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An example of an Alicorn
An example of an Alicorn
(Remember, this is MY OPINION, you don't have to agree)
-Do not make your character an Alicorn. Choose 1. Unicorn, or Pegasus. And what's wrong with a good Earthpony?
-Do not make your character more powerful than the canon ponies. Example:My pegasus character is as fast/even faster than Rainbow Dash and The Wonderbolts!!!!
-Try to make your character have a unique talent. Don't make it something that a canon pony already has. Example: My pony has Pinkie Pie's cutie mark cuz she likes to party too!!!!
-(I haven't seen this so far, and hope I never see it in the future) DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER THE 7TH ELEMENT OF HARMONY
-Do not have a innappropriate(excuse my spelling) character. You can have your character be mean, or even evil. But do not make them too violent for My Little Pony. Example: My pony is a killer and always carries guns to shoot random ponies!!!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed my article, so have a nice day ^^
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Applebloom was walking in Ponyvill with her sister, Applejack, and big brother, Big Macintosh. She came across her fiends, Scotaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"So, what we're gonna do to get our cutie marks?" Applebloom asked them.

"We haven't thought of anything yet, though me and Scotaloo think we should try doing something with animals. Like Fluttershy. How she talks to them.' Sweetie Belle suggested.

T_T "Really Sweetie Belle...?" Applebloom said.

"Well then, what do you have as thoughts?" Scotaloo asked.

"Nothin', thats why I asked you two."

"Hey," Sweetie Belle said. "Why not you try something to do...
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Here's an idea: What if you could make your OWN kind of magic? Just post in comments, oh and heres a few rules:

Rule 1: Do not Overpower your magic. (Example: Summoning... oh I dont know... like a few hundred Ursa Majors?)

Rule 2: Keep the magic limited to these 3 dimensions: Physical, Mental, or Elemental

Rule 3: Remember that only UNICORNS or ALICORNS can use Magic.

Rule 4: This rule I like the most, there is 3 morality's your magic can be categorized, Good, Neutral, or Evil.

Now time for an Example:

Magic Name: Black Sun Magic (Yeah, I know its a reference to a game, *Sunglasses* deal with it.)...
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