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NCIS: GIBBS' RULES — The Complete List of Gibbs' Rules!
NCIS: GIBBS' RULES — The Complete List of Gibbs' Rules!
Leroy Jethro Gibbs has rules that he enforces with everyone on his team, in 3x05 "Switch" he told Ziva that there are approximately fifty rules. However, only a few rules have been revealed. Here are the rules that have been revealed so far:

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together. (Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #1: Never screw over your partner. 4x14 'Blowback'

Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
(Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.
(Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Never be unreachable. 3x13 'Deception'

Rule #4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself.
Second best? Tell one other person - if you must.
There is no third best. 4x11 'Blowback'

Rule #6: Never apologize — Its a sign of weakness. A rule used more often than the others, but finally given a number in 7x12 'Flesh and Blood' during a great Gibbs/DiNozzo moment. The first person to use that phrase was John Wayne in, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon." "Never apologize, mister, it. It's a sign of weakness." — In the episode 3x23 'Hiatus Part-1' DiNozzo explains to NCIS Director, Jenny Shepard, that Gibbs took this one from "The Duke himself."

Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie.
1x23 'Reveille'

Rule #8: Never take anything for granted.
3x10 'Probie'

Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife.
1x13 'One Shot, One Kill' & 1x20 'Missing'

Rule #10: Never get personally involved on a case. (Said by Tony, agreed on by Gibbs)
7x21 'Obsession'

Rule #11: When the job is done, walk away.
6x24 'Semper Fidelis'

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Here are some quotes, the best ones

Kill Ari Part 1
"Sometimes I used to picture you naked,"
Then Ziva is there, simply watching.
"I'll call you back," said Tony hurriedly as though he was on speaker phone
Then he stutters various gibberish along the lines of "it's not what it looked like"
Thus the very first question Ziva asked Tony was "Having phone sex?"

Tony: You ever Gibbs Slap me again David and I will slap you back harder.
Ziva: I was following orders!

Cover Story
Ziva: It was no secret. He's writing about us!
Tony: Oh come on, it's not about us. I mean the whole part about Liza and her broken...
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