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Spoilers for 'Here's Negan'!

Here are some of my thoughts about comic book Negan's origins as presented in the 'Here's Negan' series!

I am not a reader of 'The Walking Dead' comic series generally. I occasionally look some things up and have read through some of the issues that contain Negan. So I read 'Here's Negan' without much context within the wider TWD comic world. That wider world doesn't seem too necessary anyway. 'Here's Negan' stands on its own as a story of how one man found himself navigating a sudden zombie apocalypse.

Overall, I liked the story, and it fits well with the character...
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*SPOILERS for 'The Walking Dead' up to and including season 7, and for the 'Here's Negan' comic prequel*

SOOOOOO I was reading some reviews of the season 7 finale and pretty much all of them mentioned some form of Negan hate (see examples link and link). These reviews come at the end of a season link and link. And yet here I am, finally enjoying the damn show more as a whole (rather than just random scenes or episodes here and there, as characterised my enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the previous 6 seasons).

I think there is an interesting thing going on in The Walking Dead fandom right now...
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