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I had an antivirus software which got expired within a month’s time. I was using internet, also pen drives from different sources without havind an antivirus in my machine until I faced a fatal issue due to virus in my PC. It was awfully serious since it infected the hardware of the system. I tried all the way but nothing seemed to work out . It was then I browsed the internet and found the contact information of the guys of Mytechgurus and contacted them.

My call was attended by an executive named Anthony from link. He was all ears when I was saying him about my problem and then he took...
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It was pretty annoying when my computer was not booting up. As soon as I used to power it up, I used to see nothing, except a black screen right there on my screen with a message prompt, reading:

I tried my hand on sorting out this issue, but couldn’t get it resolved. It is then, when I started browsing for a tech-support company in the internet, landed on “MyTechGurus” website and called them up. An executive named Alex had answered my call and I told him the issue. He guided me through few steps to troubleshoot the issue on my own.

The first thing...
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My computer used to reboot repeatedly without any display on monitor. This used to mess up my daily chores and was annoying. I discussed this issue with my friends and colleagues but nothing seemed to be of any help.

My call was answered by Julie and she was all ears. She obtained all the necessary details she required and without delaying for a moment she told me this issue could be because of the hardware. Julie asked me to clean up the fan first and check for the power supply, I followed the instructions told by her. After turning on the power supply, the computer booted and I could see the display on my monitor.

Julie told me that this happens because of accumulation of dust on the fan which in turn heats up the device faster and to get cooled down, the computer switches off automatically. I was thankful to Julie for resolving my long pertaining issue and also, Mytechgurus for having such proficient technicians
My problem was pretty weird as my mouse was not getting detected and as far
as my knowledge is concerned, mouse doesn’t need any driver to be installed. I
checked with the entire connection thinking that there must be some problem
with it; however nothing seemed to work out. It became very difficult for me
to use the machine without a mouse since I am not very well versed with the
keyboard shortcuts.

I browsed through the internet to search for some assistance but could not
find any solution to the particular problem. Then, I got the phone number of
Mytechgurus. My call was attended by an executive...
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I have a laptop which had Windows Vista installed in it however, I didn’t like using it as I was more comfortable using Windows XP. I said this to one of my friends and he suggested me to uninstall Vista and install XP. I made two partitions, installed Windows XP in one of the partitions and Linux in the other partition. After installation, I could use Linux pretty well however, while operating in XP the speaker used to produce a very coarse sound. I tried all the ways I could to make the speakers sound right. I tried installing a new sound card as well but nothing proved to be of any help....
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