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posted by Miraculous_Bug
Alya as Rena Rouge
Alya as Rena Rouge
Miraculous is a series that we all know well, but what we all know in particular is that ladybug provides other miracles when she needs the help of others. But what is so obvious is that the ones she chooses are from her own class. she chose was Alya as helper and the other was Clohe even though Clohe is the arch-enemy of Marinette (Ladybug)
Clohe as Qeen Bee
Clohe as Qeen Bee
1. I found out why hawkmoth akumatizes people, he is too lazy to ask for the miraculous himself.
2. Adrein has a crush on marinette but he thinks she doesnt like him cause she allways suns away from him.
3. In season 4, the episode "strikeback" you can tell ladybug gained feelings for cat noir, at the end of the epsidode, ladybug is blushing.
this one is not a theroy but it is a hidden easter egg,
4. in the back ok adrein's room, he has pictures of him and marinette kissing, going on dates, and even hanging out. this shows that adrein is secretly dating marinette.
posted by ashwave
“Great job today, kitty!” said Ladybug, twisting her yo-yo around the nearest roof. “I have some free time later this evening - dinner on the rooftops?” Chat Noir, who was extending his stick, fell off looking surprised, but his expression faded into a mischievous grin. “Sorry, milady, but I like someone else now.” Ladybug stared at him for a few seconds, then started to giggle. “Right,” she said. “And I’m in love with the mayor.” Chat Noir frowned. “It’s true,” he told Ladybug. For half of a half of a second, Ladybug wondered if he was telling the truth.

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posted by Nattyelf44
posted by Ladyblog_2015
Hey Bugheads,

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posted by Ladyblog_2015
Hey Bugheads and Kittens

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posted by Ladyblog_2015
Hey Bugheads and Kittens

ok in the dark cupid rose said love can conquer hate after ms bustier asks why the prince kisses the princess to break a spell correctly? okay, later Cat got an arrow of hate because he protects LB close to the end of the ep. LAdybug Kisses Chat okay, And that breaks the spell, right? okay I hope ur following this means that LB likes Chat
it the only way she could break to spell

Okay, i can see that ur thinking "well....She likes Adrien and Adrien is Chat so...yea"

okay i got that

But here
in Sandboy in season 2, Marinette nightmare is Adrien liking Chole
Adrien nightmare...
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posted by Ladyblog_2015
Okay, Bugheads and Kittens,

in Mirclae queen, Hawkmoth knows the miraculous holders Alya, Nino, Kim, Max, Luka, and Kamgal but Bunnix can go back in time so maybe Ladybug can wipe their memories. If Hawkmoth reminder this will it affect the plan for defeating Hawkmoth? Not only that Chat Noir knows as while, Even though he "knew" Adrien will hold the Snake Miraculous. And he saw Luka de-transform when Ladybug took away his Miraculous in the final battle against Chole.

What will Ladybug do not give them the miraculous since they're at risk?
posted by marr1n3tt3
Would you either choose adrienette or lukanette

id really like to know why you choose theses ships because people have different opinions on who is healthier for Marinette.

In my personal opinion i think luka is more healthier for marinette as Adrien keeps "friend zoning" Marinette where as luka is letting her in and can see Marinettes interest in him. Adrien is blind and cannot see that Marinette is in love with him where as everyone else can see. Alya has plenty of times hinted that Marinette is in love with him, and Nino has done the same.
posted by Robin_Love
The sky was swiftly becoming dark as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. The evening stars began to twinkle in the sky and cast a soft glow on the city of Paris. Sitting atop the balcony roof of her parents’ bakery, Marinette sat with an open sketchbook in her lap. The current page was blank as she taped her pencil against her chin. Her company for the evening was sitting just beside her, stretched out on her lawn chair. She groaned in frustration and none other than Chat Noir himself opened an eye to look at her.
“What’s wrong, Purrincess?”
She sighed heavily.
“I’m trying to design...
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posted by Robin_Love
Alya, Nino, and Adrien walked into the Boulangerie Patisserie on a Saturday, late into the morning. The day was cool enough for baked good, but warm enough to enjoy ice cream. The trio were picking up their friend at her house to get lunch and then a special treat. Marinette was nowhere to be seen in the downstairs bakery.
“Good Morning Mrs. Cheng,” they greeted their friends mother cheerily.
“Good morning, kids. Marinette is upstairs. She was feeling a bit dizzy this morning so she’s probably laying down. Go ahead and go on up.”
“Thank you,” Alya called as she lead the way upstairs...
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posted by Robin_Love
Adrien sighed, relaxing in the cool night air. The music from the entertainment hall drifted out to him from the opened windows. His suit was white, at his father’s insistence. But his white suit was the only nice thing about the evening. He’d gone to the ball his childhood best friend had thrown. Most everyone famous was there and Chloe had hung on his arm all night, forcing him to dance. Finally able to sneak away while she opened her gifts. The night air was refreshing and he knew he had stayed out past acceptable timing when the music started to play again. But he couldn’t drag himself...
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In my opinion Nathalie is helping Gabriel/Hawkmoth is because she loves him.In "style queen" the ending when Hawkmoth almost gives up, he comes and sits down in a chair stressed like, Nathalie seeing him walks over and put her arms around his neck and comforts him.then in another episode (i can't remember) she tells Doozoo that SHE herself wants to give ladybug and cat noir's miraculous to Hawkmoth. so why is she doing all of this? what does she get in return?(i am guessing nothing) the only explanation is she loves him. but Gabriel/Hawkmoth wants the miraculous to bring back Emily. So what Nathalie thinks won't happen.that's my opinion so give a comment, thanks for reading.
Adriens new girlfriend!
Adriens new girlfriend!
Its a normal day AHHHHHHH! Chole screamed Whats you deal Chole Mari asked YOU LITTLE! What she is what Chole what are you ranting about now? Alya asked Well cuz you asked your friend was kissing the wrong person. Really Chole what did Mari do now? Have you seen the school page everyones saying shes his next girlfriend... What about me? Sounds like Choles jelly Alya said I am not! Chole snapped back I know you hideing something said Chole you not so perfect you self Chole Mari responed
I will findout and expose you for who you really are is promise Marinette Dupin-Chang Whatever Chole Mari said and they walked away and all chole could look at that day was the school newspaper talking all about it!
Adriens new girlfriend!
Adriens new girlfriend!
Marinette has combined the ladybug and Car noir miraculous and is now ultra bug ( set after the big takedown!) And to see this new star go to Maurie Art on youtube it is the most amazing thing ever! Trust me she is purple with gold designs WOW! Right? But although it is Fan Fic it has to happen right? And when ULTRA BUG can't come? ULTRACAT!!! I bet you can't wait neither can i and thier will be a new villan ( Hawkmoth has been gone for some time now ) Maybe Felix? And guess what? Adrien and Mari are together!!!! And Tiki is gone now their is ULTRA TIKI and SUPERPLAGE!!!!! Hawkmoth got his wife back and ended up in a coma like his wife and with out his grumpy father Adrien is happy!!!!!
posted by Robin_Love
The sky was dark outside as Marinette Dupain-Cheng curled up with a cup of hot cocoa and her forsaken homework. She sighed as she pulled a textbook to her side and opened it. She worked for quite some time before she heard a light thump on her rooftop balcony. She looked up at the door as it swung open and suddenly Chat Noir plopped down on her bed.
“Hello Purrincess!”
She smiled at the familiar nickname.
“Hello Chaton. What are you doing here?”
He smiled a catnip-eating grin.
“Come outside with me!” He said instead of answering her question.
“I can’t,” she responded, sadly. “I...
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posted by Fanbug
Would you rather be Ladybug or chat noir?
Ladybug has a yo-yo and can catch acumas.
She can also get a lucky charm- an object to
help her on her mission. She is the leader of
the gang.
Chat noir has a stick that can propell him into
the air. He also has cataclysm- a power that
means he can destroy absolutely anything.
However, both cataclicm and lucky charm
have one common flaw: after being activated
the hero only has 5 minutes before they
detransform back into civilians. So, would
you rather be Ladybug or chat noir?
posted by Robin_Love
Chat Noir couldn’t stop the rapid beating of his heart. This was the day he’d finally tell her. The soft crunch of his feet in the fresh snow was the only sound you could hear on this night. After all, it was Christmas Eve. He jumped to the next rooftop and paused. Just in front of him was her house. As most nights, the light was on even in this late hour. He took the leap to her balcony and gently knocked on her balcony door.
“Chat? What are you doing here so late?”
“I wanted to see you..”
The warm smile she gave him melted the frost that had been starting to form on his uniform and...
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posted by Robin_Love
Marinette sighed. Of all the things to find out, why was this the one thing she did find out? Her crush was in love with Ladybug. Of course he was. Half of Paris was, including her best friend! She sighed again and buried her head on her desk. It wasn’t heart shattering like she had imagined. It was actually quite flattering. But that was only because she herself was Ladybug. But how does one compete with yourself? She groaned and looked at her pictures. They had gotten closer over the past few months, but not as close as she had obviously hoped. She sighed and got up, looking at the dress...
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posted by Robin_Love
The sun set below them, the lights of Paris blazing to life as the duo looked on. Their feet hung from their platform at the very top of the Eiffel Tower and the wind blew through their hair. The bluenette shifted in her spotted costume, aware that the other was looking at her. She felt a heat rise to her cheeks as she slowly turned her bluebells to look into emerald green eyes.
“So you’re Ladybug.”
It was a comment, a fact. But still she nodded and answered with a meek “yes” before looking away again. All her courage seemed to disappear as she looked from her city to her partner and...
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