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People's Choice Is Neil !  dacastinson 3 3422 over a year ago
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See NEIL PATICK HARRIS in COMPANY! Coming to Movie Theaters this June!  Allied_NYC 0 6800 over a year ago
Alpha Male poll - Neil is in the top 16!  Marge928 0 1819 over a year ago
Win a trip to the worldwide premiere of Neil Patrick Harris’ new SMURFS movie!  SmurfsMovie 0 2715 over a year ago
New Music on HIMYM!  PW_Music 0 1628 over a year ago
Happy Birthday  Jennifer1985 0 998 over a year ago
NPH on His Legendary Glee Appearance  gleefans 1 1361 over a year ago
Where to write him???  arnaud75016 1 1661 over a year ago
PR: Batman The Brave and the Bold, featuring Neil Patrick Harris  cinemedia 0 1457 over a year ago
Howard Stern Interview  Jennifer1985 1 4665 over a year ago
Neil on Letterman, June 4th 2009  Jennifer1985 0 1767 over a year ago
OMG HE'S HOSTING THE TONYS!!!!!!  nphfan 1 1006 over a year ago
When is he hosting the TV land awards?  nphfan 6 1623 over a year ago
NPH = POSSIBLE RIDDLER????  nphfan 17 1577 over a year ago
An apology  nphfan 4 929 over a year ago
Emmys 2008  Jennifer1985 9 873 over a year ago
NPH on SNL  DarkSarcasm 6 1061 over a year ago
Spot Info.  Saul_Mikoliunas 2 867 over a year ago