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My first ever Maya merch 🥰
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Source: CyNMAnimation
A 2014 Maya Plush in slightly flawed condition with a missing antenna.
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Well, today I came up with some fun short story featuring Maya the Bee characters after I have rewatched some of the "scary" logos for fun and because October is the month of Halloween, I was thinking to post it right now and here is it:

Willy: I'm feeling bored and very hungry, but hey, let's watch some logo videos for fun!

*Willy grabs some pollen while searching for logo videos he wanted to watch*

Willy: Yum, yum, hmmm.... let's search for some 70s logos because I love this decade so much.

*Willy sees the Viacom V of Doom logo as one of them he found*

Willy: Hmm... Let's watch that one...

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