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What you look like
What you look like
Name (Last...First): Yakunan Akuma,
Yakunan means-Evil, Misfortune
Akuma means-Demon
Looks: To side ---->
This you look like not the clothes. You have a tattoo down your wrist that says "No Love" with chains (Your parents made you get it... so mean T_T). You hide this with bandages. The writing is like the Minato's one that is on his cape. (Minato is not hokage yet)
Clothes: Below
These are your clothes but you have a finished net shirt under neath
I am awesome (You rock ^_^!)
I suck bad (Get out, no cookie 4 you mwahaha)
Age: 18 (Minato is 19)
Your parents never loved you and always abused...
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You knew it was your time to leave. You stood up straight but your legs were still wobbly from Akuma’s past. As you reached the door and put your hand out you said “Don’t worry Lord Hokage, I’ll protect her with my life” with that you left.
End of Recap

It was late at night and a full moon filled the dark sky. Shadow fell on the village like a blanket with patchers of the moon light. Your legs hurt like hell and arms were banged up from wrist to shoulder. You were walking in the bad bit of town, so you keep your head down. Each foot step kicked up dust and you dragged your feet...
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posted by ziva
NOTE: I came up with this after being inspired by the fic "The SEES Group Therapy Session" by Seint.

I think that Minato would be the worst person to have as a therapy patient, because it would probably go like this:

Therapist: So, what is your name?

Minato: you can call me whatever you like.

Therapist: ...was that a seduction attempt?

Minato: do you want it to be?

Therapist: ...seriously, what is your name.

Minato: that's open to interpretation, but it can't have more than 8 letters.

Therapist: ... okay... So, tell me, Why are you here?

Minato: why would you want me to be here?

Therapist: I'm sorry,...
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Recap: The streets started to move again and the noise rose up. You turned around to see if he was still there but he wasn’t.
End of recap
You let out a loud sigh as you turned around and headed to the Hokage building. You don’t see many men like that anymore..,. Minato made you think about him. Well if you’re wondering who ‘him’ is, he was my first love. You can never say his name anymore because it always brings you to tears. He was very kind and had a caring and sweet personality, maybe that’s why Minato reminded you of him. But you learnt a lesson at that time, never for in love...
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posted by SasoriLV
White. Always white. Why did it always have to be white?

The man stared at his surroundings, an eyesore if there ever was one.

The man grunted, not for the first time wondering if he needed to hunt down whatever bastard “decorated” this place and give him a piece of his mind while kicking the guy’s ass. Honestly, how lazy did someone have to be to do nothing with an entire endless space aside to make it white?


“So, Shinigami-sama, you have four billion afterlife points to spend between two things however you like. We have this really nice blank space which you can turn into just...
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What the Shinigami looks like
What the Shinigami looks like
you were in a dark place full of screams and cries for help. "No not this place again" you cried. You knew what was going to happen. You just hoped that Obito or your alarm would wake you up. Then you saw those bloodlust eyes staring at you. It had begun. "Obito" you screamed over and over but no use. Slowly candles started to light the darkness. You could start to make out the 'Thing' as you like to call it. "Shinigami" you choked out only above a whisper. Around you, you saw people chained to the walls dead bodies and skeletons’ scatted all over the floor. The smell was putrid; you...
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This is my favourite image of minato <3
This is my favourite image of minato <3
You could here to people laughing, one was the third and the second one was, Oh no..., there standing there with their arm stretched out to was....

Story starts:
Minato...Akuma you fool you had a fool out of yourself again.., “Akuma your late” said the third while looking at his ANBU shaking his head. You took Minato’s hand as he pulled out. ”Thanks” you said in a whisper. The pain had stated to grow more and more intense the second. ”I told you to stop” sang one of the ANBU that was waving his hands like a maniac, only to get wacked on the head by his partner. I let out a...
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ANBU uniform
ANBU uniform
Thanks to vala-mal-doran for keeping me writing :)

“Don’t lie to me Akuma”, he said in a stein voice that even surprised you. When you were about to reply, you heard someone clear there throat, both you and Jiraiya turned your heads at the same time to say the Hokage standing in front of you.
~~~End of Recap~~~

~~~Story starts~~~
You looked up and the old man in front of you. The Hokage was bent down a grabbed you’re bleeding wrist gently and started to examine the wound. As he finished you looked behind his shoulder to see the huge crowd watching like the just wittiness the greatest...
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