 0 3310 over a year ago
Spider-Man Animated Series  benji 0 3716 over a year ago