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LeaderVladimir said …
On August 16, 1969, Kate Higgins, the English VA for Momiji, was born!

Happy birthday to such a fine and talented VA! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and may you keep doing what you do best! Posted over a year ago
MisterH said …
I have great news for all of us, the Wii U will be out on November 18th, but the regular set will be $300 & the deluxe set will be $350, plus you should know that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be one of the new system's games: link Posted over a year ago
Ryumomiji said …
Tot Posted over a year ago
lordofgames32 said …
this is the second best game i've ever played this game is cool there should be more fans and i beat all the ninja gaidens ten times Posted over a year ago
oshawott759 said …
he is cool
Posted over a year ago
cynti19 said …
Can anyone to join of this club:


Note: Except for Vega (Master24). Posted over a year ago
Master24 said …
Welcome to the Ninja Gaiden spot. Posted over a year ago